When The Mechanical Mechanism Of The Watch Disappears

Of course, the most sensitive to grasping the fashion trend is of course Montblanc, a Grand Tourbillon Heures Mystérieuses in its 1858 series, which combines the tourbillon and the mysterious time for the first time. Except for the tourbillon above, the mysterious time occupying 1/2 of the dial is particularly prominent. On the mirror dial at 6 o’clock, the hour and minute hands are set on two thin sapphire crystal glass sheets. The side of the glass sheet is connected to the tooth edge, and the glass sheet is rotated by the movement of the movement. in the air. From the perspective of the movement structure, the tourbillon is separated from the transmission system, and the Minerva 65.60 movement takes into account the transmission obstacles caused by the function. Under the watchmaker Demetrio Cabiddu, the watch becomes unique, and the special craftsmanship of the dial can also be customized. Buyers can communicate with the technical staff of the Institut Minerva de Recherche en HauteHorlogerie. As long as the technology is feasible and does not hinder the functioning of the watch, Montblanc will definitely achieve your wish. This custom service is also a mystery, so maybe your watch will be unique, mysterious enough! Viller series 1858
神秘 Carry mystery to the end Cartier Santos Mysterieuse watch
Another brand Cartier, whose Santos Mysterieuse case is the first to use a combination of palladium plating and diamonds, is even more fascinating is a round sapphire dial in its opal dial. The hour and minute hands are like air Walking in suspension, it is very strange to see the mechanical system of his bracelet. Everyone who is familiar with Cartier knows that as early as the 1920s, Cartier’s mysterious time clock was very famous. Nowadays, some fine products of the year can be seen in the museum. Chinese watch lovers are particularly pleased to see that Cartier actually uses Chinese style Design with Chinese materials such as jade to express the mystery of time.
Dior Christal Mysterious watch
Dior also released a watch named Christal Mysterious last fall. Three of the six transparent sapphire crystal glass discs indicate the hours, minutes, and dates, which are structurally very different from traditional mysterious time watches. Close, but without the ‘levitation’ of mysterious time, but more like a mix of Art Deco and mysterious time. However, this also reflects the popularity of mysterious time watches in a recent period. Dior has collaborated with Quinting to manufacture the Electro-Mechanical movement, a movement that has invested 1 million Euros for 7 years. Louis Vuitton Tambour Mysterieuse
小心 Carefully developed in the field of watches, Louis Vuitton recently launched Tambour Mysterieuse, which is also a very classic mysterious time watch. This watch is inspired by the legendary magician Jean Eugene Robert-Haudin of the 19th century. It is a transparent sapphire crystal watch with a diameter of 42.55 mm. The center of the dial is ‘suspended’ with a diameter of only 18 mm and a power of 8 days. The central movement with another 8 hours power seems completely separated from the case. The mystery lies in the 3-layer vertical design of the movement, with different parts placed on each layer, of which the barrel is the sole layer of the movement. When you need to wind and adjust the time, you can use the three layers of transparent crystal lenses in the watch. Their functions are to connect the crown and hands, the winding and the fixed movement. These three crystal lenses plus the same transparent crystal The glass surface and the bottom of the watch make the watch crystal clear and the hands look like they are suspended in the air. Quinting watches
外 高人
不得不 Here, I have to say Quinting. As a special watch, Mystery Time Watch also has the industry-recognized expert in manufacturing—Pascal Berclaz and the Quinting brand it founded. All of the watch production for this Geneva-based company is done in the Quinting work room in the St. Blaise area on the outskirts of Neuchâtel. A total of 10 employees are engaged in the production, most of them watchmakers. In order to guarantee the perfect transparency of the watches, they must work in an absolutely dust-free environment, so the output is small and the cost is high. Here, we need to explain the structure of the mysterious watch in a little more detail. Quinting uses the traditional idea of ​​using transparent sapphire glass to make anti-reflection disks with a thickness of only 0.8 mm, covering the entire dial. Multiple discs overlap each other, some are fixed and some are rotatable, with the edges of the rotatable discs fitted with rubber rings and metal gear teeth-this constitutes a glass gear, but these gear teeth are hidden outside the bezel and dial Below the narrow ring. There is also the heart of the watch: the movement-the electric ‘drive motor’. The power source of watches with electronic movements is the traditional button battery, just like the battery embedded in the camera. In the chronograph, 240 mechanical parts are used to convert the energy, and finally the dial is rotated and the hands are rotated, but the battery needs to be replaced about every 3 years.
In 1999, Quinting first designed a chronograph. Mass production of this model began in 2000, known as Mysterious Quinting. A total of 13 overlapping sapphire glass discs are installed in this chronograph, which are connected to four ‘movement motors’, three of which are responsible for the timing function, and the fourth is to display the time. It took seven full years to develop this chronograph. Five engineers worked to realize this idea. The cost of R & D, equipment and sales cost more than $ 5 million. The second Quinting product with a new patented movement took four years to develop: Transparency is a 3-pin watch consisting of 186 parts. Once again, nine sapphire glass discs mounted in parallel demonstrate a magical operation. There are two internal mechanical devices responsible for normal operation: one movement allows the sapphire glass disc to rotate clockwise, driving the hour and minute hands, and the other movement allows a sapphire glass disc to rotate counterclockwise-by means of conversion Device, the second hand connected to it still rotates clockwise. This reverse motion can offset the effects of interference factors such as gravity, motion and collision. The third basic model is new and unique, leaving the Quinting series intact: Quartinal’s small seconds display is at 6 o’clock. There are also two ‘motor’ movements, one driving the hour and minute hands to rotate, and the other responsible for the movement of the second hand. More than 80 variants have been derived from these 3 basic models, the most important of which are the case material, color and diamond setting.
Chi Chi is particularly noticeable by drawing patterns or engravings on the sapphire glass dial under the watch hands, which are rare orphanages or limited editions. These sapphire glass discs must be installed with extreme care, the distance between the two discs is only 0.08 to 0.1 mm. This job clock technician takes about 15 days to manufacture, process, assemble and inspect the parts of the watch. In this way, 3,000 Quinting watches are produced each year, which is 1,000 pieces of each model. My favorite is the chronograph Mysterious Quinting with a black dial ring, and ladies prefer the black paraffin and diamond-encrusted Transparency.
Athens Watch Freak
Alternative mystery
In 2001, three weeks before the Basel Watch Fair, Ulysse Nardin officially launched Freak. Freak literally translates as whimsical, in fact, it has more meanings of imagination, absurdity, and madness, which is abnormal anyway. In addition to the special escapement, the original Freak prototype has a subversive basic structure: it is a Carrousel Tourbillon with 7-day energy storage, no hour and minute hands, no face plate, and no watch Crown, the time can be displayed through the movement of the movement-the movement’s two splint combinations rotate along the central axis to display the hours and minutes-the revolutionary two-way escapement located above rotates once every hour to display Minutes, and the lower splint group displays hours. Another fascinating design is that the central axis of the movement passes directly from above the glass to the movement, which is an unprecedented breakthrough. Generally, the balance of the tourbillon rotates once per minute in the cage. But Freak’s balance wheel, which contains the main movement, rotates once every hour, which overcomes the old type of positioning deviation. The mainspring is located below the movement and occupies the entire rear of the case without any gears. The extra-large size gives Freak a seven-day power reserve. The watch can be wound by turning the case back in a clockwise direction. Each revolution is equal to 12 hours of winding. The time setting method is very easy: just turn the bezel clockwise or counterclockwise. In short, anyone who sees the watch for the first time will think that this watch has only two large hands with mechanical indicators. Rotating inside the shell.
Blu-Majesty T3 watch
In contrast, the design of Bernhard Lederer’s Blu-Majesty T3 looks rough on the classic, and bold on the other. It uses 3 interconnected and nested tourbillon carriers, which are ‘one tourbillon, one tourbillon and one tourbillon’. display time. Its structure is simple and clear. The open dial and the light and lively case are displayed on a flat surface composed of 3 steering brackets. No extra details will distract people’s attention. Three steering brackets replace the hands as a time indicator, and the main tourbillon carrier fixed by overhang bearings rotates once every 12 hours to indicate the hour. Another tourbillon carrier, which is suspended on one side, rotates once per hour and is responsible for indicating the minutes. There is also a tourbillon frame inlaid in the middle of the tourbillon frame indicating the minute, which rotates once a minute and indicates the second. According to Bernhard Lederer, this ‘semi-dangling’ tourbillon structure is most suitable for daily use. The entire watch is very solid. The vibration of the watch blank has the least impact on it, but its delicate escapement weighs less than 1 gram. The manufacture of watches is also the most difficult. The watch uses a large amount of sapphire glass in the material, so that the operating mechanism can be seen at a glance. In order to coordinate the operation of this set of three cages for a complex movement, a planetary drive is specially designed with multiple intermediate wheels and drive pinions, responsible for the operation of different components. The two parallel barrels on the back provide power for the movement, which is also the traditional mechanical layout of the mysterious time watch.
Corum Tourbillon Panoramique
Bernhard Lederer also applies the experience gained from making mysterious time watches to other products, making his watches look ‘mysterious’: Blu-Galaxy uses 3 pieces that rotate at the pace of minutes, hours and seconds. Discs are used to indicate time. These discs are made of aventurine, which is a rare glass raw material that is difficult to process. It has a metal component and emits a faint mysterious light. The driving device is the Blu-Orbit movement, which uses ETA2892-A2 as the basic movement, and is decorated in the Blu studio according to the ancient Swiss watch tradition. Lady Blu-Cherry Blossom is an artistic female watch. Sapphire sparkles the cherry on the dial, and the calendar dial surrounds the entire eccentric dial. The latest model is the elegant Blu-Baguette, each diamond is individually set, and when the three discs showing the time rotate, each second shows a new light and shadow shape. Corum’s Tourbillon Panoramique uses transparent sapphire crystal glass to make the plywood of the watch movement, relying on metal posts to support these ‘invisible’ structures, so as to maximize the perspective of the entire watch- At first glance, it seems that the watch is only moving with hands, clockwork and balance wheel and escapement, showing a mysterious effect, and its structure is different from the traditional mysterious time watch. Great advances in technology in this area.