Not long ago, Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Series 5000-1110-B52A watch came to the watch home for a long evaluation test. The editors also counted the addiction, through all-round appreciation and wearing After experiencing this watch, of course, everyone’s feelings are different. Today, I will summarize and summarize the experience and experience of everyone after trying it on. Everyone expresses their own opinions, expresses the most true inner thoughts, and hopes to provide some reference for your future watch purchase plan.

Senior Editor of Watch House: Mao Zhuang
  This is a watch that you absolutely can’t see at first glance; this is a watch that you can’t put down with a loupe; this is a watch that can handle every detail perfectly; at the same time this is still a The watch has reached a very high level.

Watch House Senior Editor: Fu Liyan
  When I first saw this watch, I fell in love with it. Although I am a daughter, I always have a soft spot for watches with large watch diameters. Compared with gorgeous and sexy ladies watches, I prefer simple and restrained men’s watches. Is this the so-called ‘girl paper’? Well, let’s get back to the truth, and tell me how I feel about this Blancpain diving watch: the first thing that attracts me is the retro design of the watch and the color matching, which is low-key and not public; If you look closely, you will find that any part of the watch is extremely polished, and the brushed design of the case crown and lugs is more seductive. Finally, the watch movement, this movement has three barrels, power Stored for 120 hours, it should be considered a more durable dive watch. In summary, I personally like this watch very much.
Watch House Senior Editor: Li Shuai
  Compared to the original version, this replica of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is particularly preferred, combining the toughness of men and the delicate thoughts of women. Whether it is the selection of the pointer, the design of the scale or the sharpening of the edges and corners, it is very delicate, and every detail is convincing. The seal between the case back and the case is made of three layers of seals, which has excellent waterproof performance. The water resistance of 300 meters is enough for us to ride the ocean this summer. Such a classic replica watch is worth having.

Watch House Senior Editor: Chen Zhong
  This Blancpain Fifty Fat Classic Reissue Edition has the first impression that there is no ‘brilliant’ in mainstream watches today, and more of a ‘dark’. I think this is the same An effect that Blancpain can create. The black disc surface is designed with a radioactive brushed disc surface pattern, and the black canvas strap is used to create a calm, calm and capable look.
Watch House Editor: Xie Xin
  When I first came into contact with a watch, if you asked me what kind of watch I wanted to buy, I might say that I wanted to buy a watch that would not only look good in formal wear but would not look old-fashioned. As for the Fifty Fathoms, the impression has always been a diving watch, so I never considered it. Even when I first saw it, I never thought about it. Until the opportunity to try it on, the magic of this watch really radiated. come out. Black and white tones, dark gray dials … Even if the appearance is stable and low-key, it still has enough recognition, not only with a formal look, it is calm and atmospheric, but it is also full of vitality for casual wear. If you are not as impressed as I used to be, you may wish to try it in the store. I believe that the magic of this classic watch will surely make you moved.

Summary: The above comments are personal subjective feelings and do not represent the official view of the Watch House. If you have any opinions about this watch, you can also leave a message below the article, welcome everyone to discuss together.
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