Tissot Watch Sponsors Chinese 3d Blockbuster ‘血滴 子’

The most expensive 3D movie ‘Blood Drops’ in the history of Chinese films will be released on December 21st in Taiwan. The whole film is starred by male actors from the three sides of the Strait, including Huang Xiaoming. It also cost 99 million Taiwan dollars. The production of 3D special effects, together with the shocking theme full of epic atmosphere, made the entire audience look forward to it. Tissot watch brand ambassador Huang Xiaoming played an important role in the movie. The handsome style has been exposed first. Performing arts peak. Tissot watches sponsored the latest masterpiece starring Huang Xiaoming and others. It also invited watch fans to get a first look at Huang Xiaoming’s superb performance. From 12/12/2012 to 2013/1/10, there are 13 Tissots in the province. Watches bought at watch stores, that is, gift of ‘Blood Drops’ movie coupons, let watch fans appreciate the most anticipated Chinese action blockbusters at the end of this year, and Chinese superstars such as Huang Xiaoming carnival New Year; and 2013/1/11 During the 2013/2/28 event, anyone who purchases watches over NT $ 30,000 will receive a ‘Häagen-Dazs World Famous Chef Creative Plate Meal’ redemption book, inviting watch fans to explore the world-famous scenery with taste buds.
Tissot watch invites watch fans to enjoy ‘Blood Drops’ Huang Xiaoming and other superstars starring in the history of the most expensive 3D blockbuster on the eve of Christmas, it was shocked to be released and then presented a “ Häagen-Dazs World Famous Chef Creative Plate Meal ” coupon
Lead watch fans to enjoy the world scenery
     At the end of 2012, the most anticipated high-end action movie ‘Blood Drops’ will be released on the stage at the end of December. It will be produced by the Golden Horse Awards best director Chen Kexin and directed by Liu Weiqiang. The actor starred in the performance. The entire film cost 600 million Taiwan dollars. The investment amount hit the highest record of 3D movies in the history of Chinese films. The blood-moving giant ‘Blood Drops’, known as ‘The Most Expensive 3D in the History of Chinese Films’ One’s blood droplets have always been a mystery. Except for those who died of blood droplets, no one has ever seen their true appearance. During Qianlong’s year, the young Blood Drop Zitian Mission was a special assassination unit that never missed, until the fate of a mission missed was rewritten from then on … In the film, Huang Xiaoming plays the anti-Qing Fuming leader-Sirius. The handsome and handsome shape has been exposed recently, making fans crazy. Huang Xiaoming also entered the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong in this role and became the first Chinese male artist to enter. In addition, Huang Xiaoming, who exploded in the film, personally went to battle, interpreting the crazy, calm and destructive character of Sirius with a serious and hard working attitude. Create eye-catching highlights.
     Tissot watches are also very enthusiastic in sponsoring this Chinese 3D blockbuster starring Huang Xiaoming. In addition to giving Huang Xiaoming the biggest breakthrough in the movie, he also invited fans to come and enjoy this magnificent end-of-the-year giant dedication. The actors explored this mysterious historical secret together. From 2012/12/8 to 2013/1/10, when purchasing watches from 13 Tissot watches in the province, they will receive 1 movie coupon for ‘Blood Drops’. With a purchase of NT $ 20,000 or more, you can get 2 coupons for the ‘Bloody Drops’ movie, with a limited number of tickets, while stocks last, enjoy the shocking action blockbuster with friends during Christmas and beyond. In addition, Tissot watches invite watch enthusiasts to taste the world-famous beauty. During the 2013/1/11 to 2013/2/28 event, purchases of more than NT $ 30,000 at 13 Tissot watch shops in the province will receive a ‘Häagen- Dazs world famous chef creative plate meal ‘redemption roll, a total of 4 types of Charlotte, Paris, Madagascar, Kyoto Yaqu and other 4 kinds of plate meals, let table fans follow desserts to travel around the world, the number is limited, the gift is limited.
TISSOT Classic 18K rose gold automatic men’s watch
     ‘TISSOT Classic 18K Rose Gold Men’s Automatic Watch’ is the latest masterpiece of Tissot in 2012. The simple and clean style has long attracted the attention of male consumers. It is suitable for creating outstanding highlights in the New Year’s Eve. Highlighting the gentleman’s taste, it is highly recommended for the tasteful men who plan to add their own style at the end of the year. The intellectually simple silver dial with the excellent 18K rose gold bezel, thick case and brown leather embossed strap, solid texture It looks stylish and stable, and the exquisitely designed Roman numerals and small seconds dial add a finishing touch to the watch. It also best interprets the low-key and simple style. Appreciate the beauty of the movement, Swiss ETA created the 2895-2 automatic movement is impeccable, it is an indispensable classic collection style for watch lovers. TISSOT Classic 18K Rose Gold Men’s Automatic Watch:
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Suggested selling price: NT $ 56,200 Tissot watches warmly sponsors the Chinese 3D blockbuster ‘Dripping Blood’ starring Huang Xiaoming. From 12/12/2012 to 1/102013, watches are purchased from 13 Tissot watches in the province. Above $ 20,000, you will get 2 movie coupons for ‘Blood Drops’; if the purchase amount is less than NT $ 20,000, you will get 1 movie coupon for ‘Blood Drops’. limited quantity available. Huang Xiaoming plays the leader of the anti-Qing Fuming organization in Blood Droplets. For the sake of truth, Huang Xiaoming went to battle for each explosion scene in the film.