Warm Mother’s Day Gifts New Mido Mido Pioneer Series

Warm May Mother’s Day MIDO watch especially recommends the new Multifort Lady Diamonds Pioneer series women’s diamond watch, the 2011 Pioneer series women’s watch diameter has been reduced from 38mm to 31mm, with a thinner body With a variety of choices such as PVD rose gold two-tone chain straps or leather straps, the appearance is dominated by the classic design of the radial Geneva wave dial, and the bright diamonds of Wesselton are always embellished. The size has been reduced to highlight the elegant and delicate texture. Pamper Mommy’s intimate gift from now until May 15th. Every time you buy a female watch, you will receive a limited edition spring jewelry box of MIDO. The rose pink leather box with delicate MIDO embossing will enrich the shelf collection. My mother cherishes jewellery. The jewelry box also comes with a delicate storage flannel cover. The number is limited, while supplies last. MIDO presents a fine mechanical watch model made with Swiss exquisite craftsmanship. The permanent image of mechanical watch and diamonds represents the deepest and most sincere love for mothers.
   Lan Kaiyu, brand manager of MIDO, said that in 2011, MIDO put more effort and attention on women’s watches, incorporated innovative design elements, maintained minimalist design tone and created ladies’ watches at a more delicate and rich level. , Strengthen the integrity of women’s watches in the brand series. The Multifort Pioneer Women’s Diamond Watch has made an excellent interpretation for fashionable and elegant women. In 2011, this watch series reduced the overall proportion of the appearance, and combined PVD rose gold, stainless steel and diamonds to interpret the aesthetics of women’s timepieces, and re-launched a new member. Multifort Pioneer series two-color women’s diamond watch, a total of six women’s watches interpret different elegant ladies’ attitude.
The second generation of Multifort Lady Diamonds
     Different from the rough style of men’s watches, the second generation of Multifort Lady Diamonds women’s diamond watches pay more attention to the fine details. The dial uses 8 Weselton Wesselton diamond diamond makeup dials, with a fine radial shape. The ripples are embellished with diamond dots for a low-key, luxurious glow. 31mm diameter, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, transparent case back for exquisite decorative movement, waterproof up to 50 meters, stainless steel or PVD rose gold material with silver face, gray radial Geneva wave dial, available in two colors of rose gold, The choice of stainless steel bracelet or leather strap meets women’s desire to combine aesthetics and watchmaking craftsmanship, and radiates self-exclusive aesthetic light.

   In the series, the two-color ladies’ diamond watch is the most eye-catching. The magnificent and rich PVD rose gold creates a rounded edge and lug shape. The hands and moments of the same color complement the combination of the two-color rose gold chain. The radial wave surface The plate is sprinkled with rose gold and diamond dots. Crystal diamonds and fine ripples are reminiscent of pure and transparent bubbles. When paired with the soft tone of rose gold, it is as colorful and romantic as pink champagne. The new Multifort Lady Diamonds Pioneer Two-Tone Women’s Diamond Watch combines the series of steel welding and streamlined style with the gentle and elegant elements of women. The compact 31mm dial conveys the gentleness of women with more elegant and delicate dimensions. The rose gold two-tone bracelet continues the pink charm of the dial, and the low-key luxury presents wonderfully on the wrist.