G-shock × Manhattan Bluetooth Set Casio Tmall Flagship Store Hot Sale

After 30 years of evolution and innovation, Casio’s watch brand G-SHOCK has launched the second generation of Bluetooth watches GB-6900B and GB-X6900B series. This series of models are equipped with low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication technology (Bluetooth® v4.0). The second generation of watches is more technological and interesting, enabling two-way setting operations for mobile phones and watches. In addition to the second generation of Bluetooth watches suitable for iPhone system connection, it also extended support for Android system, making the connection between mobile phones and watches more tight and extensive.

 To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the birth of G-SHOCK, the second round of G-SHOCK Bluetooth watches invited the well-known trend brand Manhattan Portage to jointly launch a limited-edition Bluetooth kit GB-X6900. Manhattan Portage, known as the ‘father of messenger bags,’ is based on the concept of ‘Show your bag! Show your style!’, Which fits the G-SHOCK brand philosophy. After more than 30 years of development and innovation, it is loved by trendy people all over the world. This co-branded watch is based on the latest GB-X6900 Bluetooth watch, which is available in black and red. The backlight is engraved with the Manhattan Logo. To match the Bluetooth theme this time, a G-SHOCK × Manhattan limited edition messenger bag of the same series is included. The set is specially sold in ‘Kraft Paper’ format and sold as a Box Set. G-SHOCK Fans are worth collecting!

 G-SHOCK × Manhattan Bluetooth Cooperation Kit GB-X6900B-4
 Set price: 1390 yuan

 Set includes G-SHOCK × Manhattan limited edition messenger bag

 G-SHOCK × Manhattan Bluetooth Cooperation Kit GB-X6900B-1
 Set price: 1390 yuan

 Set includes G-SHOCK × Manhattan limited edition messenger bag

 The G-SHOCK × Manhattan Bluetooth collaboration kit GB-X6900B-4 will be on sale on December 24th at the CASIO Tmall flagship store (including a G-SHOCKx Manhattan cooperative messenger bag). GB-X6900B-1 will be available at CASIO’s CLUB-G stores nationwide (including a G-SHOCKx Manhattan cooperative messenger bag), so stay tuned!

 GB-6900B-1B ¥ 1290

 GB-6900B-7 ¥ 1290

 GB-X6900B-1 ¥ 1390

 GB-X6900B-4 ¥ 1390

 The second generation Bluetooth watch GB-6900B / GB-X6900B series, provides functions including call notification, email notification, Weibo notification, mobile phone search, automatic time update, disconnection reminder, automatic reconnection and other practical functions. The biggest highlight is the new music control and mobile phone setting function, which can let you enjoy the fun of mobile life at all times. The music control function allows you to use your watch easily to remotely control the music player of your mobile phone; the watch setting function makes the setting of watches such as alarm time and timer simple and fast.

 Adhering to G-SHOCK’s consistently powerful anti-shock function, the second-generation G-SHOCK Bluetooth series not only has practical Bluetooth function, but also includes 200M waterproof function, world time (100 cities), super LED backlight, stopwatch (1/100 second) , Countdown, multi-function alarm, etc. Bluetooth low energy technology is only equipped with an ordinary coin cell battery, which does not consume more battery power than traditional watches. If the Bluetooth connection is turned on for an average of 12 hours per day, the battery life is about two years.

◎ Mainland China requires iPhone 4S / iPhone 5, Galaxy S4 and G-SHOCK + application installed
◎ Limited to Apple iOS 5.1.1 and above, Android 4.4.2

For more details, please visit G-SHOCK’s official website: http://www.g-shock.com.cn/
Or follow @ G-SHOCK official Weibo

Manhattan Portage Introduction:
Manhattan Portage is a well-known trendy brand from the United States. It has been around since 1980. The brand is based on the concept of ‘Show your bag! Show your style!’ Has become a representative of the trend culture and life of American cities.