Big Patek Philippe: Famous Brand Men’s Watch Model

Patek Philippe

Patek philippe, Chinese translation: Patek Philippe. Founded on January 11, 1851.

 The founder of Patek Philippe, Antoine Norbert de Patek, was originally a revolutionary who opposed the Russian rule in Poland in 1831. After the Polish Revolution failed, he fled to France, settled in Geneva, Switzerland, and started working in the watch industry. In 1839, he opened the Patek Watch Company. In 1844, Anthony & middot; Patek met Francois Czapek at an exhibition in Paris. At that time, Jane & Middot; Philippe had already designed pocket watches that were very thin, and did not use traditional spoons for winding and adjustment. This kind of pocket watch was much ignored at the exhibition, but Anthony & middot; Patek was deeply attracted to its new design. After a conversation, the two immediately reached the intention of cooperation. In this way, Jane & Middot; Philippe joined Patek. In 1851, Patek officially changed its name to Patek Philippe.

 Patek Philippe’s logo is a combination of the sword of the knight and the cross of the priest, also known as ‘Caldoraba cross’ Its origin is: In 1185, a Spanish city called Calledolaba was invaded by the Moors, the brave priest Raymond and the knight Digo & Middot; Bellas Keyes led the people in a desperate war of resistance, and finally Moore People drive away. The priest (cross) and knight (sword), together, become a symbol of solemnity and courage. This symbol represents the spirit of cooperation between Anthony & middot; Patek and Jane & Middot; Philippe. This factory logo has been in use since 1857. Patek Philippe has strict restrictions on the production of watches, each of which will not exceed 10,000. An ordinary Patek Philippe watch takes at least 9 months from design to shipment. For watches or pocket watches with special requirements, the design and production time can be as long as 9 years. Almost a century and a half from the establishment of the company, its total output is only 600,000. Boutique limited edition, Patek Philippe watch PatekPhilippe watch has a very high value-keeping function. In 1989, the commemorative watch produced to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Patek Company, by the early 1990s, the value of the watch rose fourfold. A white gold diamond sun and moon perpetual calendar male watch produced by the company in 1953 was bought by a European buyer for 5.3 million Hong Kong dollars at the ’97 spring auction in Hong Kong. In 1999, a Patek Philippe produced in 1933 PatekPhilippe pocket watches were sold for $ 11 million in the United States.