What Watches Did Shen Teng And Huang Jingyu Wear In The New Year’s Speeding Life?

In addition to eating New Year’s Eve and receiving red envelopes, the most likely and favorite way of entertainment for modern young people is to go to the cinema to watch New Year’s movies. This year, the new year’s film ‘Life at Speed’, starring Shen Teng and directed by Han Han, was released on the first day of the new year, and on the first day of the film, it won over 300 million single-day box office. Not only that, the scores in Douban and Cat’s Eye were 7.2 and 9.0 respectively, which won a double-bodied box office harvest. Zhang Chi, played by Shen Teng, caused a series of ridiculous stories in order to return to the racing track. Words such as ‘Shen Teng subject two’ also appeared on Weibo hot search and became a hot topic of discussion. In this movie, starring Shen Teng, Huang Jingyu and other actors all wore watches. What did they wear? We then look down.

Movie ‘Speeding Life’ Poster

 ‘Speeding Life’ starring Shen Teng
Shen Teng-Quartz Calculator Table

Shen Teng plays Zhang Chi in Speeding Life

Shen Teng wears Casio calculator digital quartz watch

   Shen Teng, as the star of the ‘Flying Life’ movie, not only assumed the part of the joke, but at the end of the film also took the director Han Han’s tribute to the lifelong love of racing and the whole movie ‘Randian’. Shen Teng, loved by audiences all over the country, doesn’t have to worry about the funny part. ‘He grew up on my laugh’ Many viewers commented on Shen Teng like this. In this film, at first he was brilliant and ‘scratched’, but soon fell to hell because of ‘illegal drag racing’, he wore a black digital quartz calculator watch throughout the film, which is in line with his ‘Down’ people match very well. This digital quartz calculator watch is similar. I only found the same model of Casio. The price is 100-400 on a treasure. Regardless of the authenticity, it is also good to buy it or play with it.

Zhang Chi on the track

   Shen Teng said such a sentence at the beginning of the movie that I was very impressed. He said, ‘You have to wait for me to sell my watch and car before I can collect money for you’, ‘Car and watch’, the two major hobbies of men, You can also save yourself in an emergency. But at the beginning I was teased by Shen Teng’s jokes and did n’t notice what watch he was wearing. (Friends who have seen it can tell me in the comments). ‘Shen Teng subject two’, when Zhang Chi re-examined his driver’s license, subject two did not even go through once, this scene also became one of the memorable jokes in the play.

Son of Shen Teng-not a genius tape watch

Zhang Chi’s son Zhang Fei wears a black rubber quartz watch

   Shen Teng’s role in the play is Zhang Chi, and his son ‘falling from the sky’ is called Zhang Fei. In the movie, Zhang Fei wore a black quartz tape watch, which looks very similar to the Casio g-shock series, but I don’t remember that this series has such a small size and can be so handsome on the wrist of a 5-year-old child. Don’t buy ‘little genius’ for the Chinese New Year, and it’s cool to change to a black handsome quartz watch.

Yin Zheng-Casio Small Black Watch

Zhang Chi driving test at driving school

Sun Yuqiang played by Yin Zheng

Yin Zheng wears Casio small black square watch

   Yin is playing Shen Teng’s good brother Sun Yuqiang in the movie. He is wearing a Casio black small square watch that can watch with Shen Teng group cp. This watch is still a watch that many young people like and will choose even if it is now. The domestic price of this watch is about 1,000 yuan, but if it is a joint or limited edition of Yu Wenle, the price will be higher.

Huang Jingyu-Event Chronometer

Huang Jingyu as Lin Zhendong

  Huang Jingyu’s role in the film can be described as very pleasing. First of all, his character is like a ‘child next door’ in the Spring Festival. He is rich, excellent, hard working, and has a good personality and is helpful. In addition, he is also very handsome, there is no shortage of his fans in the theater. In the movie, he was finally defeated by Zhang Chi, but from the watch worn in the movie, Lin Zhendong (Huang Jingyu) won.

Lin Zhendong

    In the movie, what he said made me particularly impressed. ‘The more money and energy I paid, so my grades are better. This is not in line with your fairy tales, but this is sports.’ So in order to meet him The ‘rich’ person sets it, and the race chronograph he wears is a classic fusion series watch from Hublot.

Huang Jingyu wears a classic fusion series watch (similar)

   Of course, since there are no close-ups of this watch throughout the movie, if it is not this watch, everyone will tell me the correct answer in the comments! Provide a few clues, it must be a chronograph; the case is black and round; the strap is a leather strap …

Yin Ye-Tag Heuer F1 Series Watch

Yin Yun wears a Tag Heuer F1 watch

    In the movie Yin Xun played not many role plays, but his appearance was exceptionally bright and pointy. First of all, it meets the demand for precise timing on the racing track, and secondly it meets the specificity of his young character. This watch has a very stylish design. In addition, the domestic price of this watch is only more than 20,000 yuan, and it is not difficult to get the same model.

Zhang Benyu-Montblanc Smart Watch

Zhang Benyu as star

    In the movie, this seemingly crazy-looking actor is equally impressive. He is a maintenance technician in Shen Teng’s team, and the team (in fact, three people) has a car of their own with his excellent maintenance skills. He wears a Montblanc smart watch in the movie, which shows time and other information when raising hands and touching.

 Zhang Benyu wears Montblanc smart watch

   And he chose a nato strap, which is very appropriate in his setting of ‘maintenance master’, which is more convenient for wrist movement and wear resistance. The domestic price of this watch is 7950 yuan.


Tengger plays funding role in the movie

   Tengger is arguably the most unexpected character. The old artist didn’t sing well enough to play. Isn’t that good? His role in the movie is a rich owner with a girlfriend. From the shape of the case, the strap and the design throughout the day, it should be a Franco-Mullen long island1200 watch.

‘Golden Master Dad’ wears Famouran watch

His epilogue in the movie ‘I want to see who sings in front of me’ (Who dares!)

   Finally, there is a ‘no prize quiz’ to test everyone. The ‘manager Ye’ in the movie wears a watch and provides two stills. Can you recognize what it is?

Summary: Overall, this movie is still very suitable for going to the Spring Festival. Both laughter, and finally ignited the dreams and hopes of the audience in the heart of the audience. In addition, Chen Guangrong is responsible for the episodes and theme songs in the movie. Who is Chen Guangrong? Ever seen ‘Initial D’? He was a movie musician who made everyone passionate. In addition to the watches worn by the actors above, in fact the driving instructor and other characters in the movie also wear watches. In professional occasions such as racing on a racing track, a watch that can accurately time is very important . Maybe everyone walks to the theater, in addition to the laughter, you can also see what watches everyone wears.