Cartier’s ‘destinée’ Micro-movie Presents A Moving True Love Story

Dream Paris, the romantic flower capital that bred love, witnessed the countless lovers here to make eachother’s alliance; the fate of time and space intertwine, the fate of thousands and thousands of times, this fate, whether the fire of true love is as gorgeous How polished are the diamonds? Cartier, a French jewellery watch brand with a brand-new Destinée engagement ring, ignites a hot French mood, and presents an exciting Cartier ‘Destinée’ micro-movie, telling a marriage proposal that is intertwined with fate and surprise. A sincere love that crosses national borders, a destined love song, Taiwanese actress Chen Yanxi and British elegant actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen for the first time on screen love, in Rome, the romantic capital of affection Embrace, the vows of love in the land of heaven and heaven surround your fingers.

‘Destinée’ micro-movie shows the fate of the romantic Huadu, creating a fate of exotic love
International team to create a dreamy season

   An idyllic and cozy afternoon, an elegant garden with flowers and flowers, a fairy-tale wedding is taking place as witnessed by relatives and friends-the story begins here. A group of childhood partners, who have been on each side for a long time, have not seen each other for a time to celebrate the union of a couple of new friends. Claire (Chen Yanxi) and Nick (Oliver Jason Cohen), although the former lovers had their own different paths, they also met unexpectedly at the wedding. Life is like a dream, all past events are back with the old photos; tenderness is like water, and the love that has been sleeping for many years has been reborn with this fateful meeting …

Cartier Destinée engagement ring worn by actress Chen Yanxi in the Cartier ‘Destinée’ micro-movie

   Continuing the romantic theme of the first three true love micro-movies, Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-movie was directed by the well-known Italian director Luca Guadagnino, and he collaborated with American screenwriter Drake, who is known for revealing true emotions. Drake Doremus collaborated. Paris, the red box, the vows of love and love, these romantic elements that are closely connected with Cartier are presented one by one in this micro-movie. The love poems that converge into the nightmare present this magical marriage proposal moment in the romantic capital.

   As the director of Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-film, Luca Guadagnino’s works have always had a unique atmosphere. As early as 2011, his unique style attracted Cartier’s attention, so he was invited to direct the first three true love micro-movies. These three films bring together outstanding actors and screenwriters from different countries, and use the marriage proposal as the outline of the story, deducing three love stories that are closely related to Paris and jewelry. Whether it is in the Saint-Honore district of Paris, the Opera House or the Royal Garden, every story fully shows the rich French romance.

In the film, the actor is choosing Cartier Destinée engagement ring

Love for Heaven

  Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-movie continues the elegant and luxurious shooting style of director Luka Guadagnino. In just five minutes, the pure and sincere friendship, the love back to the hundreds of times and the enchanting French romance The most natural way of film narrative is presented in front of the audience. Compared with other directors, Luca Guadagnino prefers to break the limitations of time to show the extraordinary power of love. The setting of the times and the charm of the passing of time complement each other, telling the age of fiery love. This exactly confirms the meaning of the title of this micro-movie film-French Destinée means ‘destiny’, the so-called fate of love, just like the true meaning of love in fate reunion in the film: true love knows no language and no boundaries Marriage is destined for heaven.

   ‘I firmly believe that there is always a person you are destined to do in this world.’ Chen Yanxi candidly experienced a love story similar to her character. She believes that the love story told in Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ microfilm is more than idealistic ‘Encountering is a kind of fate or destiny, just like the hero and heroine in the film. In front of true love, nationality and language cannot be obstacles.’

   For the first time on screen, Chen Yanxi and Oliver Jason Cohen, although coming from different countries and growing up in different backgrounds, have a similar understanding of the meaning expressed by Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-film. ‘Cartier does not convey a fragile value. Instead, it expresses a very serious point of view-the power of commitment.’ Oliver Jason Cohen said, ‘I believe this power can firmly build people-to-people. Emotional bond. ‘

   This micro-film is also the first collaboration between Chen Yanxi and Cartier, and it also inspired infinite sparks in the creative process. ‘This cooperation brought me to the birthplace of Cartier-romantic Paris, France. The beauty and style here make me more deeply understand the meaning of love and romance in Cartier’s soul, which I wear when shooting Cartier’s new Destinée engagement ring is just the right way to convey my romantic feelings in the show. ‘

   ‘True love is a color, a name’, it is a momentary encounter, full of magic; it is a destiny meeting of love at first sight. Every momentary encounter, every cluster of love sparks, Cartier will build Destinée across time and space and borders. On January 8th, the curtain of this Cartier’s ‘Destinée’ micro-movie opened romantically. Let us step into this moving true love story. In the romantic capital of Paris, enjoy elegant French romance and wait for the vow of love to arrive as scheduled!