Touching The Rhythm Of Time, Tasting The Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series Tourbillon Calendar Watch

As we all know, tourbillons, perpetual calendars, three questions and become the most complicated craftsmanship in the watch industry, many brands rely on their superb technology to challenge these three peaks again and again. Among them, Vacheron Constantin, the well-known heritage of the watch brand, has also launched a new tourbillon perpetual calendar watch. Those who are familiar with this series will be deeply attracted by its most unique DNA. At the same time, it is also the ultimate elegance of Vacheron Constantin. Its symbol, with its unique round case and classic design that transcends time and space, reflects its roots in the purest tradition of fine watchmaking. The tourbillon perpetual calendar watch introduced this time is even more attractive. The official model is: 88172 / 000R-X0001

陀 This tourbillon perpetual calendar watch can be said to be a pinnacle in both design and traditional watchmaking. Then follow the article to unveil the shocking charm of this watch.

From the figure, we can intuitively see that the display function on the disk is very large. It not only conforms to the conventional perpetual calendar display, but also is equipped with the real sun time and the sunrise and sunset display of the wearer’s custom location. Weapon.


陀 This tourbillon perpetual calendar watch is not only available in rose gold. At the same time, Vacheron Constantin has also launched a luxurious platinum model with a blue dial and strap, which is obviously a ‘blue blood noble’ momentum. This time, we mainly introduce this model with a diameter of 44mm in 18K rose gold, which shows the grace and temperament.

盘 The disc surface is made of smoky gray metal, and twelve rose gold bar hour markers lie on the black orbital scale, which is simple and atmospheric. The overall color mix is ​​black and white. Although simple, it is clear and clear. Multiple functions are arranged on the surface of the plate in an orderly manner. The hands indicating the hours and minutes are also made of rose gold.

厚度 The thickness of the watch is 15.71 millimeters. Although it may sound thick, the watches with manual winding movements are thicker, and this heavy feeling brings a sense of solidity to the wearer.

The bottom of the watch is designed with sapphire crystal. The Vacheron Constantin 2253 manual-winding movement is displayed in front of you with a shocking beauty. The outer ring is engraved with the watch model and material, and the elegant beauty is fully visible. And folding clasp.


On the top of the dial, small dials showing the day of the week, month, and date are lined up once. A leap year is displayed next to the month. The uniform color and simplified fonts increase the readability of the watch.

弧 The arc scale between the week display and the month display is the time equation display. The so-called time equation is only time difference, or astronomical time difference. The difference between clock time (the average solar time, also known as civil time) and true solar time (also called the actual solar time). This deviation is usually expressed by a graphic called ‘eight-chart graph’.

The tourbillon small second hand is set at six o’clock. The passage of time is transformed by the tourbillon into a mechanized perfect operation. The wearer will appreciate the flowing time from this beautiful series of ‘regular movements’. This is undoubtedly a visual and Double enjoyment of the soul.

弧 Curved scale displays on both sides of the tourbillon indicate to the wearer the sunrise and sunset times of the chosen location.

Movement articles

腕表 This watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 2253 manual-winding mechanical movement with a tourbillon. The elegant decoration of the Patrimony Traditionnelle “Caliber 2253” watch fully echoes its high complexity. Developed by Vacheron Constantin’s development department and product engineering department for thousands of hours, the 2253 model movement with two pairs of barrels can provide up to 336 hours of power reserve, that is, 14 days of operation time, transparent through sapphire crystal The bottom of the table is unobstructed.

Summary: Regardless of the quality of the movement or the choice of materials, Vacheron Constantin has tried its best to interpret the essence of the heritage series. This tourbillon perpetual calendar watch is bound to be very expensive in terms of price, which is absolutely beyond doubt. . As most watch-players, this watch is more about appreciation, witnessing a craft, a brand attitude.

Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Watch Details:
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