Month: March 2021

L.U.C Xps Simple Is Beautiful

Precise technology, meticulous appearance and minimalist style. The L.U.C XPS watch with these characteristics is undoubtedly a classic. This year, Chopard is wearing a classic 18K rose gold coat with a silver silk satin dial.
   Condensing a self-winding mechanical movement, a dual barrel, and a 65-hour power reserve into an ultra-thin case is a remarkable watchmaking feat. The master watchmakers at Chopard Fleurier watch factory have successfully developed miniature rotors, turning all this into reality. The watch designer also dedicated a perfect design: an ultra-thin case with a long diameter (39.50 mm) and a flat mirror. The mechanical achievements combined with the appearance design gave birth to a handsome and elegant watch with a light and agile appearance, with a perfect balance, and won the ultra-thin watch crown at the 2006 Geneva Watch Awards.

The perfect combination of aesthetics and technology
   In order to satisfy many watch lovers who love mechanical beauty, the LUC XPS watch is designed with a transparent sapphire case back. Through it, you can see the exquisite operation of the LUC 96.12-L (LUC 12.96) movement. Also clearly visible. 18K rose gold case with silver silk satin dial and small seconds at 6 o’clock to perfectly balance the dial. This watch, a perfect combination of mechanics and aesthetics, has also been certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC) for its precise performance.

Chopard Watchmaking
   As a family brand, independence is a distinctive label of Chopard. The production of L.U.C watches is completely completed at the production sites of Meyrin and Fleurier within the group. Movement design, finished product design, gold casting, stamping and mold processing, metal movement and watch band creation, traditional hand decoration, surface treatment, polishing, assembly, and debugging and quality control. All watches need to go through these processes to achieve the excellent watchmaking that belongs to Chopard.

Technical specifications

Case: 18K rose gold case
Total diameter: 39.50 mm
Thickness: 7.13 mm
Water resistance: 30 meters
18K rose gold crown with L.U.C logo: 4.00 mm
Front and back anti-glare sapphire crystal
Open case back

Automatic mechanical movement: L.U.C 96.12-L (L.U.C 12.96)
Total diameter: 27.40 mm
Thickness: 3.30 mm
Number of jewels: 29
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour
Power reserve: 65 hours
Geneva Ripple Refined Bridge Two stacked barrels, patented Twin® technology
Official Swiss Observatory Certification (COSC)

Dial and hands:
Silver silk satin dial with sun print
Gold-plated hour markers
Gold-plated crown prince hour and minute hands
Gold-plated stick-shaped small seconds

Function and display:
Central hours and minutes display
Small seconds at 6 o’clock

Strap and buckle:
Hand-stitched brown alligator strap
18K Rose Gold Pin Buckle

Model: 161920-5002 – 18K Rose Gold
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Tissot Watch Sponsors Chinese 3d Blockbuster ‘血滴 子’

The most expensive 3D movie ‘Blood Drops’ in the history of Chinese films will be released on December 21st in Taiwan. The whole film is starred by male actors from the three sides of the Strait, including Huang Xiaoming. It also cost 99 million Taiwan dollars. The production of 3D special effects, together with the shocking theme full of epic atmosphere, made the entire audience look forward to it. Tissot watch brand ambassador Huang Xiaoming played an important role in the movie. The handsome style has been exposed first. Performing arts peak. Tissot watches sponsored the latest masterpiece starring Huang Xiaoming and others. It also invited watch fans to get a first look at Huang Xiaoming’s superb performance. From 12/12/2012 to 2013/1/10, there are 13 Tissots in the province. Watches bought at watch stores, that is, gift of ‘Blood Drops’ movie coupons, let watch fans appreciate the most anticipated Chinese action blockbusters at the end of this year, and Chinese superstars such as Huang Xiaoming carnival New Year; and 2013/1/11 During the 2013/2/28 event, anyone who purchases watches over NT $ 30,000 will receive a ‘Häagen-Dazs World Famous Chef Creative Plate Meal’ redemption book, inviting watch fans to explore the world-famous scenery with taste buds.
Tissot watch invites watch fans to enjoy ‘Blood Drops’ Huang Xiaoming and other superstars starring in the history of the most expensive 3D blockbuster on the eve of Christmas, it was shocked to be released and then presented a “ Häagen-Dazs World Famous Chef Creative Plate Meal ” coupon
Lead watch fans to enjoy the world scenery
     At the end of 2012, the most anticipated high-end action movie ‘Blood Drops’ will be released on the stage at the end of December. It will be produced by the Golden Horse Awards best director Chen Kexin and directed by Liu Weiqiang. The actor starred in the performance. The entire film cost 600 million Taiwan dollars. The investment amount hit the highest record of 3D movies in the history of Chinese films. The blood-moving giant ‘Blood Drops’, known as ‘The Most Expensive 3D in the History of Chinese Films’ One’s blood droplets have always been a mystery. Except for those who died of blood droplets, no one has ever seen their true appearance. During Qianlong’s year, the young Blood Drop Zitian Mission was a special assassination unit that never missed, until the fate of a mission missed was rewritten from then on … In the film, Huang Xiaoming plays the anti-Qing Fuming leader-Sirius. The handsome and handsome shape has been exposed recently, making fans crazy. Huang Xiaoming also entered the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong in this role and became the first Chinese male artist to enter. In addition, Huang Xiaoming, who exploded in the film, personally went to battle, interpreting the crazy, calm and destructive character of Sirius with a serious and hard working attitude. Create eye-catching highlights.
     Tissot watches are also very enthusiastic in sponsoring this Chinese 3D blockbuster starring Huang Xiaoming. In addition to giving Huang Xiaoming the biggest breakthrough in the movie, he also invited fans to come and enjoy this magnificent end-of-the-year giant dedication. The actors explored this mysterious historical secret together. From 2012/12/8 to 2013/1/10, when purchasing watches from 13 Tissot watches in the province, they will receive 1 movie coupon for ‘Blood Drops’. With a purchase of NT $ 20,000 or more, you can get 2 coupons for the ‘Bloody Drops’ movie, with a limited number of tickets, while stocks last, enjoy the shocking action blockbuster with friends during Christmas and beyond. In addition, Tissot watches invite watch enthusiasts to taste the world-famous beauty. During the 2013/1/11 to 2013/2/28 event, purchases of more than NT $ 30,000 at 13 Tissot watch shops in the province will receive a ‘Häagen- Dazs world famous chef creative plate meal ‘redemption roll, a total of 4 types of Charlotte, Paris, Madagascar, Kyoto Yaqu and other 4 kinds of plate meals, let table fans follow desserts to travel around the world, the number is limited, the gift is limited.
TISSOT Classic 18K rose gold automatic men’s watch
     ‘TISSOT Classic 18K Rose Gold Men’s Automatic Watch’ is the latest masterpiece of Tissot in 2012. The simple and clean style has long attracted the attention of male consumers. It is suitable for creating outstanding highlights in the New Year’s Eve. Highlighting the gentleman’s taste, it is highly recommended for the tasteful men who plan to add their own style at the end of the year. The intellectually simple silver dial with the excellent 18K rose gold bezel, thick case and brown leather embossed strap, solid texture It looks stylish and stable, and the exquisitely designed Roman numerals and small seconds dial add a finishing touch to the watch. It also best interprets the low-key and simple style. Appreciate the beauty of the movement, Swiss ETA created the 2895-2 automatic movement is impeccable, it is an indispensable classic collection style for watch lovers. TISSOT Classic 18K Rose Gold Men’s Automatic Watch:
Swiss automatic 2895-2 movement
Sapphire crystal
316L stainless steel case, see-through case back
18K Rose Gold Bezel
Leather strap with butterfly buckle
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Suggested selling price: NT $ 56,200 Tissot watches warmly sponsors the Chinese 3D blockbuster ‘Dripping Blood’ starring Huang Xiaoming. From 12/12/2012 to 1/102013, watches are purchased from 13 Tissot watches in the province. Above $ 20,000, you will get 2 movie coupons for ‘Blood Drops’; if the purchase amount is less than NT $ 20,000, you will get 1 movie coupon for ‘Blood Drops’. limited quantity available. Huang Xiaoming plays the leader of the anti-Qing Fuming organization in Blood Droplets. For the sake of truth, Huang Xiaoming went to battle for each explosion scene in the film.


Hermes Hermes Enters The World Of High-end Watchmaking

The Hermès boutique in Faubourg Saint-Honoré, in the heart of Paris, has been selected as the launch location for its new watch. This new product will mark the official entry of Hermes into the world of high-end watchmaking. The unique name of this watch, Arceau Lift, is enough to explain why Hermès chose this store instead of BaselWorld to host such a major launch event. This is because the new design inspiration is completely derived from an experience of product manager Philippe Delhotal visiting this store.

Arceau Lift marks the beginning of a new direction for Hermes.

 In this 3,000-square-meter luxury fort, Delhotal found an intertwined double H pattern in the main elevator. It symbolizes the union of the Hermès and Hollande families after the company’s grandson Emile Hermès married Julie Hollande. Philippe Delhotal chose to use this logo as the basis for the design of this new flying tourbillon, using the Arceau case and a new movement designed and produced by La Joux-Perret for Hermès.

 Hermès CEO Luc Perramond told Europa Star that the watch is the brand’s second tourbillon series and the first flying tourbillon. ‘In 2010, we produced a tourbillon watch in the Cape Cod series using a Vaucher Manufacture tourbillon movement,’ he recalls, ‘but this time we wanted to design a flying tourbillon. Because we always seek The best craftsmen, and La Joux-Perret has international expertise in the production of tourbillons, especially flying tourbillons, and we decided to work with them. ‘

 Arceau Lift marks the beginning of a new direction for Hermes. The calm design of high-end watchmaking just complements the blanks beyond the exquisite craftsmanship of straw inlay styles. ‘This will be another design using what I call ‘traditional complication’,’ explained Mr. Perramond, ‘here I mean those processes that are well known and provide good technical performance. We need to develop a wider range of products , And of course you ca n’t forget the original spirit of the “pause time” watch. ”

Hermès Arceau Lift

 The 43 mm diameter Arceau rose gold case, with asymmetrical lug pins, is structured to highlight the apparent weightlessness of the flying tourbillon. The space below the blue crystal is mainly occupied by a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock and a clockwork lid at 12 o’clock. Both share the double H design of the famous elevator in the Hermes store in Paris. Another component is the manually wound H1923 movement developed by La Joux-Perret specifically for Hermès, hidden behind a bridge across the 3 and 9 o’clock positions. The vibration frequency of the movement is 3 Hz, and the power reserve is 90 hours when fully wound. All surfaces of the watch are chamfered and polished by hand, and the screws are also polished. The back of the tourbillon can be seen through the blue crystal hole at the 6 o’clock position on the back of the case. The ring is engraved with the graphic of Hermès ex libris. Arceau Lift paired with a matt Havana crocodile leather strap made by Hermès Watch Workshop demonstrates the brand’s long tradition as a leather goods manufacturer.

 At first glance, what is striking is the flying tourbillon’s eye-catching structure. The dial’s central gear cross bridge divides the watch into two parts, the upper part is the dominant dial, and the lower part is the flying tourbillon. flywheel. But when you look at it for the second time, you will find that the designer and watchmaker’s six months of hard work is worth the money: from the discreetly carved V-shaped pattern on the dial background to the chamfered surface (chamfered The process takes 40 hours) and the contrasting brushed and polished surfaces show attention to detail. Details permeate the entire watch design into the movement design, not the other way around.

 Luc Perramond acknowledges that Arceau Lift to some extent meets the needs of ‘hermès loyal customers exploring watchmaking’. Not surprisingly, this watch will only be sold in the brand’s own stores. There are only 176 watches in 340 stores (this number echoes the brand’s age). Limited edition watches are on sale, and it is clear that the supply is far from enough. The price of 155,000 Swiss francs may slightly ease demand, but one day before the launch, a customer bought a pocket watch for 250,000 Swiss francs at the ‘Timepieces of Exception’ exhibition in its Paris store.

 The development period of the H1923 movement of the Arceau Lift watch (the elevator was installed in this store in 1923) lasted for 18 months, and there was also a huge investment in industrialization. These can not rely on Arceau Lift’s 176 limited timepiece cover the cost. Therefore, Arceau Lift is only the first watch and will evolve into a multi-member tourbillon family in the future.

 In addition, we can also look forward to seeing more innovation from Hermès at BaselWorld in 2014. As Luc Perramond revealed: ‘This is a legend that I want to continue. Not only are there a lot of possibilities, but also ideas and technical challenges. At the Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Show, we will show a complex device, While continuing the spirit of Temps Suspendu, there will be a new form of interaction with watch wearers. ‘

 There are always customers waiting in line at the Hermès store. Instead of coming for shopping, they are more likely to receive service. This amazing scene is enough to prove that Luc Perramond claims ‘business is good’, and the 10% sales growth in 2013 is also strong evidence. Unlike some competitors, Hermès’ customer base is not just Chinese. ‘We have historically been strong in the Japanese and European markets,’ said Mr. Perramond. ‘We are still developing the Chinese and North American markets recently.’ Uncertainty that does not need to rely on mainland Chinese customers and the Chinese economy is something for Hermes Good thing, but perhaps more importantly, the bright prospects of the watch market more herald a brighter future for Hermes.