Watch With Skills

What are the watch matching skills? Watches are items that reflect taste. The correct matching of watches can make you more attractive. The choice of watches is not only the choice of brands, but also the choice of watches in accordance with their skin color and body shape.

Watch with skin tone
  Everyone has a different skin color, also called the basic hue. Most yellow people are suitable for clear colors with high density and refreshing colors. Pink, blue and red will make people look radiant and attractive. People with fair skin can easily identify their basic colors, so many shades can be used as basic colors. Those with darker skin tones should not choose pink and light green as the basic colors anyway. If the skin color is dark or even dark brown, brown is definitely not the basic color. What about those who are yellowish and short? Please stay away from the red and yellow colors, they cannot be used as your basic colors. Those with darker skin tones should choose a brighter color as the basic color.
Watch with body
  Body type often determines a person’s temperament, so considering body type is also taking into account temperament. Tall and strong people should choose a watch with a large dial, which is slightly rough in style and style, and even an alternative watch such as a military watch. Those who are thinner should choose a watch with a thinner and smaller dial. It is easy for ordinary people to choose. Occasionally large models can increase people’s powerful momentum, while small models can appear humble and restrained.
Watch with clothing
  As a watch, some people think that it is just a trinket. You should choose a watch with clothing as the background, but it is not true. A very simple understanding is that clothing must be worn by everyone, and watches may not be worn by everyone. Therefore, a watch will be a highlight. Since it is a highlight, it is the protagonist, so it should be based on the watch When choosing clothes, remember that watches are not used to decorate clothes.

  Quickly wear it in daily work, one in some formal business places, and one with a time zone watch. This type is usually worn by people who travel frequently, but the time zone watch is no longer limited to this type of people. Many people use it as decoration; in addition to these three, you will also prepare a sports watch with a quick movement, a casual watch usually worn during shopping, and a jewellery table and jewellery table for work and social occasions But it is very important, because sometimes it will bring you a turn of life.

  For the simple and book-like stainless steel watch, you can use plaid clothing to match. This type of stainless steel watch has the benefit of being versatile, and it will not look too exaggerated with a plaid jacket. In addition, some new stainless steel men’s watches are equipped with a leather strap that can be replaced and can be worn in casual occasions.
  Choose a thin and versatile sports watch, such as a golf watch, because the sporty design elements are ubiquitous, and the combination with brand-name sports fashion will bring more fashion sense. Elegant watches can be used with sporty clothing, not only for sports, but also for space clothing and wild fur clothing.
  For ultra-thin watches, because the watch is as light and elegant as a business card, it has no ruggedness of sports watches. It is suitable for business negotiations and daily work. These watches are paired with autumn and winter goose down clothing.
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