The Masterpiece That Shocked The Watch Industry The World’s First High-performance Concept Watch

This masterpiece that shocked the watch industry comes from the ID series concept watch created by Cartier. It first launched an ID ONE in 2009. This avant-garde concept watch combines a variety of new materials. And innovative technology, realizing the whole life cycle without adjustment and accurate travel time, this breakthrough once caused a huge sensation in the industry.
A major ID Two concept watch released by Cartier this year can be described as an upgraded version of the previous ID ONE. The two letters of the Cartier ID watch represent Innovation and Development respectively, which is exactly the concept that this series of concept watches uphold.
Left is ID ONE, right is ID TWO
The first watch in the series was the Cartier ID One, which had already met the public as early as 2009. There were 8 major innovations at the time: 1. No adjustment required; 2. No lubricant required; 3. Hardness comparable to diamond Carbon crystal materials; 4. Ceramic microcrystalline glass (ZĂ©rodur) hairspring; 5. ADLC amorphous diamond-like carbon coating; 6. Impact-resistant niobium titanium alloy; 7. Escape fork to remove ‘ruby’; 8. DRIE silicon crystal Integrated micro-etching technology. The Cartier ID Two concept table introduced this time has made 4 major innovations on the basis of ID One.
Cartier ID One Concept Watch
1. Polysilicon transparent ceramic integrated vacuum case, nanotechnology gasket, vacuum status can be maintained for 10 years
In order to be able to maintain the vacuum for a long time, Cartier uses Ceramyst’s innovative polysilicon transparent ceramic to make the completely transparent Calibre de Cartier case. The case is the key to maintaining the vacuum inside the watch. The case consists of only two parts, reducing the necessary connection surface by 48%. Relying on its nano-shim and micro-porous material, it can keep the vacuum inside the case for at least 10 years.
This ID TWO has made 4 major innovations on its basis
2. Two sets of dual barrels with a power reserve of up to 32 days
Increase energy storage, improve transmission efficiency, and reduce energy loss. In order to achieve the above three goals, Cartier has comprehensively optimized every detail of the ID TWO concept watch. Compared with traditional watches, ID TWO power has increased by 30% and energy consumption has been reduced by 50%. Inside the Calibre de Cartier 42 mm case, the ID TWO concept watch has reached an amazing 32-day power reserve.
3. Glass fiber clockwork
Speaking of increasing energy storage, the first thing we thought of was to strengthen the power system. Increasing the number of barrels and increasing the length of the barrel are the traditional ways to enhance power reserve. Cartier ID TWO concept watch uses a variety of new technologies in the power system in order to achieve the purpose of increasing energy storage. ID TWO is equipped with two double barrels and uses for the first time a highly elastic glass fiber as the mainspring. To reduce friction, Cartier replaced it with an ultra-thin, non-porous, transparent and extremely smooth polymer film. With traditional lubricants.
ID TWO Concept Watch
4. Variable speed differential
TID TWO’s differential device is very novel. The device can be divided into two layers, the lower gear and the upper planetary gear. The lower gear shaft meshes with the transmission wheel plate, and the gear plate meshes with the second wheel shaft. The upper part is composed of a large gear with an inward ring gear and a planetary gear mechanism. The inward ring gear tooth gear will not rotate, but only acts as a track. The shafts of the two planetary gears mesh with the teeth of the inner ring of the large gear, and the two disks mesh with the central shaft. The planetary mechanism revolves around the center while the two planetary gears rotate, and the planetary gear mechanism drives the minute hand. The speed of the lower gear of the differential device is fast, and the speed of the upper gear is reduced by a planetary gear mechanism. The rotation speed of the planetary gear mechanism is one revolution of 60 minutes, so a minute hand is mounted on the differential gear. In traditional watches, the gear (two wheels) that meshes with the mainspring is usually used as the split wheel, while the ID TWO gear that meshes with the mainspring has a slow speed and directly acts as the hour wheel, and is fitted with an hour hand.
The ID TWO concept watch is built in a vacuum case, which can be kept in vacuum for 10 years.
From this, we can see that the clockwork output of ID TWO watches is slower than traditional watches (the gear connected to the clockwork is directly used as the time wheel). The output energy of the clockwork per unit time is lower than that of traditional watches. Important shifting effect, the actual energy use efficiency is higher than traditional watches. In addition, the gears of ID TWO watches are made of carbon-coated silicon. This material is 60% harder and 70% lighter than steel. These parts can reduce friction to five times that of steel and copper. one. The unconventional gear train layout, unique differential device, and the help of new materials have increased the energy transmission efficiency of ID TWO watches by 10%.
ID TWO Concept Watch
The Cartier carbon crystal celestial tourbillon is the first watch to be mass-produced according to the ID ONE concept. Which deeply reflects the ion etching technology (DRIE) process, integrated molding escapement system, etc. have been applied to the ID ONE concept table, and after a reliable verification, laid the foundation for the mass production of concept technology. It can be seen that conceptual design is a leader and practitioner of scientific and technological progress, and the practical application of conceptual design is not trivial. This watch will be officially announced in 2013 at the International Haute Horlogerie Salon, limited to 50 pieces.