Blancpain Grand Opening Of Galaxy Fashion Boutique In Macau

Recently, as a Swiss fine watch brand with 280 years of superb craftsmanship and long history, Blancpain has opened its brand new boutique in Macau. With an area of ​​about 850 square feet, the new store is among the more than 200 prestigious luxury and designer brands in Galaxy Macau.

   Following a long history of 280 years, Blancpain has always adhered to ‘innovation is tradition’, combining tradition, classics with innovation, and subtle breakthroughs, creating countless technological inventions and timepieces. In the newly opened boutiques of Galaxy Macau, Blancpain’s pursuit of innovation and respect for tradition has been transformed into a sensible experience. The spectacular marble façade and two beautifully carved pilasters underline the deep-rooted connection between Blancpain and Swiss aesthetics, while also heralding a unique experience that customers will soon perceive. The interior of the new boutique is carefully decorated with cherry wood by craftsmen from the Jura Valley of the Jurassic Mountains, reminiscent of the traditional worktable used by watchmakers. The cream-colored walls and parquet flooring are magnificent and comfortable, as if you are in the quiet and tranquil environment of the Swiss Jura Valley.
   The 360-degree hexagonal glass window combines European classical aesthetics and innovative design, bringing harmony and unity to form and function, and interpreting the brand genes of ‘innovation is tradition’. In addition, video and photo presentations add to the immersive brand experience.

   The brand-new Blancpain boutique has a lounge where customers can enjoy one-on-one service and advice from professionals; the new store is open from Monday to Sunday. Customers are welcome to come and appreciate Villeret, Fifty Fathoms, Women and The unique watch styles of more product series, experience Blancpain’s extreme passion and superb skills in the field of watchmaking.
   Blancpain Blancpain Boutique Store Address: Cotai Strip Macau Galaxy Fashion G086