Glashütte Watches Pay Tribute To German Design

Glashütte Original from Germany, known for its clean and simple appearance, and its collection of precise and complex homemade movements, will be based on the theme ‘ART & TECHNIK Salutes German Classics’ Moving forward to Kaohsiung Chint Watches and Wufu Store, a series of German classic watches are displayed on Chint Watches at the same time. It is expected that it will bring South Taiwan watch fans a different timepiece experience besides the top Swiss timepieces. He also appeared in South Taiwan for the first time. The fourth tourbillon in Julius Assmann’s eponymous series is the most educating one.
    The Julius Assmann Tourbillon No. 4 is in memory of a series of watches of the same name created by the watchmaker Julius Assmann (1827-1886), the hollow tourbillon of the gold carver, and also used as a pocket watch. This watch has been launched in rose gold with a limit of 25 pieces worldwide. Once launched, it is a global rush, which has caused some countries to regret that they cannot deliver even though they have orders. In order to meet the enthusiastic needs of collectors around the world, Glashütte Watches also launched 18K red gold precious metal materials, which is also limited to 25 pieces worldwide.
    The dark black hollow gold carved surface is equipped with Cal. 46 hand-wound movement. The tourbillon is fixed on the two sides of the movement with bridges, and sometimes the needle retrograde function. The exquisite cutouts and ornate carvings on the surface and the barrel make the Julius Assmann No. 4 tourbillon a dreamy item in the hearts of watch fans. Whether it is worn by pocket watches or watches, it is undoubtedly the most luxurious man with outstanding achievements Accessories.