Advanced Starter Watches Three 30,000 Yuan Daily Watch Recommendations

For how to choose a watch for daily wear, we must consider both the daily practicality and the expression of personal taste of the watch. Perhaps watch friends can choose some advanced models of ordinary brands, or consider entry-level watches of high-end brands. However, today’s watch house wants to recommend to you high-end brand entry-level watches for table friends with a budget of about 30,000. Entry-level high-end brand watches can not only meet daily needs, but also enhance their taste.
Panerai LUMINOR series PAM00773

Product model: PAM00773
Domestic public price: ¥ 34700
Watch diameter: 44 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Movement model: P.6000
Case material: AISI 316L polished stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 316L stainless steel for high corrosion resistance. The dial features large Luminous hour markers in Panerai’s iconic style. The only decorative element is the OP logo on the dial. The watch is equipped with a P.6000 manual winding movement, which can provide a three-day power reserve. The back of the case uses a dense bottom technology to enhance the security inside the watch.

Cartier RONDE DE CARTIER series WSRN0002

Product model: WSRN0002
Domestic public price: ¥ 32700
Watch diameter: 42 mm
Case thickness: 9.7 mm
Movement model: 1847 MC
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Details of the watch: The iconic design of the Croisière de Cartier series is the engraved dial, Roman numerals, crown-shaped gemstone winding crown, and traditional minute track. This model follows the classic design of its series. What sets it apart is the black digital bezel of this sports watch. This bezel is made of ADLC carbon coating, which has strong wear resistance. On the silver-plated dial, the sword-shaped hands and Roman numerals complement each other, which is quite retro, and a calendar display window is set at 3 o’clock. The water-resistant depth of this watch is about 100 meters, which combines sports and elegance.

IWC Portofino IW356501

Product model: IW356501
Domestic public price: ¥ 33600
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 9.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 35111
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: iwc / 6210 /
Watch Comments: IWC Portofino series watches are also IWC entry-level series, is one of the most popular IWC entry-level watches. The silver-plated dial with signature willow-shaped hands and a date display at 3 o’clock add to the watch’s usefulness. The watch is equipped with a caliber 35111, which can provide a power reserve of 42 hours. The back of the watch is compact and stable.
Summary: The three daily watches recommended to you above, the basic functions are sufficient to meet daily needs, the overall design style is also simple and atmospheric, coupled with a reasonable price, I hope everyone can enjoy the watch home recommended today Three elegant and simple daily watches. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)


Introduction To Vacheron Constantin Platinum Skeleton Minute Repeater

Vacheron Constantin Platinum Skeleton Minute Repeater
Qijiang Shidanton’s technology for high-complex watches is an endless storytelling. From simple to complex, several watchmaking processes must be combined to meet the requirements of the VC family. Collectors are eager for this slim platinum skeletonized minute repeater, which is limited to 15 pieces worldwide. The hollow-out decoration part is a very good expression of the wisdom of the craftsmen. Through the carvings and patterns on the dial, we can clearly see the movement of the internal movement. In order to ensure the absolute perfection of the hollow-out decoration, the magnifying glass in the hands of the watchmaker will check To even a metal part that is one-tenth the thickness of the hair. The 37 mm diameter case is made of rare 950 platinum. It uses the ALL-OR-NOTHING mechanical technology invented in 1720 to ensure the accurate operation of the minute repeater. The two hand-made timepieces in the 1755 movement The difference in pitch is only five degrees, and the timepiece sound is low and round.


Do You Understand The Value Of The Watch? Let’s Explore The Charm Of Time Scales

Although it is said that the main purpose of wearing a watch is no longer to watch the time, as a time measurement tool, functionally, the design and presentation of the time scale is still very important. I like it or not, or it is not suitable for me. The time scale as an important part of the appearance still has a great impact. Its placement angle, proportion, and shape design need to be carefully designed, because every detail is delicate and particular Place. However, the time scale may not be equal to the scale. These are two different concepts. The biggest difference between the scale and the time scale is that it is more detailed and accurate. It is a time mark that further divides the time into two parts. Roman time scales, Arabic numeral time scales, bar time scales, and point time scales are common time scales, but their appearances have unique charm and their respective visual functions, and they are infallible for thousands of miles. Everyone has their own preferences, so of course, when choosing a watch, they will tend to favor the style they prefer.
Roman numeral time scale
   The Roman numeral time scale with strong retro charm is a unique personality, with a sense of mystery, without losing its elegant and elegant temperament. Roman numeral time scales give people a profound cultural connotation, and want to explore the feelings. The three words ‘I’, ‘V’, and ‘X’ became all components of the Roman numeral time scale. Whether the 4 o’clock position in the Roman numeral time scale is ‘IIII’ or ‘IV’ has actually been controversial. Europeans emphasize craftsmanship and limited production, while Americans emphasize simple design and should be easy to manufacture, so Europeans I like to use ‘IIII’, and Americans like to use ‘IV’, this detail can be seen in various watch brands. Roman numerals can be retro as well as modern. In retro watches, its appearance is often aimed at highlighting the simplicity of the design; in modern-designed watches, exaggerated shapes make the watch’s personality unique and unique. And the classic retro time scales will bring a classic taste to the watch. Classical elements will be full of modern and artistic sense on the simple dial, and can form a perfect match with the track minute dial, just like the breath of the pocket watch era. Come.

Cartier Tank W5310022

Athens sailing series 1533-150-3 / 43
Arabic numeral time scale
   When it comes to Arabic numbers, no one is new. Because when we were young, we first learned about Arabic numerals, as well as the misunderstanding of the inventor of this number when we were young. It was not invented by the Arabs, but by the ancient Indians. Now it has become a universal counting symbol in the world. People have a natural sensitivity to numbers. The numbers are concise and unique, which is very easy to identify, because the biggest feature of Arabic numeral time scales is intuitive. Arabic numerals are engraved on the dial, which has a strong visual expression, giving people a unique aesthetic enjoyment and unexpected feeling. Among the many watch brands, Breguet’s full-bodied, slightly tilted Arabic numeral time scales are the most impressive. Breguet not only makes the time scales compliant, but also becomes a typical design element of the Breguet brand. , Simple but not simple Arabic numeral time scales are full of pleasing visual orientation.

Breguet Classic 9087BB / 29/964

Zenith Pilot’s Watch 11.2430.4069 / 21.C773
Time scale
   Bar-shaped hour markers, named after their shape, present a refined and simple design style for the watch, gracefulness and lightness have become the biggest charm of simple bar-shaped hour markers, and the thickness of the bar will also be based on the style of the watch. Design definition. On the dial, the vertical bar-like time scales, like fine needles, show a sense of sharpness, rigor, and exquisiteness; the sword-shaped time scales give a full and dynamic movement; and the thicker ends with the same width at both ends The target shows a steady, heavy, and deep meaning. The combination of dots, lines, and bar elements flowing down in time is like traces of footsteps left behind, but it will not be covered by wind and rain, but will become a clear witness of the years.

Vacheron Constantin 81180 / 000P-9539 watch

Patek Philippe Chronograph 5496P-015

Omega Seamaster 231.1.422.21.03.003 watch
Point-like time scale
   The point-like time scales give people a rhythmic beauty, visually and give people a sense of comfort, because they will be arranged in an orderly manner according to different directions. Compared with the bar-shaped time scale, the simple beauty of the point-shaped time scale will be upgraded again. Although the orderly sense of order is easy to fall into rigidity and dumbfounding, but different forms of presentation may bring different effects. Sometimes the dot-shaped hour markers are inlaid with diamonds. The diamonds are used instead of the hour markers, and the sparkle jumps above the dial, which is also a finishing touch. Sometimes the use of different decorative presentations intersperses the application to make the whole more personalized and more personal. The entire watch is dynamic.

Jacques D’Elegance 8 Series J014503270

Oris Diving 733 7720 4051-07 5 21 02 watch

Omega Seamaster watch
Personality time scale
   In addition to the four types of time scales commonly mentioned above, there are also some brands that do not use common sense to design very creative time scale watches. Subverting the beauty of traditional personality, injecting fresh blood into the field of watchmaking. There are also dial watches without time scales. Maybe the designer thinks that the highest state of simplicity is ‘none’ when creating. In the presentation of time scales, whether it is exaggerated design or individual creativity, it shows that time scales have an important weight on the dial, so designers will make a lot of fuss on the time scales.

Jaeger-LeCoultre date 3413406 watch

Girard Perregaux The Chamber of Wonders
Summary: The time scale on the dial is equivalent to the features of a watch. The value of a watch is not high, and it must be the presentation of the features. The time scale affects the ‘beauty’ of the watch, so do you understand the value of the watch?


Kazuki Nakajima Waterproof One Hand

Oris celebrates the first appearance of the Japanese racing driver Kazuki Nakajima in the F1 season, and specially introduces a limited edition of the Kazuki Nakajima calendar week. The design concept of this watch comes from the Williams FW30 racing car of Kazuki. The transparent glass case back can see the Oris red automatic dial; on the strap, the F1 unique tire rubber embossing is used, but this is not enough. The layered three-dimensional gap on the dial is also borrowed from the breathing holes of the Kazuki racing helmet.
Test ‘driving’:
Fuller wrists are more suitable for wearing this watch, at least not because of the curved shape of the rubber strap. It is very surprising that this watch also has a professional water resistance of 100 meters. With this additional function, at least you don’t have to worry about taking it off when swimming.


Buddhism Posture’ Seems To Be Invincible In The World

The posture of the ‘Buddha Department’ seems to be indisputable and enjoyable, but some people say that sometimes it takes a little ‘AQ’ spiritual life to be better. The seemingly indisputable ‘Buddha’ posture also has its charm, simple and casual but extraordinary temperament, so today I recommend some simple and very temperament watches, I hope everyone will like it.

Baume & Mercier Chrysmer Series M0A10313

Product model: M0A10313
Domestic public price: 15900
Watch diameter: 31 mm
Case thickness: 8.15 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: ETA 2892
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: TETRA BERLIN series 491

Product Model: 491
Domestic public price: 16900
Watch diameter: 29.5 mm
Case thickness: 6.3 mm
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 24.17
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: montblanc / 55442 /

Watch review: The stainless steel case features typical Montblanc straight lugs, a new unique bezel and curved sapphire crystal, Roman numerals and traditional track minute scales, highlighting the classic Montblanc watchmaking model. The unique metal texture of the stainless steel material makes the watch curve more beautiful and smooth, the black elegant style, highlighting the delicate taste, simple but not losing temperament.

To sum up: ‘Someone laughs at me too crazy, I laugh at others.’ Everyone has a life and aesthetic style that suits them. Do yourself well, even if you are ‘Buddha’, you can have elegance and happiness.


Audemars Piguet Audemars Piguet Hong Kong Basel Art Exhibition

AUDEMARS PIGUET, the global partner of Art Basel in the second year, is pleased to announce that at the Art Basel in Hong Kong from May 14th to 18th, 2014, presented by famous French designers A new exhibition area designed by Mathieu Lehanneur and the latest creations by Austrian video artist Kurt Hentschläger. Lehanneur’s innovative design draws inspiration from Le Brassus, the birthplace of AUDEMARS PIGUET, in the Vallée de Joux, and its layout complements Hentschläger’s projected video works to perfectly set out many historical and historical Contemporary watch masterpieces, including six new Royal Oak offshore 42mm watches.

Design of AUDEMARS PIGUET Art Basel in Hong Kong

Mathieu Lehanneur’s imaginative design is inspired mainly by science, nature and technology. In this new design concept, Lehanneur uses the latest resin and fiber molding technology to cast a rock shape found in one of Europe’s original and remote forest areas, the Jura Valley, where AUDEMARS PIGUET originated. Lehanneur uses the type of ancient Swiss rocks to explore themes related to nature, and then creates his own new version, as if to recreate one of Europe’s most remote and challenging landscapes in his work without leaving humans behind No trace of activity. Lehanneur’s casting resin and mineral molding will be placed in the AUDEMARS PIGUET exhibition area, and will bring the precipitous natural landscape of the brand’s birthplace to various Basel art exhibitions worldwide in 2014.
AUDEMARS PIGUET also invited Austrian video artist Kurt Hentschläger to produce a new film for the Art Basel this year, which will be displayed on three screens in the brand exhibition area. Hentschläger has focused on time-based media, lighting and sound creation for more than 30 years. The film he produced for AUDEMARS PIGUET depicts the fascinating scenery of his earlier visit to the Jura Valley. This film shows the coexistence of natural environment and technology, explores how to inspire and influence each other, and appreciates the stunning scenery that has profoundly influenced the history of the AUDEMARS PIGUET brand and the development of precision watchmaking technology with a new perspective and perspective.
AUDEMARS PIGUET deliberately selected a series of masterpieces with a long history and modern timepieces as the focus of the brand exhibition area. This exhibition will review the history of the famous Royal Oak Offshore 42mm watch and other important works of the brand from the 19th century to the present. Visitors also have the opportunity to observe the craftsmanship of the watchmaker and the fine polishing process of each AUDEMARS PIGUET watch at the scene to bring a unique experience. Commenting on the new collaboration, Olivier Audemars, a great-grandson of the board member of AUDEMARS PIGUET and one of the company’s founders, said: ‘We are delighted to be working with two outstanding artists. Mathieu’s innovative VIP room design and Kurt’s fascinating film work both highlight The true spirit of AUDEMARS PIGUET, and let us bring the essence of the Jura Valley to Hong Kong, Basel and Miami in 2014. ‘
Mathieu Lehanneur said, ‘My inspiration comes from nature and technology, and the possibility of presenting both in a design way. In this project, I hope to deepen the ore found locally by using the latest technology. The inspiring landscape of the Jura Valley, which deeply affects the brand’s history and exquisite craftsmanship, is brought to three continents. ”Kurt Hentschläger added:“ The focus of this video, the wonderful experience of traveling and exploring the Jura Valley has made my life unforgettable. The coexistence of nature and technology Deeply attracted me. ‘
Following the Art Basel exhibition in Hong Kong, the AUDEMARS PIGUET exhibition area will be moved to the Art Basel exhibition area from June 19th to 22nd, 2014, and then appear at the Art Basel exhibition in Miami Beach from December 4th to 7th, 2014.


When The Mechanical Mechanism Of The Watch Disappears

Of course, the most sensitive to grasping the fashion trend is of course Montblanc, a Grand Tourbillon Heures Mystérieuses in its 1858 series, which combines the tourbillon and the mysterious time for the first time. Except for the tourbillon above, the mysterious time occupying 1/2 of the dial is particularly prominent. On the mirror dial at 6 o’clock, the hour and minute hands are set on two thin sapphire crystal glass sheets. The side of the glass sheet is connected to the tooth edge, and the glass sheet is rotated by the movement of the movement. in the air. From the perspective of the movement structure, the tourbillon is separated from the transmission system, and the Minerva 65.60 movement takes into account the transmission obstacles caused by the function. Under the watchmaker Demetrio Cabiddu, the watch becomes unique, and the special craftsmanship of the dial can also be customized. Buyers can communicate with the technical staff of the Institut Minerva de Recherche en HauteHorlogerie. As long as the technology is feasible and does not hinder the functioning of the watch, Montblanc will definitely achieve your wish. This custom service is also a mystery, so maybe your watch will be unique, mysterious enough! Viller series 1858
神秘 Carry mystery to the end Cartier Santos Mysterieuse watch
Another brand Cartier, whose Santos Mysterieuse case is the first to use a combination of palladium plating and diamonds, is even more fascinating is a round sapphire dial in its opal dial. The hour and minute hands are like air Walking in suspension, it is very strange to see the mechanical system of his bracelet. Everyone who is familiar with Cartier knows that as early as the 1920s, Cartier’s mysterious time clock was very famous. Nowadays, some fine products of the year can be seen in the museum. Chinese watch lovers are particularly pleased to see that Cartier actually uses Chinese style Design with Chinese materials such as jade to express the mystery of time.
Dior Christal Mysterious watch
Dior also released a watch named Christal Mysterious last fall. Three of the six transparent sapphire crystal glass discs indicate the hours, minutes, and dates, which are structurally very different from traditional mysterious time watches. Close, but without the ‘levitation’ of mysterious time, but more like a mix of Art Deco and mysterious time. However, this also reflects the popularity of mysterious time watches in a recent period. Dior has collaborated with Quinting to manufacture the Electro-Mechanical movement, a movement that has invested 1 million Euros for 7 years. Louis Vuitton Tambour Mysterieuse
小心 Carefully developed in the field of watches, Louis Vuitton recently launched Tambour Mysterieuse, which is also a very classic mysterious time watch. This watch is inspired by the legendary magician Jean Eugene Robert-Haudin of the 19th century. It is a transparent sapphire crystal watch with a diameter of 42.55 mm. The center of the dial is ‘suspended’ with a diameter of only 18 mm and a power of 8 days. The central movement with another 8 hours power seems completely separated from the case. The mystery lies in the 3-layer vertical design of the movement, with different parts placed on each layer, of which the barrel is the sole layer of the movement. When you need to wind and adjust the time, you can use the three layers of transparent crystal lenses in the watch. Their functions are to connect the crown and hands, the winding and the fixed movement. These three crystal lenses plus the same transparent crystal The glass surface and the bottom of the watch make the watch crystal clear and the hands look like they are suspended in the air. Quinting watches
外 高人
不得不 Here, I have to say Quinting. As a special watch, Mystery Time Watch also has the industry-recognized expert in manufacturing—Pascal Berclaz and the Quinting brand it founded. All of the watch production for this Geneva-based company is done in the Quinting work room in the St. Blaise area on the outskirts of Neuchâtel. A total of 10 employees are engaged in the production, most of them watchmakers. In order to guarantee the perfect transparency of the watches, they must work in an absolutely dust-free environment, so the output is small and the cost is high. Here, we need to explain the structure of the mysterious watch in a little more detail. Quinting uses the traditional idea of ​​using transparent sapphire glass to make anti-reflection disks with a thickness of only 0.8 mm, covering the entire dial. Multiple discs overlap each other, some are fixed and some are rotatable, with the edges of the rotatable discs fitted with rubber rings and metal gear teeth-this constitutes a glass gear, but these gear teeth are hidden outside the bezel and dial Below the narrow ring. There is also the heart of the watch: the movement-the electric ‘drive motor’. The power source of watches with electronic movements is the traditional button battery, just like the battery embedded in the camera. In the chronograph, 240 mechanical parts are used to convert the energy, and finally the dial is rotated and the hands are rotated, but the battery needs to be replaced about every 3 years.
In 1999, Quinting first designed a chronograph. Mass production of this model began in 2000, known as Mysterious Quinting. A total of 13 overlapping sapphire glass discs are installed in this chronograph, which are connected to four ‘movement motors’, three of which are responsible for the timing function, and the fourth is to display the time. It took seven full years to develop this chronograph. Five engineers worked to realize this idea. The cost of R & D, equipment and sales cost more than $ 5 million. The second Quinting product with a new patented movement took four years to develop: Transparency is a 3-pin watch consisting of 186 parts. Once again, nine sapphire glass discs mounted in parallel demonstrate a magical operation. There are two internal mechanical devices responsible for normal operation: one movement allows the sapphire glass disc to rotate clockwise, driving the hour and minute hands, and the other movement allows a sapphire glass disc to rotate counterclockwise-by means of conversion Device, the second hand connected to it still rotates clockwise. This reverse motion can offset the effects of interference factors such as gravity, motion and collision. The third basic model is new and unique, leaving the Quinting series intact: Quartinal’s small seconds display is at 6 o’clock. There are also two ‘motor’ movements, one driving the hour and minute hands to rotate, and the other responsible for the movement of the second hand. More than 80 variants have been derived from these 3 basic models, the most important of which are the case material, color and diamond setting.
Chi Chi is particularly noticeable by drawing patterns or engravings on the sapphire glass dial under the watch hands, which are rare orphanages or limited editions. These sapphire glass discs must be installed with extreme care, the distance between the two discs is only 0.08 to 0.1 mm. This job clock technician takes about 15 days to manufacture, process, assemble and inspect the parts of the watch. In this way, 3,000 Quinting watches are produced each year, which is 1,000 pieces of each model. My favorite is the chronograph Mysterious Quinting with a black dial ring, and ladies prefer the black paraffin and diamond-encrusted Transparency.
Athens Watch Freak
Alternative mystery
In 2001, three weeks before the Basel Watch Fair, Ulysse Nardin officially launched Freak. Freak literally translates as whimsical, in fact, it has more meanings of imagination, absurdity, and madness, which is abnormal anyway. In addition to the special escapement, the original Freak prototype has a subversive basic structure: it is a Carrousel Tourbillon with 7-day energy storage, no hour and minute hands, no face plate, and no watch Crown, the time can be displayed through the movement of the movement-the movement’s two splint combinations rotate along the central axis to display the hours and minutes-the revolutionary two-way escapement located above rotates once every hour to display Minutes, and the lower splint group displays hours. Another fascinating design is that the central axis of the movement passes directly from above the glass to the movement, which is an unprecedented breakthrough. Generally, the balance of the tourbillon rotates once per minute in the cage. But Freak’s balance wheel, which contains the main movement, rotates once every hour, which overcomes the old type of positioning deviation. The mainspring is located below the movement and occupies the entire rear of the case without any gears. The extra-large size gives Freak a seven-day power reserve. The watch can be wound by turning the case back in a clockwise direction. Each revolution is equal to 12 hours of winding. The time setting method is very easy: just turn the bezel clockwise or counterclockwise. In short, anyone who sees the watch for the first time will think that this watch has only two large hands with mechanical indicators. Rotating inside the shell.
Blu-Majesty T3 watch
In contrast, the design of Bernhard Lederer’s Blu-Majesty T3 looks rough on the classic, and bold on the other. It uses 3 interconnected and nested tourbillon carriers, which are ‘one tourbillon, one tourbillon and one tourbillon’. display time. Its structure is simple and clear. The open dial and the light and lively case are displayed on a flat surface composed of 3 steering brackets. No extra details will distract people’s attention. Three steering brackets replace the hands as a time indicator, and the main tourbillon carrier fixed by overhang bearings rotates once every 12 hours to indicate the hour. Another tourbillon carrier, which is suspended on one side, rotates once per hour and is responsible for indicating the minutes. There is also a tourbillon frame inlaid in the middle of the tourbillon frame indicating the minute, which rotates once a minute and indicates the second. According to Bernhard Lederer, this ‘semi-dangling’ tourbillon structure is most suitable for daily use. The entire watch is very solid. The vibration of the watch blank has the least impact on it, but its delicate escapement weighs less than 1 gram. The manufacture of watches is also the most difficult. The watch uses a large amount of sapphire glass in the material, so that the operating mechanism can be seen at a glance. In order to coordinate the operation of this set of three cages for a complex movement, a planetary drive is specially designed with multiple intermediate wheels and drive pinions, responsible for the operation of different components. The two parallel barrels on the back provide power for the movement, which is also the traditional mechanical layout of the mysterious time watch.
Corum Tourbillon Panoramique
Bernhard Lederer also applies the experience gained from making mysterious time watches to other products, making his watches look ‘mysterious’: Blu-Galaxy uses 3 pieces that rotate at the pace of minutes, hours and seconds. Discs are used to indicate time. These discs are made of aventurine, which is a rare glass raw material that is difficult to process. It has a metal component and emits a faint mysterious light. The driving device is the Blu-Orbit movement, which uses ETA2892-A2 as the basic movement, and is decorated in the Blu studio according to the ancient Swiss watch tradition. Lady Blu-Cherry Blossom is an artistic female watch. Sapphire sparkles the cherry on the dial, and the calendar dial surrounds the entire eccentric dial. The latest model is the elegant Blu-Baguette, each diamond is individually set, and when the three discs showing the time rotate, each second shows a new light and shadow shape. Corum’s Tourbillon Panoramique uses transparent sapphire crystal glass to make the plywood of the watch movement, relying on metal posts to support these ‘invisible’ structures, so as to maximize the perspective of the entire watch- At first glance, it seems that the watch is only moving with hands, clockwork and balance wheel and escapement, showing a mysterious effect, and its structure is different from the traditional mysterious time watch. Great advances in technology in this area.


Ephj-epmt/Smt Trade Fair Opens In Lausanne

Switzerland’s largest trade fair opens today and closes on May 27. At the same time, this year marks the tenth anniversary of EPHJ (watch and jewelry) and the fifth EPMT (microtechnology). The number of exhibitors also set a record for the exhibition.
Today, Switzerland’s largest trade event EPHJ-EPMT / SMT opens in Beaulieu Lausanne.
The organizers are very proud of the statistics and celebrate the tenth EPHJ (watch and jewelry) and the fifth EPMT (microtechnology) anniversary.
Since its inception in 2002, the scale of the show has continued to increase. Visitors are expected to exceed 11,000 and the number of exhibitors reaches a record 600, including about 20% of merchants from abroad.

This year’s exhibition is still the only annual international event dedicated to high-precision fields, including the watchmaking industry, the entire microtechnology industry, and the newly added pharmaceutical industry this year. More and more medical technology companies are using this incredible platform to launch their products to the market. This year, for the first time, a special medical technology exhibition area was specially launched for the Swiss medical technology industry. Institutions have reserved special areas, including A3P, BioAlps, EPFL, Medical Cluster, Micronarc and other corporate organizations.

Among the ever-increasing number of visitors are more and more CEOs and production R & D personnel. These decision makers, along with all trade professionals from the relevant branches, are now seeing more participation from other industries, thanks to the organizer’s enlightened policy towards educational institutions.
Among the many amazing new developments at the exhibition, visitors will be able to admire the world’s first revolutionary mechanical device designed to solve the problem of continuity in quality control, which was jointly designed by EPFL Lausanne Federal Institute of Technology and Savoie University. play.

The tenth anniversary of this year also means the end of our cooperation with Beaulieu Lausanne.
By 2012, the EPHJ-EPMT / SMT trade show will be held at the Palexpo exhibition center in Geneva. We are very sorry to leave MCH Group and Beaulieu. We have no other choice. What they say does not match what they did. We are well aware of the true intentions of MCH Group, whose directors unilaterally revoked our agreement with Beaulieu Lausanne. To respect our rights and condemn non-compliance with the terms of the agreement, our contact with MCH will now be transferred to the legal realm.

On our side, we calmly focus on our main goal: to satisfy our exhibitors and visitors, so the desire to continue the development of this business we have created together is stronger than any particular individual. From 2012 onwards the show will be in The Geneva Palexpo Exhibition Centre is held, so that our trade fairs will develop in the best conditions in the future.
From the confirmation letter we have received, this scheme has been fully approved by many of our exhibitors.

In the past ten years, the exhibition has developed vigorously. Its success, reputation and spirit will continue to persist. We will adopt the same philosophy, the same spirit, create the same joyful atmosphere, and adapt the modern structure to the exhibitors and visitors. Needs and requirements.
André Colard-Olivier Saenger – Edouard Debétaz
EPHJ-EPMT Trade Fair Organizing Committee


Glasuti Original Series Seventies Panorama Watch

In the past few years, the Glashütte Original series has mainly promoted ‘Senator Sixties’. Some people like it, and some people don’t. This year, the GO series designed a panoramic watch from the 1970s, imitating the TV screen from the 1970s. It is equipped with its own GO automatic movement, which is also used in Senator Sixties. If you like the style, you will find its design elegant. The dial has at least three styles, and here only the polished German silver surface is introduced. The case and strap are subtly integrated. The best of this model is the strap, which can make the distinguished wearer feel comfortable, mainly due to the fine adjustment of the buckle opening and closing.

 All in all, Glashütte GO uses some premium components and a new case on this model. Looking forward to more new models (such as chronographs).


Blancpain Grand Opening Of Galaxy Fashion Boutique In Macau

Recently, as a Swiss fine watch brand with 280 years of superb craftsmanship and long history, Blancpain has opened its brand new boutique in Macau. With an area of ​​about 850 square feet, the new store is among the more than 200 prestigious luxury and designer brands in Galaxy Macau.

   Following a long history of 280 years, Blancpain has always adhered to ‘innovation is tradition’, combining tradition, classics with innovation, and subtle breakthroughs, creating countless technological inventions and timepieces. In the newly opened boutiques of Galaxy Macau, Blancpain’s pursuit of innovation and respect for tradition has been transformed into a sensible experience. The spectacular marble façade and two beautifully carved pilasters underline the deep-rooted connection between Blancpain and Swiss aesthetics, while also heralding a unique experience that customers will soon perceive. The interior of the new boutique is carefully decorated with cherry wood by craftsmen from the Jura Valley of the Jurassic Mountains, reminiscent of the traditional worktable used by watchmakers. The cream-colored walls and parquet flooring are magnificent and comfortable, as if you are in the quiet and tranquil environment of the Swiss Jura Valley.
   The 360-degree hexagonal glass window combines European classical aesthetics and innovative design, bringing harmony and unity to form and function, and interpreting the brand genes of ‘innovation is tradition’. In addition, video and photo presentations add to the immersive brand experience.

   The brand-new Blancpain boutique has a lounge where customers can enjoy one-on-one service and advice from professionals; the new store is open from Monday to Sunday. Customers are welcome to come and appreciate Villeret, Fifty Fathoms, Women and The unique watch styles of more product series, experience Blancpain’s extreme passion and superb skills in the field of watchmaking.
   Blancpain Blancpain Boutique Store Address: Cotai Strip Macau Galaxy Fashion G086