Franck Muller And C. Ronaldo Will Have A Brilliant Achievement, Eternal.

Portuguese football superstar and Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo has won the honor of ‘Mr. Football of the World’ and has been praised by fans around the world; FRANCK MULLER® specially created 7 perpetual calendar double retrograde jumps The Perpetual Calendar Bi-Retro Chronograph CR7 pays tribute to C. Ronaldo’s brilliant achievements.

Franck Muller and C. Ronaldo

27-year-old C. Ronaldo is one of the best players in the history of football and the most illustrious star in international sports. He has a strong explosive power and exquisite ball skills in the green court; this time only a limited number of 7 The FRANCK MULLER® special edition timepiece is the most complicated limited edition watch in the series with the theme of football players.

C. Ronaldo with perpetual calendar double retrograde chronograph

At the FRANCK MULLER® Group exhibition in Monte Carlo, FRANCK MULLER® officially announced the limited series of CR7 perpetual calendar double retrograde chronograph watches. C. Ronaldo said: ‘I am deeply honored that the famous watch brand FRANCK MULLER® has produced limited timepieces for me. My goal is to keep improving and strive to the next level. This perpetual calendar watch naturally has a special symbolic significance. This Timepieces are just like everyone else, because Franck Muller has a lot in common with me, and both have great confidence in their abilities and potential. ‘

Number 7 hour setting with dazzling diamonds of special significance to C. Ronaldo

Classic · Dynamic
Franck Muller has long supported football and has sponsored the famous Geneva Coupe de Rois indoor football tour. It has launched limited series for famous clubs and national football teams, including a personalised FRANCK MULLER® watch for each member of the World Cup Spain national team. Franck Muller himself also loves the weather, food and football in Portugal. He often visits Lisbon. He made limited edition watches for Real Madrid coach José Mourinho and sponsored Tottenham team leader André Villas-Boas, so it is only natural to pay tribute to C. Ronaldo. The CR7 perpetual calendar double retrograde chronograph watch is installed in the gorgeous rose gold Cintrée Curvex case. The dial design is contrasted in black and white. The perpetual calendar function symbolizes C. Ronaldo’s brilliant record in football history. The double retrograde and chronograph function exudes vitality. . When C. Ronaldo wore the No. 7 jersey when playing for Manchester United, the dial’s 7 characters were set with diamonds, while the back was engraved with C. Ronaldo’s heroic silhouette and his signature; all seven limited edition watches Acquired by a collector, although the price is not disclosed, but it is estimated to be close to 110,000 euros.

 The back of the CR7 perpetual calendar double retrograde engraved with the figure and signature of C. Ronaldo

Outstanding Timepiece
C. Ronaldo recounted his concept of time and the taste of the watch, saying: ‘I already own 4.5 FRANCK MULLER® watches. This is a great fortune to have Franck Muller personally present the first limited timepiece. It is wonderful to be with him for lunch, and I have benefited a lot. ‘He joked:’ I have never owned a perpetual calendar watch, and I am not deeply involved in fine watchmaking. In the meantime, I learned about the technology of complex timepieces, including the subtleties of my limited series. This is a first-class work by a top watch brand … Outstanding timepieces should be matched with top players! ‘
Fancy to elegant
C. Ronaldo is well-dressed, but his taste has become more solid recently. He pointed out: ‘In these years, the taste of my watch has changed a lot. I used to love diamond styles, but now I prefer simple and elegant designs. .As I get older, I continue to observe and learn, and taste changes. Of course, I live in the present, and I ca n’t always be 27. I usually match my watch with the color and mood of my clothes. ‘ As a football player, I naturally appreciate the importance of time: ‘My life, everything, and everything are inseparable from time, such as how much time it takes to do one thing, what can be done within a specified time …; more on the court every second It is necessary to decide how to deal with a free throw in the first round; if the team wins, the teammates are happy, the time is like solidification, and one minute is like an hour … ‘