Beijing Time: Interpreting Oriental Aesthetics – Beijing Watch Appears At Shenzhen Clock & Watch Fair 2017

In this year’s ‘China (Shenzhen) International Watch and Clock Exhibition’, Beijing Watch, as a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, has brought a series of heavyweight products of this year: Qianfeng series Tuo Flywheel watches, silk language series handmade embroidered watches and other new series of watches have attracted many watch enthusiasts to stop and feel the essence of professional watchmaking. At the same time, Beijing Watch’s participation in this exhibition, from the exhibition hall to the display, from the movement design to the watch design, all engraved with the charming charm of oriental culture, and won unanimous praise: this is a modern and rich art of oriental aesthetics. Deduction of sense.
The Oriental Beauty of the Pavilion: Forbidden City Elements, Brand Totem ‘Lingyan’
   The Beijing Watch Exhibition Hall uses the brand color ‘Beijing Red’ as the main color, and uses the long-distance Great Wall texture to the exterior design of the exhibition hall. Through the harmonious and blank art application, it shows the delicate beauty; from the exhibition hall design to display, The elements of the Forbidden City with a culture of 5,000 years have been used to the fullest: the experience area uses a large area of ​​red walls to outline the temple, and the gently opened door is the Forbidden City filled with snow, and the red wall glazed tiles have become more convergent and quiet; The watch display props are in the form of a palace tower, making full use of the space beauty peculiar to architectural art, and displaying the watches in high and low levels.

Beijing Watch Exhibition Hall

   Directly facing the entrance of the exhibition hall is a feather-shaped power unit. The double-layered wings rotate in the reverse direction, like the mechanical dynamics of the tourbillon when it is running. The ‘Lingyan’ tourbillon turret is placed in the middle. The weight of the feather. The inspiration for the design of this power unit is exactly from the brand totem ‘Lingyan’ of Beijing Watch. ‘Lingyan’ comes from the classics of oriental culture. It is an auspicious and mysterious image. Eastern civilization echoes.

Brand Totem ‘Lingyan’ Power Unit

   The details of the exhibition hall spared no effort to show the oriental taste: the ceiling is shaped as petals, independent pieces, layered, exquisite and elegant; the wall is mainly decorated with Chinese-style checkered panes, where every cross is decorated With the splint of the Beijing watch movement, the elegant beauty of classical architecture complements the subtle beauty of the movement.

Watch display area

Experience extreme craftsmanship from zero distance
   For a long time, Beijing Watch has focused on the customization of high-complex movements and high-end watches. A tourbillon movement is composed of nearly 300 parts, and the weight is only equivalent to the weight of a feather. It is extremely tested by watchmakers. ability. Beijing Watch has set up a tourbillon movement assembly experience area in the exhibition hall. Watch enthusiasts can try to assemble high-complex movements by themselves and experience the precision world of ‘watchmaker’ at zero distance.
   At the same time, there is also a Su embroidery art experience area on the wall. The wall is hung with embroidery works with the theme of oriental flowers, and thin silk threads are used as decorative elements on the wall. An embroidery stretcher is placed in the middle to provide more people. A platform to experience the essence of oriental traditional female red. Su embroidery has a history of more than 2,000 years. It has a unique style with beautiful patterns, clever ideas, meticulous embroidery, and lively stitching. The Beijing watch silk language series handmade embroidery watches are using this extreme craftsmanship. Beijing Watch hopes to let more people know about Su embroidery, like Su embroidery, and inherit the oriental culture with a long history.

Suxiu Art Experience Area

Watchmaking, inheriting the spirit of professional watchmaking
   During the exhibition, the silk language series handmade embroidered watches, submersible series tourbillon watches, and other new series of watches will all meet watch enthusiasts at this exhibition. This is the Beijing watch from the Basel watch exhibition Debut after returning.
   The Beijing watch silk language series hand-made embroidery watch uses delicate, smooth and elegant embroidery on the dial to outline the delicate and delicate feminine beauty. Each silk language watch is handed down by the Soviet embroidery craftsmanship, and is made by hand with extremely fine silk threads and exquisite stitching. Peach blossoms can bring love opportunities to people, and are often associated with beauty. The Peach Blossom Watch in the Silk Language Series presents the beauty of ‘Peach Blossoms, Burning its Bloom’ to every woman who believes in love. This watch is also an exclusive customized watch by the emperor Gao Weiguang for the ideal girl. ; Silk language pink rose watch, with two kinds of stitches, fine stitches and fine flat stitches, carefully matched with 86 different colors of silk threads, the rose flower is praised by the world. The purple color and beauty bloom on the wrist. The throbbing of poetic, romantic love.

Silk language handmade Suxiu watch

   The Qianfeng tourbillon watch is equipped with Beijing’s cardless hairspring, flying tourbillon movement, and interprets the three themes of city, tenon, and minimalism, which means ‘not fighting, moving forward with a low profile.’ This exhibition is a minimalist theme tourbillon series of Qianfeng series, which is the heaviest work of Beijing Watch this year, which means “not fighting, moving forward with a low profile”; breaking the traditional form of tourbillon and drawing inspiration from minimalist oriental aesthetics. Bringing rich layers with slender lines, this is the aesthetic proposition of Eastern aesthetics, and also belongs to modern fashion; in the seemingly simple design, there are many details to consider: the design of the arched disk surface, the special sapphire crystal structure; At the same time, the crazy horse leather strap between the matte leather and the fine wool texture is selected for the strap. In the years accompanying the wearer, it will leave different marks of use, which is also an expression of personality.

Subaru Tourbillon Watch

   In addition, this time also exhibited a replica of the first watch of the “Beijing Watch”, the “Beijing Watch”, the Beihai Collection inspired by the Imperial Garden Beihai Garden and equipped with Beijing’s classic 3/4 splint movement, and A collection of watches inspired by the Inspired Collection of Independent Elegant Women.
   As a professional brand with independent watchmaking capabilities, Beijing Watch focuses on the spirit of craftsmanship and artistic aesthetics, and focuses on the modern expression of oriental aesthetics. It perfectly integrates high-end watchmaking skills with cultural connotations. Beijing Watches respects and cultivates true watchmaking masters, and has largely preserved the essence of hand-made, independently produced tourbillon, tourbillon three questions, double tourbillon, three-dimensional dual-axis tourbillon, three-axis three-dimensional tourbillon, Each of the seven high-complex movements, such as the double escapement, and the long-travel time, are dedicated to the perfect passion of Beijing watch masters for sophisticated watch skills; inlay, enamel, embroidery, micro-carving, gold carving, hollowing out, fine decoration and other advanced In the watchmaking process, there are too many aesthetics unique to Beijing watches.
   Along with Pioneer, Beijing Watch is willing to spend several times more time to make a real watch, making your time more precious.