Warm Mother’s Day Gifts New Mido Mido Pioneer Series

Warm May Mother’s Day MIDO watch especially recommends the new Multifort Lady Diamonds Pioneer series women’s diamond watch, the 2011 Pioneer series women’s watch diameter has been reduced from 38mm to 31mm, with a thinner body With a variety of choices such as PVD rose gold two-tone chain straps or leather straps, the appearance is dominated by the classic design of the radial Geneva wave dial, and the bright diamonds of Wesselton are always embellished. The size has been reduced to highlight the elegant and delicate texture. Pamper Mommy’s intimate gift from now until May 15th. Every time you buy a female watch, you will receive a limited edition spring jewelry box of MIDO. The rose pink leather box with delicate MIDO embossing will enrich the shelf collection. My mother cherishes jewellery. The jewelry box also comes with a delicate storage flannel cover. The number is limited, while supplies last. MIDO presents a fine mechanical watch model made with Swiss exquisite craftsmanship. The permanent image of mechanical watch and diamonds represents the deepest and most sincere love for mothers.
   Lan Kaiyu, brand manager of MIDO, said that in 2011, MIDO put more effort and attention on women’s watches, incorporated innovative design elements, maintained minimalist design tone and created ladies’ watches at a more delicate and rich level. , Strengthen the integrity of women’s watches in the brand series. The Multifort Pioneer Women’s Diamond Watch has made an excellent interpretation for fashionable and elegant women. In 2011, this watch series reduced the overall proportion of the appearance, and combined PVD rose gold, stainless steel and diamonds to interpret the aesthetics of women’s timepieces, and re-launched a new member. Multifort Pioneer series two-color women’s diamond watch, a total of six women’s watches interpret different elegant ladies’ attitude.
The second generation of Multifort Lady Diamonds
     Different from the rough style of men’s watches, the second generation of Multifort Lady Diamonds women’s diamond watches pay more attention to the fine details. The dial uses 8 Weselton Wesselton diamond diamond makeup dials, with a fine radial shape. The ripples are embellished with diamond dots for a low-key, luxurious glow. 31mm diameter, wear-resistant sapphire crystal, transparent case back for exquisite decorative movement, waterproof up to 50 meters, stainless steel or PVD rose gold material with silver face, gray radial Geneva wave dial, available in two colors of rose gold, The choice of stainless steel bracelet or leather strap meets women’s desire to combine aesthetics and watchmaking craftsmanship, and radiates self-exclusive aesthetic light.

   In the series, the two-color ladies’ diamond watch is the most eye-catching. The magnificent and rich PVD rose gold creates a rounded edge and lug shape. The hands and moments of the same color complement the combination of the two-color rose gold chain. The radial wave surface The plate is sprinkled with rose gold and diamond dots. Crystal diamonds and fine ripples are reminiscent of pure and transparent bubbles. When paired with the soft tone of rose gold, it is as colorful and romantic as pink champagne. The new Multifort Lady Diamonds Pioneer Two-Tone Women’s Diamond Watch combines the series of steel welding and streamlined style with the gentle and elegant elements of women. The compact 31mm dial conveys the gentleness of women with more elegant and delicate dimensions. The rose gold two-tone bracelet continues the pink charm of the dial, and the low-key luxury presents wonderfully on the wrist.


Lady Arpels Jour Féerique Watch

Lady Arpels Jour Féerique watch, 41 mm white gold case with round diamonds; white gold bezel with round diamonds; white gold crown with round diamonds, white gold , Yellow gold and rose gold dial set with round and rose-cut diamonds, round yellow sapphires, round garnets, mother-of-pearl, turquoise, enamel, miniature painted white alligator leather strap with white gold hands Buckle, hand-wound mechanical movement set with round diamonds, unique.

Le Jardin Van Cleef & Arpels

The Secret watch series is eye-catching in style, continuing the long-cherished ‘hidden’ theme, subtly hiding the dial in the flower buds, bringing infinite surprises at the moment of its blooming, fascinating. This elegant and creative collection allows the wearer to read time implicitly while maintaining elegant manners. The flowers made of magnificent gems reveal the secrets of time vaguely. A glimpse of the glory among the flowers makes the hidden secrets flow in the eyes.


Cartier Art Master Series Crocodile Embossed Flying Tourbillon Watch

Cartier is extremely passionate, and boldly applies delicate relief technology to the art of watchmaking to create this watch. The subtle gradation blue of natural agate is reminiscent of the sea, and a subtle crocodile emerges from the waves under the axe of the gem cutter.

 Rotonde de Cartier watch, crocodile motif, embossed

形象 This image of a carnivore is undoubtedly one of the most symbolic animals in Cartier’s animal-themed watch series. It is particularly striking for its bold relief and shining interpretation.

It requires special expertise to show the nuances of agate from blue black to brilliant white without damaging the gem. This fascinating watch has the intricacies of a flying tourbillon and the distinguished Geneva mark: a masterpiece of art and watchmaking.

Cartier’s new art watch series crocodile decorative watch parameters
Case: 18K white gold
Crown: Beaded Crown with Convex Sapphire
Dial: 18K white gold, natural agate crocodile relief pattern
Strap: Black semi-matt alligator leather strap
Clasp: 18K white gold double adjustable folding clasp
Water resistance: 30 meters / 100 feet / 3 bar
Movement: The workshop produced 9452 MC manual winding mechanical movement, won the Geneva mark, the floating tourbillon with the C-shaped tourbillon frame indicates the second
Cover: Sapphire crystal
Global Limited Number of 30 pieces issued


Parmigiani’s Sixth Store In Asia Opens In Venetian Macao

November 12, 2013, Macau-Since 1996, the top Swiss watchmaking brand PARMIGIANI has been convinced that the art of watchmaking is one of the most important and preserved manufacturing processes in Switzerland. To this end, Parmigiani develops and manufactures branded timepieces entirely on the basis of Fleurier in Switzerland. It is dedicated to reviving the precious heritage of Swiss watchmaking art and has been among the more than ten years. The leader in Swiss fine watchmaking. In recent years, Parmigiani has actively expanded the Asian market and opened five brand stores in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin and Singapore. In order to further develop Parmigiani’s retail footprint, the brand recently joined hands with Xunjia Watch Group to present Parmigiani’s first Macau specialty store at the Venetian Macao Shopping Center, and held it on November 12, The grand opening ceremony was unprecedented.

 On the opening day, Parmigiani invited media friends and brand VIPs to visit the brand-new specialty store in Rosewood Hall of the Venetian Macao Shopping Center, and witness the opening of the brand’s sixth specialty store in Asia. In order to be solemn, Parmigiani presents the Atelier series with the concept of ‘travel’ in special stores, which are only displayed at special events and important occasions, and new and complex watches launched at the Geneva International Horological Fair this year. Works, including Pershing Tourbillon Abyss, Toric Tecnica Minos and Toric Tecnica Palme watches, for guests to appreciate. The opening ceremony of the store was first kicked off by a welcome speech by Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot, Global Chief Executive Officer of Parmigiani, who traveled from Switzerland to Macau, and Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyun Jiayu Yuyi Watch Group. Afterwards, the emcee invited Ms. Shan Wei, the managing director of Parmigiana Nitai, Mr. Huang Boyuan, the regional marketing manager of Xiyun Jiayu Yuyi Watch Group, and Mr. Zhong Weitian, the vice president of Sands China retail development department, together with Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot And Mr. Cai Gazan presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the grand opening of the Parmigiani Macau Venetian store, marking another milestone in the Asian market. The five honored guests then toasted together and wished that this brand-new specialty store, which shows Parmigiani’s unique aesthetic design and friendly service, is booming and business is booming. After the opening ceremony, the brand invited a number of guests to visit the store, to appreciate the display of more than 20 women’s and men’s watches in the six watch series developed and produced by Parmigiani completely independently, and to show the brand’s pride and watchmaking. Craftsmanship and exceptionally complex movements with limited special Atelier watches and new complex watches.

 Mr. Jean-Marc Jacot, Chief Executive Officer of Parmigiani, said, ‘Parmigioni is very pleased to join hands with Xunjia Watch Group to present the sixth store in Asia in the Venetian Macao. The development of the Asian and Greater China markets has taken a major step forward. With this opportunity today, we sincerely invite collectors and enthusiasts of high-end watches to visit the brand’s new specialty store to explore and experience the brand’s independence in Fleurier, Switzerland. Masterpieces of watches and clocks produced. ‘

 Mr. Cai Gazan, Chairman of Xiyun Jiayuyiyi Watch Group, said: Thanks to the trust and support of Parmigiani and Sands China, I am honored to open the first Parmigiani flagship store in Macau. This coincides with the 25th anniversary of the establishment of Xiyunjia Watch Group. This is a milestone in expanding our business in the Pearl River Delta and enables us to develop the Macau and Mainland China markets more actively. Xiyunjia and Yuyi Watches both focus on service quality, and always take ‘Find your uniqueness’ as the customer service concept. We hope that more watch enthusiasts can enjoy the highest quality and unique personalization. shopping experience.


Future Watchmaking Talent Lange’s New Training Year Is Now Underway

Lange’s training course for the new year has begun on August 19, 2013. Seventeen young students from different regions of Germany have passed pre-qualification. They will learn more about the mysteries of Lange’s watchmaking skills in the next three years. The watch factory trains two mold craftsmen at the same time. Lange currently has 41 students who specialize in making watches and molds.
But why are young people of this generation aspiring to be watchmakers? In fact, they are mostly technological ‘fanatics.’ Others are inspired by relatives and friends in the industry. Someone originally wanted to be an actor, but found that the workbench for making a movement with a diameter of 30 mm was the stage for their talents. Laura Schreiber is one of them. One day, she attended a professional exhibition. In front of the Lange booth, she picked up a piece of metal and started assembling. From that moment, she clearly found her life goal. This year is the third year of Laura’s apprenticeship with Lange. She will share with us her past training experience and her outlook for the future.

Lange is training 41 young students
 ‘We can think of a mechanical movement as a complex three-dimensional puzzle consisting of up to 500 parts with a diameter of 3 cm. Many of these parts weigh only a few milligrams and can only be seen under a magnifying glass. However, when you complete This jigsaw puzzle, the entire complex device instantly breathes life into it, it feels very wonderful. One of the fascinating aspects of watchmaking is that you can see the results you have built with your own hands.
 However, I also have a long way to go to make a fully functioning watch. It all started at the Lange Watch School. On the first class day two years ago, Katja König, the principal instructor, explained to us the content of the course. I couldn’t believe that I would learn so much about watchmaking in three years. The first week passed quickly. I met future colleagues in various departments. In the teaching studio, I personally tried basic metalworking techniques such as filing, sawing, turning, drilling, and taking theoretical classes at the vocational school in Glashütte.
Laura. Schreiber (middle) and Chief Instructor Ka Jia. Koenig and student Stefan Schulze
Laura. Schreiber (left) and student Stefan Schultz (right)
 Six months later, we finally had access to the coveted timing device. Initially, the instructor used a clock movement to show us the mechanical components and explain the functions one by one. Before the end of the first year of apprenticeship training, the instructor asked me to see the work of other watchmakers in the watch factory. Within three weeks, I went to different production departments to gain experience and met many new colleagues. This was the first time I felt I became a real watchmaker.
 In the second year, we gradually started making watches. First of all, we need to understand the design, function and repair process of pocket watches, which has been the starting point for all things Lange has done for 165 years. For me, the most important thing is to build your first watch. During the mid-term test of apprenticeship training, I demonstrated everything I learned at the time by operating the perfect components. I was very successful that time!
This year is the third year and I have entered the final stage of the training! I have a lot to learn, such as self-winding watches, big calendars, chronographs and other extra watch functions. In addition, I was selected to participate in the exchange program at the Danish School of Watchmaking in Ringsted. I will work with a colleague from Denmark to complete a watch. I will personally polish and decorate the surface of all parts. I also personally adjust the amplitude of the watch to make the time display accurate to the second. Training in Ringsted is not only important for clocks, but fluent English is also important. Fortunately, Lange offers language courses throughout the apprenticeship program, giving me the confidence to get everything done smoothly.
For Lange apprentices, one of the special challenges of the third year was participating in an international competition for future watchmakers. This is a great opportunity to showcase creativity and craftsmanship. Former students of Lange have won the competition twice. Final exams are getting closer. If I get good grades, I meet the requirements agreed at the beginning of the apprenticeship and can stay at Lange full-time. I really look forward to it. ‘


Amy Fiaba Series Charming And Irresistible

The Fiaba women’s watch series is specially designed for elegant women who have their own opinions.
    She is ‘elegant’ long and sensual. She is the Fiaba women’s watch series. Designed by Le Méridien designers, this series of watches inherits and reinterprets the elegant and smooth style of the Fiaba collection. Designed for elegant women with their own opinions.
   If the shape is described as a rectangle, it is surely lost. Elegant and luxurious, this watch combines classic and modern beauty. The body of the watch is slightly curved and fits perfectly on the wrist, like a second skin. This model is available in three colors: black, silver and pearl. The dial can be paired with slender, stick-shaped hour-markers or shiny diamond hour-markers, with majestic and solemn Roman numerals at 12 and 6 o’clock. The vertical decoration in the center of the dial is satin-brushed, and the surface with sun radiation effect is dazzling at every moment. The hands are also carefully polished to show elegance and elegance during operation.
The vertical decoration in the center of the dial is satin-brushed, and the surface with sun radiation effect is dazzling at every moment.
    The three-column structured metal bracelet makes the watch more stylish. The bracelet is polished to give you a glorious look, smooth and soft like velvet, making it more comfortable to wear. The Fiaba watch also comes with a delicate shiny alligator leather strap, available in white, black and brown. Elegant and dignified or sexy, charming, lively or charming, the watches you wear can make you show your style.

Technical Information
Stainless steel, 39 mm x 20.90 mm
Full polishing
Curved sapphire crystal with glare coating
Water resistant 50 m / 5 atm
— Set with diamonds, set with 58 top Wesselton VVS-VS diamonds (0.3944 ct), 1.20 mm in diameter
— Yellow PVD finish
New diamond faceted embedded Roman numerals
Contrast effect between the center of the dial and the surrounding stripes: sunlight rays and pearlescent surface
Without diamond style:
Available with black and silver dials and silver dial with yellow hour markers
Case-set diamond style with delicate ‘guilloche’ guilloche pattern
Diamond style:
Seiko set of 10 top Wesselton VVS-VS diamonds, weighing 1.68mm, weighing 0.068 carats
Also available in white mother-of-pearl dial
Hands and discs:
Diamond faceted hour and minute hands
Available in rhodium-plated and gold-plated versions
Strap / Bracelet:
Black, white or brown genuine alligator strap
3-column structured bracelet with curved design on the inside for maximum comfort
Full polishing
Folding clasp with buttons
Available in yellow PVD finish
Stainless steel standard buckle
Available in yellow PVD finish
Quartz Movement
Central hands indicate hours and minutes
Stainless steel case, black dial, black alligator strap, stainless steel standard buckle
Stainless steel case, silver dial, white alligator strap, stainless steel standard buckle
Stainless steel diamond case, black guilloche guilloché dial, black alligator strap, stainless steel standard buckle
Stainless steel diamond case, silver guilloche guilloché dial, white alligator strap, stainless steel standard buckle
Stainless steel case, black dial, stainless steel bracelet
Stainless steel case, silver dial, stainless steel bracelet
Stainless steel and diamond case, black guilloche guilloché dial, stainless steel bracelet
Stainless steel and diamond case, silver guilloche guilloche dial, stainless steel bracelet
Yellow PVD plated stainless steel case, silver dial, brown alligator strap, yellow PVD plated stainless steel standard buckle
Yellow PVD coated stainless steel case, silver dial, yellow PVD coated stainless steel bracelet


Objective And Real Feelings

Not long ago, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series 5000-1110-B52A watch came to the watch home for a long evaluation test. The editors also counted the addiction, through all-round appreciation and wearing After experiencing this watch, of course, everyone’s feelings are different. Today, I will summarize and summarize the experience and experience of everyone after trying it on. Everyone expresses their own opinions, expresses the most true inner thoughts, and hopes to provide some reference for your future watch purchase plan.

Senior Editor of Watch House: Mao Zhuang
  This is a watch that you absolutely can’t see at first glance; this is a watch that you can’t put down with a loupe; this is a watch that can handle every detail perfectly; at the same time this is still a The watch has reached a very high level.

Watch House Senior Editor: Fu Liyan
  When I first saw this watch, I fell in love with it. Although I am a daughter, I always have a soft spot for watches with large watch diameters. Compared with gorgeous and sexy ladies watches, I prefer simple and restrained men’s watches. Is this the so-called ‘girl paper’? Well, let’s get back to the truth, and tell me how I feel about this Blancpain diving watch: the first thing that attracts me is the retro design of the watch and the color matching, which is low-key and not public; If you look closely, you will find that any part of the watch is extremely polished, and the brushed design of the case crown and lugs is more seductive. Finally, the watch movement, this movement has three barrels, power Stored for 120 hours, it should be considered a more durable dive watch. In summary, I personally like this watch very much.
Watch House Senior Editor: Li Shuai
  Compared to the original version, this replica of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is particularly preferred, combining the toughness of men and the delicate thoughts of women. Whether it is the selection of the pointer, the design of the scale or the sharpening of the edges and corners, it is very delicate, and every detail is convincing. The seal between the case back and the case is made of three layers of seals, which has excellent waterproof performance. The water resistance of 300 meters is enough for us to ride the ocean this summer. Such a classic replica watch is worth having.

Watch House Senior Editor: Chen Zhong
  This Blancpain Fifty Fat Classic Reissue Edition has the first impression that there is no ‘brilliant’ in mainstream watches today, and more of a ‘dark’. I think this is the same An effect that Blancpain can create. The black disc surface is designed with a radioactive brushed disc surface pattern, and the black canvas strap is used to create a calm, calm and capable look.
Watch House Editor: Xie Xin
  When I first came into contact with a watch, if you asked me what kind of watch I wanted to buy, I might say that I wanted to buy a watch that would not only look good in formal wear but would not look old-fashioned. As for the Fifty Fathoms, the impression has always been a diving watch, so I never considered it. Even when I first saw it, I never thought about it. Until the opportunity to try it on, the magic of this watch really radiated. come out. Black and white tones, dark gray dials … Even if the appearance is stable and low-key, it still has enough recognition, not only with a formal look, it is calm and atmospheric, but it is also full of vitality for casual wear. If you are not as impressed as I used to be, you may wish to try it in the store. I believe that the magic of this classic watch will surely make you moved.

Summary: The above comments are personal subjective feelings and do not represent the official view of the Watch House. If you have any opinions about this watch, you can also leave a message below the article, welcome everyone to discuss together.
For more watch details, please click: blancpain / 29295 /


Cartier’s ‘destinée’ Micro-movie Presents A Moving True Love Story

Dream Paris, the romantic flower capital that bred love, witnessed the countless lovers here to make eachother’s alliance; the fate of time and space intertwine, the fate of thousands and thousands of times, this fate, whether the fire of true love is as gorgeous How polished are the diamonds? Cartier, a French jewellery watch brand with a brand-new Destinée engagement ring, ignites a hot French mood, and presents an exciting Cartier ‘Destinée’ micro-movie, telling a marriage proposal that is intertwined with fate and surprise. A sincere love that crosses national borders, a destined love song, Taiwanese actress Chen Yanxi and British elegant actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen for the first time on screen love, in Rome, the romantic capital of affection Embrace, the vows of love in the land of heaven and heaven surround your fingers.

‘Destinée’ micro-movie shows the fate of the romantic Huadu, creating a fate of exotic love
International team to create a dreamy season

   An idyllic and cozy afternoon, an elegant garden with flowers and flowers, a fairy-tale wedding is taking place as witnessed by relatives and friends-the story begins here. A group of childhood partners, who have been on each side for a long time, have not seen each other for a time to celebrate the union of a couple of new friends. Claire (Chen Yanxi) and Nick (Oliver Jason Cohen), although the former lovers had their own different paths, they also met unexpectedly at the wedding. Life is like a dream, all past events are back with the old photos; tenderness is like water, and the love that has been sleeping for many years has been reborn with this fateful meeting …

Cartier Destinée engagement ring worn by actress Chen Yanxi in the Cartier ‘Destinée’ micro-movie

   Continuing the romantic theme of the first three true love micro-movies, Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-movie was directed by the well-known Italian director Luca Guadagnino, and he collaborated with American screenwriter Drake, who is known for revealing true emotions. Drake Doremus collaborated. Paris, the red box, the vows of love and love, these romantic elements that are closely connected with Cartier are presented one by one in this micro-movie. The love poems that converge into the nightmare present this magical marriage proposal moment in the romantic capital.

   As the director of Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-film, Luca Guadagnino’s works have always had a unique atmosphere. As early as 2011, his unique style attracted Cartier’s attention, so he was invited to direct the first three true love micro-movies. These three films bring together outstanding actors and screenwriters from different countries, and use the marriage proposal as the outline of the story, deducing three love stories that are closely related to Paris and jewelry. Whether it is in the Saint-Honore district of Paris, the Opera House or the Royal Garden, every story fully shows the rich French romance.

In the film, the actor is choosing Cartier Destinée engagement ring

Love for Heaven

  Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-movie continues the elegant and luxurious shooting style of director Luka Guadagnino. In just five minutes, the pure and sincere friendship, the love back to the hundreds of times and the enchanting French romance The most natural way of film narrative is presented in front of the audience. Compared with other directors, Luca Guadagnino prefers to break the limitations of time to show the extraordinary power of love. The setting of the times and the charm of the passing of time complement each other, telling the age of fiery love. This exactly confirms the meaning of the title of this micro-movie film-French Destinée means ‘destiny’, the so-called fate of love, just like the true meaning of love in fate reunion in the film: true love knows no language and no boundaries Marriage is destined for heaven.

   ‘I firmly believe that there is always a person you are destined to do in this world.’ Chen Yanxi candidly experienced a love story similar to her character. She believes that the love story told in Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ microfilm is more than idealistic ‘Encountering is a kind of fate or destiny, just like the hero and heroine in the film. In front of true love, nationality and language cannot be obstacles.’

   For the first time on screen, Chen Yanxi and Oliver Jason Cohen, although coming from different countries and growing up in different backgrounds, have a similar understanding of the meaning expressed by Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-film. ‘Cartier does not convey a fragile value. Instead, it expresses a very serious point of view-the power of commitment.’ Oliver Jason Cohen said, ‘I believe this power can firmly build people-to-people. Emotional bond. ‘

   This micro-film is also the first collaboration between Chen Yanxi and Cartier, and it also inspired infinite sparks in the creative process. ‘This cooperation brought me to the birthplace of Cartier-romantic Paris, France. The beauty and style here make me more deeply understand the meaning of love and romance in Cartier’s soul, which I wear when shooting Cartier’s new Destinée engagement ring is just the right way to convey my romantic feelings in the show. ‘

   ‘True love is a color, a name’, it is a momentary encounter, full of magic; it is a destiny meeting of love at first sight. Every momentary encounter, every cluster of love sparks, Cartier will build Destinée across time and space and borders. On January 8th, the curtain of this Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-movie opened romantically. Let us step into this moving true love story. In the romantic capital of Paris, enjoy elegant French romance and wait for the vow of love to arrive as scheduled!


Celebrating The 40th Anniversary, Tag Heuer Monza Chronograph Launches Remastered Edition Faithfully Presents Original Essence

In 1976, Jack Heuer, the great-grandson of TAG Heuer’s founder, created a chronograph tailor-made for the then world champion driver Niki LAUDA of Ferrari. TAG Heuer was the official Scuderia chronograph from 1971 to 1979, and ‘MONZA’ also appeared on the dial for the first time.

   At the time, this watch was full of distinctive racing flavors. For example, the pillow case was inspired by a watch released in 1925. The all-black chronograph is equipped with a pulse meter (measures the heartbeat frequency) and a tachymeter scale. (Converted time and speed), and the red chronograph dial and hands full of racing atmosphere, refreshing design, write a new chapter for the history of racing watches.

Niki Lauda won the world championship in the FERRARI 312T in 1975, and in 1976, Heuer published Heuer Monza in recognition of this heroic deed.

Timeless beauty
   Now, everything is back to the beginning. The 2016 Remastered Edition reintroduces two of the most important watch functions, namely the pulsometer and tachymeter scale (which have not been included in previous editions), and uses the same font as the original. Of course, it also inherits the famous pillow-shaped case and full black tone of the early generation, and it also matches the original model with black and white lacquered hour and minute hands, faithfully restoring the classic. Retro SuperLuminova ™ orange luminous hour markers are also added. At the same time, the historic HEUER logo on the dial represents the brand’s classic series that continues to this day.

TAG Heuer Monza 40th Anniversary Calibre 17 model CR2080.FC6375, titanium carbide coating and grade 5 titanium case and bezel, 42 mm diameter, black sun dial, embossed with retro Heuer logo, embossed ‘MONZA’ and ‘ ‘Automatic-Calibre 17′, Calibre 17 automatic winding chronograph movement, with date display, pulsometer scale in units of ’15 pulse beats’ (starting at the first pulse beat, stop at the 15th pulse) And speed-changing speed scale, double-sided anti-reflective and abrasion-resistant sapphire crystal, polished stainless steel crown engraved with the Heuer logo, screw-in caseback engraved with ‘MONZA’ and vintage ‘HEUER’, and ‘No XXXX’ numbers, Water-resistant to 100 meters, the black perforated calfskin strap is inspired by a vintage steering wheel.

   In tandem with the past, the case has been changed to a lighter, more impact-resistant grade 5 titanium metal (formerly stainless steel). Titanium carbide treatment creates a powerful black matte texture. The diameter of the table is particularly enlarged (39 mm, the smaller size in the past, is now 42 mm, which is more masculine and more modern). The watch is fitted with a black full-grain calf leather ‘super racing’ strap with stitching, which goes back to the three-hole steering wheel design of the car at the time.

TAG Heuer Monza 40th Anniversary Calibre 17’s screw-in caseback is engraved with ‘MONZA’ and vintage ‘HEUER’ and ‘No XXXX’ numbers.

   The Calibre 17 self-winding chronograph movement is equipped inside. There are two chronograph dials at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. At the same time, the distance between the two is deliberately brought to the dial, which brings pleasing and harmonious beauty. The screw-down caseback is engraved with the famous red lacquered HEUER classic logo and engraved with a separate number. The Heuer Monza watch of that year is now a collector’s treasure, and rarely has a replica. This 40th anniversary commemorative watch built on the spirit of the original will undoubtedly leave a deep mark on the heritage of the watch factory.


The Importance Of Different Straps And Different Temperaments

The summer is coming, and the cool dress will highlight the charm of the wrist. The strap matches the shape of the dial and bezel to attract passersby’s attention. Everyone has their own favorite strap, but whether it is elegant leather or cool metal, black and white simple or colorful, the choice of the strap has a great impact on the value of the watch. For this reason, the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship contains everything A strap is no less than the watch itself, perfecting the details. Only the most exquisite straps can be used to match the top watches. It has always been the spirit of Swiss watch brand BLANCPAIN. Below, let’s experience Blancpain’s sincerity and ingenuity in making straps.

Leather strap with the ultimate craftsmanship and elegant aesthetics
   No perfect watch can lack the backing of the strap. A finely crafted and well-made leather strap is a symbol of high quality and luxurious taste. Most of Blancpain’s leather straps are made of crocodile leather from the Mississippi. After selecting the finest leather, Blancpain’s artisans will first individually dye and tan the leather.

The alligator strap of each Blancpain watch is unique from leather grain to hand-stitched
   Of course, this is just the beginning of making the perfect strap. In order to achieve a more exquisite leather texture, Blancpain accurately classifies alligator leathers of various sizes and shapes, with the right size and strict and orderly craftsmanship, to present its beauty. The backing of the Blancpain strap is also sewn to the same standard, and must be made of a material that is not sensitive to skin, such as the Alzavel calfskin or rubber lining commonly used by Blancpain. After that, Blancpain cut each crocodile leather strap by hand, carefully selected the harmonious pattern for the next full manual sewing, and cooperated with a special backing treatment to prevent the band edge from loosening and disintegrating. occur. At this point, the standard strap of Blancpain was finally born.

Blancpain’s 6102 watch set includes 4 straps in addition to its own strap for matching
   The craftsmanship of ordinary leather straps is already complicated enough, and the leather straps of the Chiron and Sakura Orphan watches launched in 2016 are even more distinguished. The time required to make the strap itself is 10 to 20 hours. After the production is complete, wait for a certain period of time for the glue used to assemble the strap and color to completely solidify until the final color is completed. This complete procedure took up to 30 days.
A practical and ornamental dive strap
   Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms diving watch is the ultimate choice for diving enthusiasts. The strap material used is mainly divided into two types: marine canvas strap and NATO military NATO strap. The nautical canvas material has been in use since its birth in 1952, and has become one of the important symbols of Blancpain’s ‘Underwater Warrior’. Nautical canvas has the characteristics of sweat-absorbent, easy to clean and wear-resistant. Compared with the ordinary rubber strap, the nautical canvas strap has a more stylish texture. During the wearing process, the strap will record the baptism of time with the owner of the watch. The ‘NATO strap’ specially designed for diving, also known as the NATO military strap, has the characteristics of light weight and quick-drying. It is widely used because of the special structure of the double-layer strap-the main body of the watch has a non-slip drop buckle In military practice. A sloppy military strap on the wrist is a symbol of the blood of a man.

The Blancpain 500 Hundred Treasure Replacement Tool in 2009 can replace the free rubber strap
Tough and attractive metal strap
   When summer is approaching, the stainless steel strap has become the first choice of low-key and tough people. The stainless steel strap is more refreshing and easier to maintain after sweating. The watch with a stainless steel strap can be worn freely to save the wearer’s effort. When the stainless steel strap is not enough to satisfy the wearer’s expression of quality and status, elegant and gorgeous red gold straps have become the most popular choice. The carefully designed and polished strap of Blancpain exudes unparalleled luxury and nobility. No matter where you are, the dazzling light on your wrist will become the focus of the audience.

Set off a woman’s elegant and gorgeous silk strap

   The silk strap is a strap material exclusively for women. It is soft and noble, which can bring out the feminine elegance. Blancpain’s silk strap has a fine texture, excellent workmanship, and a variety of colors to choose from. It can be easily matched with clothes to show its charming charm. The small dial of the watch itself is magnified by the delicate silk strap. The soft and flexible material meets women’s needs for watches in terms of breathability and comfort, and can fit the wrist more naturally. It is one of the essential accessories for fashionable and elegant women to attend various occasions.