Retro Modern Square Charm Glashütte’s Original Gold 60s Square Series, With A Retro Design To Reproduce The 60s Fashion

Fun fashion, square dial is king. Following the debut of Sixties Iconic’s golden 1960s vintage commemorative watch in 2015, Glashütte Original pays higher respect to the iconic 1960s design. On the occasion of the 67th Berlin International Film Festival, the German watchmaker launched a special series, including five square chronographs, with a distinctive dial created by the brand in Pforzheim, Germany. There are factory dial craftsmen. Bright colors and charming dials, these iconic design elements first appeared on the ‘Spezimatic’ models introduced in the 1960s. 25 sets of Sixties Iconic Square watches with different personalities will be available in Glashütte original boutiques worldwide.

   Energetic, distinctive and memorable, the 1960s, with its inspiring designs, left a strong mark in the fields of watchmaking, furniture, and fashion with unique geometric shapes and colorful creative colors. In the mid-1960s, Glashütte watchmakers launched a series of Spezimatic models, which gave birth to a timeless iconic style. Square pillow-shaped, curved dial, curved hands, unique Arabic numerals, these mainstream time design elements have inspired the gilt sixties square series. Five models are named for their bright colors: Sixties Iconic Forest 鎏 Gold 1960s Green Watch, Sixties Iconic Ocean 鎏 Gold 1960s Sea Blue Watch, Sixties Iconic Graphite 鎏 Gold 1960s Ink Grey Watch, Sixties Iconic Tangerine 鎏 Gold 60s orange watch and Sixties Iconic Fire 鎏 Gold 1960s watch. All models are equipped with the self-made Calibre 39-34 automatic movement, which is typical of the exquisite watchmaking skills of the Glashütte tradition.

Original 1960s design for original dial
   Five new models with unique color dials are hand-crafted in Glashütte’s original Pforzheim’s own dial factory. Watches are made with original tools and authentic craftsmanship from the 1960s, and go through extremely complex and time-consuming manufacturing processes.
   Glashütte’s original expert dial artisans have devoted almost paranoid painstaking efforts to each of the unusually complicated steps, especially in the use of colored paint, to achieve the accurate color tone from the illuminated center to the darkened peripheral area And color changes, often referred to as the ‘dégradé effect’-this luxurious and glorious finish can be seen on all five models.

   First of all, a layer of electroplated substrate is processed for these dials; then a series of procedures are used to manually add layers of colored paint-bright green, dark blue, dark gray or fiery bright red. In the final step, a special spray gun is used to carefully spray black paint on this ‘canvas’ — a process that produces unique gradient colors, depending on the angle of the spray gun, called the ‘gradient effect’, which makes every watch unique. The color of the orange dial is extraordinary, and it comes through the additional lacquer color: the initial gold-plated coating is not only covered with a black, but also with a red lacquer.

   The lacquered dial is then baked in the oven. Among the five models of the gilt 1960s square series, four of them have unique shades and shades combined with exquisite and elegant sunburst to further enhance the gradient effect. The fifth model, the 60’s signature indigo watch, uses an exquisite print pattern in a particularly interesting way. Prior to nickel plating, a delicate tortoiseshell pattern was pressed on the dial blank through a 60-ton press. This embossed pattern is called ’embossed pattern’ and is recorded in the archives of the Glashütte Original Dial Factory.

Watchmaking power for over half a century
   The economic and political crisis of the Glashütte watchmaking industry in the 1960s gave birth to innovative solutions and extraordinary works, such as the ‘Spezimatic’ series of watches, whose iconic design is now Glashütte Original Six The inspiration for the Zeros collection. After its first introduction in 1964, a large number of Spezimatic models began to use dials made by the professional dial factory in Pforzheim (then West Germany). The cooperation relationship between the brand and Pforzheim began more than 50 years ago; the acquisition of the watch factory by the Swatch Group in 2006 further strengthened the cooperation between the two parties; since Glashütte original direct ownership, this relationship has once again Strengthened. Today, the comprehensive integration of the expertise of the dial factory enables Glashütte Original to develop extraordinary and stylish dial designs that meet the highest quality standards.

Available in Glashütte Original Boutiques and Selected Retailer Stores
   Five watches in the 鎏 Gold 60s square series feature a distinctive square pillow (41.35 x 41.35 mm) stainless steel case and are equipped with a self-made Calibre 39-34 automatic chronograph movement. All models are equipped with exclusive Louisiana alligator leather straps: a green or orange dial with a brown strap, and a black, blue or flame dial with a black strap.
   Five watches in the 1960s square series, each produced in a limited edition of 25, are available at Glashütte Original’s major boutiques and select retailers in the world.