Glasuti Original Series Seventies Panorama Watch

In the past few years, the Glashütte Original series has mainly promoted ‘Senator Sixties’. Some people like it, and some people don’t. This year, the GO series designed a panoramic watch from the 1970s, imitating the TV screen from the 1970s. It is equipped with its own GO automatic movement, which is also used in Senator Sixties. If you like the style, you will find its design elegant. The dial has at least three styles, and here only the polished German silver surface is introduced. The case and strap are subtly integrated. The best of this model is the strap, which can make the distinguished wearer feel comfortable, mainly due to the fine adjustment of the buckle opening and closing.

 All in all, Glashütte GO uses some premium components and a new case on this model. Looking forward to more new models (such as chronographs).