For many movie enthusiasts, silent film may have become a fixed black and white image in history. Although no one is going to shoot such a film now, this cannot stop it from becoming a movie. A landmark example in the history of development.

 It is reported that on February 28, 2014, the world’s top watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre teamed up with the granddaughter of the famous silent film master Charlie Chaplin-Carmen, Mann & Mille and Renault-Nissan Union to host a grand celebration in Los Angeles West Hollywood. The theme of the event is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the classic silent film ‘The Tramp’.

 The mention of the silent film ‘The Tramp’ has to mention a legendary task-Charlie Chaplin, a British comedian and anti-war person who later became a very good director, especially in He was very successful and active in the early and middle stages of Hollywood films. He laid the foundation for modern comedy movies, and he was called ‘the world’s three biggest comedians’ with Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd. As an important representative of comedy films, many artists have performed in his way in the future.

 ‘The Tramp’ came out in 1915, the third of twelve films by Charlie Chaplin, in this film. For the first time, Charlie created his standard image-a homeless gentleman wearing a top hat, large leather shoes, a moustache, a crutch, and walking on a figure-foot. Because this character’s shape is so popular with the audience, Chaplin has dressed it in many future films and has become an immortal comedy in the eyes of the audience. This film is probably the least humorous of all his films, but one of the most interesting. It is essentially a melodrama.

 The opening night of the event began with two classics by Charlie Chaplin, A Time For Everything and The Innovators. A Time For Everything is directed by Carmen Chaplin, and includes Carmen Chaplin, Patricia Chaplin, and Uma Chaplin Bhalla. All participated in the show. The show was produced jointly by Kwanon Films and Mann & Miller.

 For Jaeger-LeCoultre, Chaplin’s granddaughter Carmen Chaplin told people that the existence of this historic watch seemed like a cycle of fate. The classic A Time For Everything also premiered during the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie show last year, which shows its legendary status in the film industry.