Above The Earth Synchronized Baselworld2015 Casio Ushers In A New Era Of ‘earth Time’

Basel World 2015, which enjoys the reputation of ‘The First Exhibition of World Watches’, was held at the Basel Exhibition Center in Switzerland from March 19th to March 26th, 2014. CASIO, a pioneer in the field of scientific and technological watchmaking, has always been committed to the development of cutting-edge technology. It perfectly blends unparalleled advanced functions with exquisite design in pursuit of superior use experience, and gives watches new value beyond timekeeping. Since the first radio-controlled solar watch was released in the world in 2001, today, with the world’s first ※ GPS + radio wave receiving dual time correction system, to achieve accurate time synchronization worldwide, Casio has continuously challenged the technological limit and promoted the innovation and development in the field of watchmaking.
   This year, Casio released the latest GPS + radio-controlled solar watch and Bluetooth smart watch to the world with the theme of ‘GLOBAL TIME SYNC on the earth, always in sync’ as the theme of the Basel watch exhibition. GPS + radio wave solar watch integrates two different time correction modes of GPS satellite signal reception and standard radio wave (6 rounds radio wave reception) into the watch body, and quickly analyzes the time zone and daylight saving time information. You can get more no matter where you are Reliable and more accurate time correction. The Bluetooth smart watch relies on the low energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect the watch and the smart phone, realize the two-way control of the mobile phone and the watch, and provide a more convenient operating experience. It is Casio’s unique solar drive system that provides strong power support for these high functions. Not only sunlight, but even weak fluorescent light sources can be converted into electrical energy and stored in large-capacity batteries to ensure various functions. Stable operation.
   In the showroom, Casio unveiled the latest models of its six major brands, bringing an innovative technological experience. G-SHOCK, a watch that never breaks, launches the aviation series GPW-1000T equipped with GPS + radio wave receiving dual time correction system, which perfectly combines precision and strength to achieve further innovation of TOUGH. The mudman upgraded MUDMASTER series GWG-1000 with a new dust-proof and mud-proof design is resistant to harsh environments such as sandy swamps, and is equipped with a third-generation triple sensor, which provides strong technical support for various extreme environments.
   Casio peak masterpiece OCEANUS [Easy] launched the GPS + radio wave solar watch OCW-G1000S, powerful functions are integrated in a thin titanium body, fully made in Japan to challenge the highest quality. EDIFICE, a metal pointer male watch, introduced the Bluetooth smart watch EQB-510. By connecting a smartphone, it is easy to set the 300 city world time, and it can set the watch and other watch functions.
   Professional mountaineering watch PRO TREK, launched the pointer LCD dual display model PRW-6000Y equipped with a third-generation triple sensor, which accurately measures various changes in nature. The women’s watch brands BABY-G and SHEEN have closely combined watch design with fashion and fashion, and introduced the two-time watch BGA-190 and sapphire solar (sapphire glass mirror + solar drive) SHE-4516.
Above the Earth Synchronized GPW-1000T: Shockproof GPS Watch with Titanium 64 Bezel
   The shock-resistant watch G-SHOCK, which can be used normally in any harsh environment, continuously integrates advanced materials and high technology into product design. In 2014, G-SHOCK has launched the GPS watch GPW-1000, which incorporates a practical GPS + radio wave solar function in the shockproof structure, helping you to obtain the most accurate and reliable time correction anytime, anywhere. The GPW-1000T released this time is made of titanium 64 for the bezel and is DLC processed. The back cover is made of titanium alloy, which is not only full of TOUGH feeling and high-grade feeling, but also about 10% lighter than the previous generation. Titanium 64 is a metal material composed of 90% titanium, 6% aluminum, and 4% vanadium. It is widely used in aerospace industries such as aircraft engines, satellites, and lunar modules. It has light weight, high strength, and high durability. , Low temperature and corrosion resistance.
   As the G-SHOCK aviation series GPW-1000T, with black IP coating, sapphire glass mirror, carbon fiber second hand and strap, high-brightness LED backlight, etc., all the details show the essence of the watch. In addition, the previous-generation 3G protective structure (shock resistance, anti-centrifugal force, vibration resistance), light-shielding dispersed solar cells, intelligent operating system and other functions have been inherited, both high-end and toughness, showing G-SHOCK’s solidity At the same time, the operability and durability are greatly increased.
Designed for harsh environments such as sand and mud, GWG-1000: new dust and mud structure
   The new clay figurine upgraded MUDMASTER series GWG-1000 applies the new dust-proof and mud-proof structure for the first time to the pointer + LCD dual display design, suitable for harsh environments such as sand and swamps. All buttons of the watch are specially designed to prevent mud and sand intrusion. To ensure that all important functions can work normally at any time. GWG-1000’s new dust-proof and mud-proof structure. All buttons are embedded in cylindrical button grooves. The cylindrical button grooves are equipped with sealing gaskets. High-sealed screw-lock structure. Sealing gasket is installed at the contact between the crown and the case to prevent the intrusion of dust and dirt.
   In addition, the GWG-1000 is equipped with a more powerful but smaller third-generation triple sensor that measures direction, air pressure / temperature, and altitude at high speed and high accuracy. The direction measurement can last for 60 seconds and the height measurement is 1 meter per second. In addition to more accurate calculations of changes in nature, the triple sensor is also capable of alerting when pressure changes. The anti-vibration function can adapt to high-intensity field operations such as off-road driving. Dual LED lighting and luminous scales allow the wearer to move freely at night. The large hour, minute and three-dimensional scales are clear and easy to read. The sapphire glass surface makes the GWG-1000 full of TOUGH sense more resistant to scratches.
Zenith Technology pays tribute to elegance OCW-G1000S: GPS + Radio Controlled Solar Watch
   OCEANUS has been leading the development and innovation of radio wave solar watch technology since its birth. Adhering to the brand concept of ‘Elegance and Technology’, Pinnacle Technology pays tribute to elegance. In the elegant and thin titanium watch body, it contains Casio’s cutting-edge electronic technology and is the pinnacle of Casio metal pointer watches. OCEANUS watches are manufactured and assembled in the Yamagata factory with Casio’s cutting-edge manufacturing technology. The advanced equipment designed by ourselves achieves precision operations that exceed human limits. Through the skilled craftsmanship, we can create a reliable Japanese quality.
   The OCW-G1000S watch released this time is a global limited edition of the Basel Watch Fair. It combines GPS satellite signal reception and 6 radio wave reception time correction modes into a slim body, creating a new ‘Earth Time’ era. GPS + radio wave reception, capture time globally, and accurately synchronize with local time instantly. OCW-G1000S is inspired by a bird’s eye view of the light-filled earth from the night. The small dial at 7 o’clock and the button at 4 o’clock use gold as a symbol of flashing lights. Sapphire for a luxurious feel.
   The recrystallized double-sided non-reflective spherical sapphire glass mirror surface is not easy to scratch and enhances the recognition; the bezel, case and strap are coated with DLC to improve wear resistance and increase wearing comfort; the serial number is printed on the back Reflect the sense of nobility in the limited edition.
Bluetooth Smart Watch EQB-510: Simple synchronization of 300 city world time

   EDIFICE, a metal pointer men’s watch brand owned by Casio, has always adhered to the ‘Speed ​​& Intelligence’ brand concept of speed and wisdom, and is brave enough to innovate and use powerful electronic technology in traditional analog watches. The EQB-510 introduced at this year’s Baselworld Watch Fair has a 3D large dial design, and the watchband is mirror-finished to highlight the metal’s hard texture.
   With the Bluetooth button at the bottom left of the watch, one-touch connection to a smartphone allows simple setting of the world time for 300 cities, and automatic setting of daylight saving time. Compared with the previous generation EQB-500 Bluetooth watch, the display is more eye-catching at two places. The small dial at 3 o’clock displays the world time and can switch freely with the local time displayed by the large dial. Watch functions such as countdown and powerful solar drive system ensure stable operation of various functions.
Probing Nature with the Pointer PRW-6000Y: Professional Mountaineering Gear Equipped with a Third-Generation Triple Sensor
   The CASIO climbing watch brand PRO TREK, which is popular with outdoor enthusiasts for its research and development of professional outdoor equipment, incorporates the third-generation triple sensor technology in the pointer LCD dual display model PRW-6000Y to provide users with more professional outdoor technical support. Slim design body, hands with LCD display, easier to read height, temperature and air pressure. The unique large-scale liquid crystal display and ‘pointer dodge’ design ensure that when the liquid crystal display provides accurate data, it is not blocked by the pointer, which improves the convenience of data reading.
   In addition, it is also equipped with Casio’s original excellent technologies, such as radio wave solar energy, intelligent operating system, etc., while giving the watch outstanding technical performance, all concentrated into a slim watch body only 12.8mm. Fully automatic high-brightness LED backlight and strong, lightweight carbon fiber strap provide a more flexible and comfortable wearing experience. The original cutting-edge technology and simple and convenient operation provide comprehensive technical guidance for exploring outdoor unknown fields.
TOUGH, COOL traveled with me BGA-190: shockproof women’s watch in two places
   BABY-G inherits the ‘TOUGH’ characteristic of G-SHOCK. The unique features of shockproof and waterproof add flexibility, and the colorful watch design hits the core of women’s fashion trends. The latest two-time watch BGA-190 released by Basel is designed for women who love the sea, advocate freedom, and love to travel. The color scheme of the main white watch is inspired by the pure white sands of Australia, the world map shape of the dial bottom and the airplane pointer in the small world time dial at 6 o’clock, all of which express the strong personality of the traveler. In addition, the unique Tough 3D dial and scale, with clear display of the two places display design, is a must-have for girls traveling around the world.
Let women bloom intellectual beauty SHE-4516: Sapphire Solar Watch
   The dial design is extremely creative and exudes a charming light of wisdom. Glittering luxurious luster metal body, full of feminine femininity. This is SHEEN, which makes women elegant, confident, and intellectual. At the Baselworld 2015, SHEEN combined the luxurious appearance with practical functions to launch the SHE-4516 series. The 9-point scale is embellished with Swarovski crystals, and the hands and scales are blue, reflecting the elegant light of intellectual women. The sapphire glass with high transparency and scratch resistance is selected to enhance the recognition and high texture. The solar-powered system provides the watch with continuous and positive energy, ensuring stable operation of various functions.
   With infinite inspiration for future insights, Casio always has forward-looking creativity and original research and development philosophy, and constantly innovates cutting-edge technology in the field of timekeeping. Looking to the future, Casio will continue to challenge the technological limits and innovate and develop more new functions with practical utility.