Hollowing Craft: A Glimpse Of The Beauty Of The Movement

Hollowwork is a time-honored art of watchmaking. Only craftsmanship and ingenuity can be used to hollow out a movement without flaws, and it will not be perfect Run to make any compromises and concessions.
   Hollowing-out process means hollowing out the plate, bridge or other components of the movement to show its unique beauty. This tricky process requires extreme patience and superb skills to show the rich structure of the skeletonized movement in a clear and transparent space, while ensuring impeccable mechanical operation.
   After completing the design of the hollow pattern, the craftsman first drilled small holes with a fine drill, and then went deep into the small saw for sawing. In tabulation terms, this type of saw is called a ‘boc fil.’ The engraving work takes tens of hours. The master of craftsmanship needs to maintain a high degree of attention when removing the metal in the hollow part, and carefully achieve a delicate balance between the beauty of the hollow perforation and the perfect travel time.
   After that, the craftsman performed surface processing on the hollowed out parts one by one, chamfered and polished the cut surface of the bridge plate, processed the satin side, and finally polished the grooves with pearls. In this long process, each process is performed manually, requiring professional experience and skilled craftsmanship. Therefore, the hollow-out process of a movement with a large complication watch alone can take more than 120 hours to complete.