Month: May 2021

Rolex Sapphire Starry Automatic Weekly Calendar

Estimated price: HKD 120,000 ~ 180,000
Falling hammer 220,000 Hong Kong dollars (about 193,800 yuan)
Including commission 275,000 HKD (about 275,000 RMB)
【the year 1990】
Accessories: None
Size: 36mm diameter
Condition: Three-piece polished and brushed 18K white gold case, sapphire bezel, starry diamond dial, sapphire hour marker, C al .315 5 movement, 31 stones, four weight balance wheels Breguet balance spring, dial, case, movement are signed. White gold chain heads.
[Comment] Watched Dr. Kwong’s ruby ​​bezel full of the Star Rolex, and he was deeply infected. I saw in the book that this auction will have this sapphire bezel. I was a little tempted, but after seeing the real thing, I lost my heart because a sapphire facing the 6 o’clock bezel was broken. This transaction price, even perfect, is expensive!


Video Appreciation Hermes Arceau Casaque Watch

The case of Arceau Casaque is transformed into a carousel, while the dial shows the curvilinear trace left by the horseshoes stamped on the sand. Draw a ‘Cavale’ pattern on this background. The dial manufacturing technology combines the filling process, lacquering and pad printing techniques. First, the base of the dial is engraved and then lacquered. The same-tone matte herringbone pattern made with pad printing technology brings the finishing touch to this colorful overall composition.

Hermès Arceau Casaque watch
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Releasing Men’s Pride Mido Commander Series Multifunction Chronograph Watch

Chronographs are not uncommon among the many functions of watches. Compared with moon phases and perpetual calendars, chronographs seem to be more popular with men who love sports. Most chronographs have a seemingly identical appearance and design. The chronograph dial plus multi-function chronograph buttons, however, watches are such an item worthy of taste and careful observation. Whenever you compare the two watches carefully, you will find the differences. Many subtle designs accommodate the brand’s design style. Below, the watch home brings you a Mido Commander series multi-function chronograph watch, the beauty of details is being explored. Reference model: M016.414.11.041.00.

Complex function illustration

  Mido has long inherited the characteristics of architecture. This Mido Commander series, which was born in 1959, has maintained continuous production since its inception, and has a long history of success. For more than 50 years, the Commander series watches have always maintained high-end quality and reputation. Now the Commander series has written a legend, combining multi-function chronograph and long power reserve, bringing a new visual shock to the world.

Polished 316L stainless steel case with mercerizing.
  From the appearance point of view, the new Commander series multi-function chronograph watch uses satin-polished 316L stainless steel case, polished bezel, diameter 42.5mm. The wide dial provides ample space for the function of the watch, and at the same time makes the appearance of this watch more tough and domineering, showing the heroic temperament.

Blue dial with red hands.
  Through the sapphire mirror, the wide dial ensures clear readings. The blue dial with red hands ignites the movement and passion on the wrist. The dial is decorated with sun rays, and the hour, minute and scales are white SuperLumiNova® to ensure clear visibility at night.

The dial is equipped with a speed measuring ring and a calendar window at 3 o’clock.
  It is worth mentioning that the dial edge is equipped with a dynamic speed measurement ring. The upper half of the scale is white outward, and the lower half is inward. The subtleties have a unique style. A calendar window at 3 o’clock ensures the wearer’s accurate grasp of the time.

The 30-minute counter is at 12 o’clock and the 12-hour counter is at 6 o’clock.
  Functionally, the 30-minute counter is located at 12 o’clock, the 12-hour counter is located at 6 o’clock, and the chronograph dial and the 60-second chronograph hands are ingeniously used red, becoming the brightest embellishment on the dial. The small second hand is located at the nine o’clock position, using white hands, and different colors are used to distinguish functions.

The timing buttons are located on the upper and lower sides of the crown.
  Seen from the side, the side of the case is uniquely designed with a unique concave cut surface. The timing buttons are located on the upper and lower sides of the crown. The upper buttons are for starting and stopping the timing, and the lower buttons are for resetting the timing. The operation is simple and fast.

316L stainless steel strap with folding clasp.
  The 316L stainless steel strap with folding clasp is comfortable and convenient to wear. In summer, the bracelet of this material is easier to take care of, and will not be damaged or damaged due to sweat.

The finely engraved movement on the transparent back.
  The beautifully engraved movement on the transparent back is engraved with the serial number. The meticulously carved Geneva wave and MIDO logo on the automatic oscillating weight, the movement decorated with blue screws is delicate and exquisite, which provides powerful power for precise movement.

Watch with Caliber60 automatic movement inside.
  In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a Caliber60 automatic movement inside the watch, up to 60 hours, a diameter of 30.00mm, a thickness of 7.90mm, a movement with super power reserve to show you the powerful energy of the watch.

Multifunctional chronograph and long power reserve.

Summary: The biggest highlight of this watch is that the multifunctional chronograph and long power reserve are exquisitely combined, allowing the wearer to feel the release of strong power. As for other aspects, everyone has their own different aesthetics and preferences. Among Mido’s chronograph watches, the color of this commander series multi-function chronograph watch is still very eye-catching, and friends who like it may wish to look at the real thing It feels like maybe you can hold it. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)


Tuofei Watches Lecture Hall – Language’s Classic Double Chase Chronograph Mechanism

The double-tracking needle function is adopted by major brands with research and development capabilities as an upgrade mechanism of chronographs, with the purpose of launching ultra-complex watches of this brand. At present, the brand that has impressed me is the watchmaker Patek Philippe, the research and development expert Audemars Piguet, and the successful revival of the brand Lange, which was launched at the Geneva exhibition in 2013. Lange’s chronograph is very prominent among many similar ones. It inherits the essence of German watchmaking. The clever design of the mechanism is one aspect. The polishing technology of excellence is a magic weapon for many followers to worship.

Lange 1815 Commemorative 421.025

technical background

The background of the chronograph’s dual chasing seconds mechanism was that in the year, when the players crossed the finish line, there was a long enough interval to record the readings. The dual chasing seconds hand stopped for each player, in order to catch up with the chronograph Repeat for the next player. The original purpose of double tracking is to record the values ​​of multiple time periods, not for the accuracy of timing. It is this design philosophy that makes double tracking seconds more and more valued by watchmakers, creating extremely sophisticated double tracking. Seconds mechanism.

Appearance characteristics

A typical double-seconds chronograph has two long seconds: one is a standard chronograph second hand that can start, stop and return to zero; the other is a chronograph second hand superimposed directly on top of the standard chronograph second hand, and the chase button is operated by the chase button There are two actions of stopping and catching up. The basic operation steps of chasing hands are as follows: in the first step, start the chronograph function and start the chronograph with the two seconds hands; in the second step, press the chase second button to stop the chase second hand at the top and continue to rotate the lower chronograph second hand; , Press the chronograph second button again, the chronograph second hand located at the top quickly catches up with the chronograph seconds hand below, and both continue to rotate simultaneously.

(TIPS: Everyone needs to pay attention to that the second hand is running synchronously with the chronograph second hand under normal circumstances, which means that the start, stop and return to zero are all synchronized.)

Appearance characteristics


There are four characteristics of the chase seconds structure: chase seconds wheel, chase seconds caliper, chase seconds wheel, and chase seconds start and stop lever. Among these four features, the start-stop lever is responsible for the two operation steps of the above-mentioned chase hands-stop and chase hands, and it directly talks with the chase seconds timing wheel, this part of the principle is consistent with the working principle of the chronograph. Under normal circumstances, the spurs of the chronograph seconds wheel will lift the two protrusions of the chronograph seconds caliper in the middle position so that the chronograph seconds hand can rotate synchronously with the chronograph seconds hand. The second timer wheel rotates, and the two protrusions of the second timer caliper enter the gap of the column gear of the second timer wheel, the second brake caliper closes the brake second timer wheel, and the second timer stops; the button again drives the second timer to start and stop. After levering, the chase seconds wheel rotates again, and the two protrusions of the chase seconds caliper are raised again by the teeth of the chase seconds wheel, and the chase seconds wheel is released. The connecting spring quickly resets the chronograph second wheel and the chronograph second wheel through elastic tension, and rotates the timing synchronously.

Structural feature map

Author Reviews

The chronograph occupies a very special position in the functional category of mechanical watches. It has a large number of followers and followers. Although its chronograph function does not have many opportunities for ordinary people to display, the original reason for its birth place Has also been forgotten. So why are so many people keen on chronographs? I think the reason is that the timing mechanism is one of the many functions of a mechanical watch that can best embody the beauty of the machine. It perfectly explains the true value of the machine. The timing mechanism, especially with the dual chase function, presents us a great meal-various gears, weird-shaped levers and the plywood carrying them are carefully polished and decorated, while the blue screws and red gems are embellished with the finishing touch. It’s all intoxicating.