Into The Skies Tasting Oris Air Series 733 7705 4234 Watch

Mankind has a long history of longing for the vast sky and majestic mountains and earth. Nowadays, more and more people are willing to go out of their homes to challenge the mountains, lakes and sky. At the Baselworld 2017, Oris launched this aviation series 733 7705 4234 watch, which was specially created for the Swiss air rescue team rega. The most eye-catching feature is its altitude measurement function. Today we come An in-depth analysis of the highlights of the Oris Aviation 733 7705 4234 watch.

Altitude measurement function

Oris Air Series 733 7705 4234 Watch Altitude Display
    The most noticeable feature of the Oris Air Series 733 7705 4234 watch is its altitude measurement display function, which measures the altitude of the wearer based on the high and low pressure of the wearer’s location. This function is very practical and necessary for outdoor, mountain climbing and aerial work. Moreover, the patented altimeter adjusts the crown at 4 o’clock, and the gray PVD screw-in stainless steel crown at 2 o’clock enhances the use of the watch’s altitude display function.

   4 o’clock patented altimeter adjustment crown

2-point grey PVD screw-down stainless steel crown

   The Oris Airline 733 7705 4234 is a watch created by Oris for the Swiss air rescue team, Rega. Starting from the actual needs of the pilot, the designer designed the world’s first aviation watch combining an automatic mechanical movement with an altimeter. The altimeter works by using the relationship between air pressure and altitude to measure the altitude of an aircraft’s flight by observing the air pressure. Of course, this is also specially designed for Rega. As one of the top air rescue agencies in the world today, it has a professional fleet consisting of rescue helicopters and ambulance planes. Rega often needs to face emergency rescue situations and needs Provide professional and fast emergency rescue services. This 733 7705 4234 watch has a built-in mechanical barometric altimeter, which can sensitively and clearly indicate the current barometric pressure and altitude, and can help pilots to work better when facing emergency rescue.

Feet and meters

733 7705 4234 feet scale

733 7705 4264 meter scale
   In fact, another model of this series, 733 7705 4264, is the same as 733 7705 4234, except that the dial’s elevation measurement scale is slightly different. Altitude measurement display scales are foot scale and meter scale. Choose according to different reading and usage habits, it can be said that this design is very intimate. Altitude measurement display scale increases clockwise. Starting at 10,500 feet to the highest measurement altitude, 14,500 feet are in a prominent bright yellow color to signal a sharp increase in height.

Characteristics of various materials

Arched sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating on both sides

Grey synthetic fiber strap, red leather lining

733 7705 4234 side
    The stainless steel case is covered with a matt gray PVD coating and a gray synthetic fiber strap. The characteristics of the fiber strap are more durable and do not require special care. It is the first choice in outdoor and complex work environments. The inner layer of the strap is lined with red leather. I personally think this is the most attractive point in the design of the strap. The designer is not only very considerate using the cowhide material as a lining to enhance the comfort when wearing the strap. It also cleverly uses red to add vitality to a serious watch. The folding clasp is also made of gray PVD stainless steel, and the design is consistent with the case.

Designed for Rega, detailing sincerity

733 7705 4234 The back cover is engraved with the pattern and limited number of the Rega rescue helicopter

    As a special watch created by Oris for the Swiss air rescue team Rega, 733 7705 4234 not only has the striking red Rega logo printed at 9 o’clock, but also has the pattern and limited number of the Rega rescue helicopter on the back of the watch . Every detail reflects Oris’s sincerity for this special watch.

Summary: This watch is limited to 1414 pieces, and this number is the emergency rescue phone number for Rega in Switzerland. The Oris Air Series 733 7705 4234 watch may not experience its charm in daily wear, but it can truly show its advantages and uniqueness in the 10,000-foot altitude and majestic mountains and seas. If you also like challenging high altitude and thrilling outdoor activities, you can put it into the range of choice, and you will definitely find its charm.