The World’s First Memory Mechanical Watch Emmy Mémoire1 Released In Beijing

At that time, the needle was about to pass through the end of 2008. A time-themed event named ‘Memory? The Future’ kicked off in the historic mansion 23, Qianmen, Beijing-Swiss independent watch brand Here, Le Méridien unveiled the mysterious veil of Mémoire1, the world’s first mechanical watch with memory function, which was carefully created by Amy, and announced the glory of the technological revolutionary future in the history of mechanical watchmaking. DKSH Global Executive Vice President of Luxury and Lifestyle Marcel Braun, Le Méridien’s Global Market Development and Sales Director Marc Glaeser, Le Méridien’s Product Design Director Sandro Reginelli, as well as senior executives, media and guests from A & M’s retailers attended the event.

 This powerful launch event uses the key word ‘time’ of the watchmaking industry as the axis of activity to create a space-time vision of ‘crossing the West and Shutting the Future’. Mémoire1 was displayed in front of the world through suspicious activity links ‘Exploring Memory’ and ‘Uncovering the Future’, witnessing the legend of Mémoire1 bringing the complex watchmaking technology and minimalist aesthetic design to the extreme, once again emphasizing Amy’s ‘adhering to tradition and brave Innovation, leading the future. ‘
 The grand debut of Le Mémoire1, the pinnacle of the watchmaking industry in Beijing, means that the Le Méridien brand attaches great importance to and eagerly anticipates the Chinese market, and looks forward to those who value traditional watchmaking art and the latest technological value, and pursue Watch lovers and collectors of extraordinary quality choose Le Méridien. Sandro Reginelli, Le Méridien Product Design Director, introduced the revolutionary technology of Mémoire1 to the guests in detail: ‘Mémoire1 connects time and timing display in a unique way. It can repeatedly switch between indicating real-time time and precise timing without affecting any one. The mode of operation sets a brand new model for multifunctional and complex watches, realizing the magnificence of Le Méridien’s expansion of the mechanical chronological universe. ‘The special craftsmanship and technology represented by Mémoire1 has reached the cutting-edge of the current human mechanical watchmaking industry. The birth of Mémoire1 announced that Le Mémoire was ahead of other brands, and it had the courage to make breakthroughs in the field of technology, taking the lead in entering the technological future of watchmaking.
 The mechanical watch can have a memory function. This day-to-day vision is an inevitable landmark for the ambitious and ambitious Amy brand to lead the revolutionary future of the mechanical watch industry. As one of the few self-manufactured movement brands in Switzerland, Le Méridien is renowned worldwide for its extraordinary watchmaking experience. Under the effort of the Le Méridien Creative Research Center, which gathers the industry’s top professionals, Mémoire1 is equipped with Amy’s newly developed ML128 movement with memory function was born. At present, the Mémoire1 watch, which represents the most sophisticated and sophisticated technology in the mechanical watchmaking industry, is limited to only 20 pieces worldwide.
 The mystery that made Mémoire1 the most complicated watch is the revolutionary device inside the watch-the Amy ML128 movement with unique memory functions. This unprecedentedly precise Amy ML128 movement consists of 604 parts. Starting from the basic movement, it adds complex functions step by step, and finally realizes the innovative ideas and concepts of ‘memory function’. Amy also tried to show a wonderful feast in design and transparency. All components were fully considered during the assembly of the combination of mechanical mechanics and artistic aesthetics, so that wearers can appreciate the complex workmanship and Operation.
 Mémoire1 is the pinnacle of mechanical watchmaking, bringing the innovative skills of watchmakers to the extreme. As long as you press the key embedded in the crown of the Mémoire1, the watch’s operating mode can be freely switched between ‘time’ and ‘timekeeping’ mode, and the selected mode can be viewed through the pointer display set at 3 o’clock. This mechanical operation, called ‘va et vient’ (‘coming and going’) by the watchmaker, can also be linked to activate the ‘All or Nothing’ conceptual mechanism, which triggers the three modules to perform memory functions. Amy’s Memoire1 is based on this concept to assemble similar mechanisms to ensure that the conversion between the two mechanisms is correct. The invention of this day has been patented by Le Méridien and is destined to become an indispensable finishing touch in the history of fine watchmaking.
 The research and development process of Mémoire1 is a technological innovation and a journey of artistic beauty. The round surface, the white gold case, the sapphire crystal, and the anti-reflective caseback showcase the pure elegance of the Mémoire1 watch. The dial design is creative: the mode switching design embedded in the crown at 3 o’clock is flexible and novel; the clear and unique layered design achieves the readability of the watch; the world’s first hour dial in Mémoire1 overcomes the problem of lack of traditional sapphire density First to use ore-based materials. Behind all these ingenious designs is a statement of Amy’s unique understanding of watch design, which meets the wearer’s purest spiritual aspirations.
 If memory is the source of people’s creation of the future, the birth of Mémoire1, an unprecedented mechanical watch with a memory function, will surely write a strong stroke in the history of fine watchmaking!