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Touching The Rhythm Of Time, Tasting The Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series Tourbillon Calendar Watch

As we all know, tourbillons, perpetual calendars, three questions and become the most complicated craftsmanship in the watch industry, many brands rely on their superb technology to challenge these three peaks again and again. Among them, Vacheron Constantin, the well-known heritage of the watch brand, has also launched a new tourbillon perpetual calendar watch. Those who are familiar with this series will be deeply attracted by its most unique DNA. At the same time, it is also the ultimate elegance of Vacheron Constantin. Its symbol, with its unique round case and classic design that transcends time and space, reflects its roots in the purest tradition of fine watchmaking. The tourbillon perpetual calendar watch introduced this time is even more attractive. The official model is: 88172 / 000R-X0001

陀 This tourbillon perpetual calendar watch can be said to be a pinnacle in both design and traditional watchmaking. Then follow the article to unveil the shocking charm of this watch.

From the figure, we can intuitively see that the display function on the disk is very large. It not only conforms to the conventional perpetual calendar display, but also is equipped with the real sun time and the sunrise and sunset display of the wearer’s custom location. Weapon.


陀 This tourbillon perpetual calendar watch is not only available in rose gold. At the same time, Vacheron Constantin has also launched a luxurious platinum model with a blue dial and strap, which is obviously a ‘blue blood noble’ momentum. This time, we mainly introduce this model with a diameter of 44mm in 18K rose gold, which shows the grace and temperament.

盘 The disc surface is made of smoky gray metal, and twelve rose gold bar hour markers lie on the black orbital scale, which is simple and atmospheric. The overall color mix is ​​black and white. Although simple, it is clear and clear. Multiple functions are arranged on the surface of the plate in an orderly manner. The hands indicating the hours and minutes are also made of rose gold.

厚度 The thickness of the watch is 15.71 millimeters. Although it may sound thick, the watches with manual winding movements are thicker, and this heavy feeling brings a sense of solidity to the wearer.

The bottom of the watch is designed with sapphire crystal. The Vacheron Constantin 2253 manual-winding movement is displayed in front of you with a shocking beauty. The outer ring is engraved with the watch model and material, and the elegant beauty is fully visible. And folding clasp.


On the top of the dial, small dials showing the day of the week, month, and date are lined up once. A leap year is displayed next to the month. The uniform color and simplified fonts increase the readability of the watch.

弧 The arc scale between the week display and the month display is the time equation display. The so-called time equation is only time difference, or astronomical time difference. The difference between clock time (the average solar time, also known as civil time) and true solar time (also called the actual solar time). This deviation is usually expressed by a graphic called ‘eight-chart graph’.

The tourbillon small second hand is set at six o’clock. The passage of time is transformed by the tourbillon into a mechanized perfect operation. The wearer will appreciate the flowing time from this beautiful series of ‘regular movements’. This is undoubtedly a visual and Double enjoyment of the soul.

弧 Curved scale displays on both sides of the tourbillon indicate to the wearer the sunrise and sunset times of the chosen location.

Movement articles

腕表 This watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin 2253 manual-winding mechanical movement with a tourbillon. The elegant decoration of the Patrimony Traditionnelle “Caliber 2253” watch fully echoes its high complexity. Developed by Vacheron Constantin’s development department and product engineering department for thousands of hours, the 2253 model movement with two pairs of barrels can provide up to 336 hours of power reserve, that is, 14 days of operation time, transparent through sapphire crystal The bottom of the table is unobstructed.

Summary: Regardless of the quality of the movement or the choice of materials, Vacheron Constantin has tried its best to interpret the essence of the heritage series. This tourbillon perpetual calendar watch is bound to be very expensive in terms of price, which is absolutely beyond doubt. . As most watch-players, this watch is more about appreciation, witnessing a craft, a brand attitude.

Vacheron Constantin Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar Watch Details:
vacheron / 24154 /


Vacheron Constantin Métiers D’ Art Master Series Copernicus Celestial Spheres Copernicus Celestial Ball 2460 Rt

• A new collection inspired by Nicolas Copernicus and the history of astronomical discovery
• Three innovative applications of decoration technology
• Vacheron Constantin’s new 2460 RT movement, original time display method
• Timepieces certified by the Geneva Seal

   Vacheron Constantin’s art masters are a group of elite artists who can give their works unique and strong emotional resonance. Since 1755, with the creation of veritable works of art, their innovative spirit and excellent skills have a long history among generations of art masters. The new Métiers d’ Art Master Series Copernicus celestial spheres Copernicus celestial sphere 2460 RT watch fully demonstrates the brand’s artistic achievements. Vacheron Constantin presents the astronomical world in the eyes of Nicholas Copernicus in an orthodox and simple platinum case. This new series was officially unveiled at the SIHH 2017 in Geneva. The original time display is a fusion of meticulous decoration craftsmanship, which aims to pay homage to the ‘heliocentric theory’, the greatest discovery in human history.

Copernicus Revolution
   As a mathematician and philosopher, Nicholas Copernicus published ‘On the Operation of Celestial Objects’ in 1543, setting off a major astronomical revolution in the history of scientific development. His hypothesis challenges the ancient and long-standing geocentric theory admired by Aristotle and Ptolemy-that the earth is stationary and located at the center of the universe. In this book, Copernicus proposed the heliocentric theory, which not only explained the rotation of the earth around its axis, but also possessed a satellite, the moon, and most importantly, the theory of the earth’s orbit around the sun. Decades later, the theory was further refined, including celestial bodies moving in elliptical orbits. This new type of space theory has triggered profound philosophical thinking on human perception of the world. It overthrows all existing beliefs and leads humanity to break through the ravages and recognize the vast and endless universe. This revolution has had a profound impact in all areas of human thought. Vacheron Constantin pays tribute to this great discovery that has changed the face of the world through his new work.

Same dial, three different interpretations
   The Métiers d’ Art master series Copernicus celestial spheres Copernicus celestial sphere 2460 RT watch is a testament to the extraordinary creativity of the masters of Vacheron Constantin. The masters of art designed three different dials and interpreted the same theme in three different ways. The decoration is inspired by the drawings of the 17th-century Dutch-German draftsman Andreas Cellarius, and the famous colorful starry sky map Harmonia Macrocosmica is also presented by his hand. Gorgeous baroque style.
   The dial of this series consists of two distinct parts. The oval center is decorated with a hand-carved pink-gold sun face, while the outer disc uses three decorative techniques. A thin elliptical orbit between the two disks provides space for the revolution of the earth. Earth uses a small gold microconvex disk with a diameter of only 6.8 millimeters, and draws a map of the continent from the perspective of the northern hemisphere according to the Lambert cone projection method.

Daming fire enamel art
   The first of these three watches uses a variety of enamel crafts that make the brand proud. The enamel master draws inspiration from a map of Copernicus objects drawn by Andreas Serrarius. The earth made with the large open flame enamel technique shows the blue ocean and continental landforms, which is the real art of drawing patterns in a limited space. The background of the starry sky on the gold base is decorated with soft enamel glaze. The fine lines show the trajectory of the five celestial bodies on the dial. Each orbiting celestial body represents a planet, and is named after the Latin as the winter and summer solstice points. The dial’s outer ring is decorated with 12 constellation motifs, painted in enamel. First use the template to draw the outline, then use a feather pen to modify the processing and paint with a brush to complete. The production of this dial requires great patience and care, the working time is more than one month, and it needs to be repeatedly fired at 850 ° C, and finally polished and polished with a grindstone. These extraordinary productions have for centuries established a remarkable Geneva watchmaking tradition.

Carving art
   The second dial draws aesthetic inspiration from the Baroque style and is hand-carved. The 12 constellation patterns are intertwined on the platinum plate. The sculptor showed rich details of ramolayé, highlighting the layered sense of hand-carved patterns, and the unique light and shadow effects brought about by the subtle interaction of bevel angles. Under the observation of a magnifying glass, the muscle lines of Sagittarius are full and powerful, and the Capricorn hair is vivid. On the earth revolving around the golden sun, every delicate treatment pursues the ultimate: the sculpted sparkling ripples float on the ocean; the opposite continent is polished in layers to give off a dazzling golden luster. It can be described as the ultimate interpretation of the brand’s extraordinary skills.

Laser engraving and hand engraving on sapphire crystal
   The decoration of the third dial incorporates a number of novel technologies. Along with the beautiful interaction between the earth and the sun, the constellation map uses a starry 3D effect starry sky as a background. The hand-carved earth shimmers with a delicate glow of the ocean and the brilliance of the land, forming a strong contrast effect. The hand-painted midnight blue lower dial is covered with carved sapphire crystal on the back. Vacheron Constantin used innovative laser engraving techniques to outline the constellation pattern. The engraver then highlights the three-dimensional impression of the pattern and the opalescent effect of sapphire in a purely manual manner. The laser-engraved constellation pattern on the front is also coated with Super-Luminova®. The splendid sky and the endless night sky contrast with each other, shining in the dark.


Original display commends superb craftsmanship
   These Geneva-certified timepieces are equipped with the 2460 RT automatic mechanical movement designed, developed and manufactured by the brand. It took Vacheron Constantin three years to make possible the wonderful starry sky described by the celestial mind. Two 4N gold triangular outer ring hands indicate time-a hollow hand indicates the hour and a solid hand indicates the minute-both glide slowly on the bezel, and are dedicated by large large gears located outside the movement drive.
   The elliptical trajectory of the earth’s revolution around the sun has become the highlight of this timepiece. This display not only catches the eye, but also records the continuous passage of time. The first complication is that the earth rotates in a 24-hour cycle, which is consistent with the average solar day. The second complex function relies on the ‘return’ gear transmission system in the movement to show the elliptical orbit of the earth orbiting the sun with a period of 365.2421898 days, which is equivalent to a return year. Its extremely precise mechanical structure shows the movement of the earth in detail, and it only needs to be calibrated once every 8,000 years to correct the error of one day. It can almost be regarded as a timepiece that never needs to be adjusted! Such a high level of accuracy confirms the brand’s determination to develop a new movement. This masterpiece of timepieces also coincides with the timely demonstration of Vacheron Constantin’s innovative ability in analog time display, which is inseparable from the brand’s exquisite watchmaking skills and over 260 years of breakthrough innovation.

Delicate details
   Through the case back, you can admire the gold rotor in the movement. The sapphire crystal case is engraved with the same theme: the dazzling sun surrounded by elliptical orbits. This 352-part automatic mechanical movement has a 40-hour power reserve. The perfect master polishing process follows traditional watchmaking methods and is made by hand.
   Twelve unique constellation patterns are engraved on the 43 mm diameter bezel. To ensure ease of use, all functions including the hour, minute, and Earth rotation and revolution can be adjusted through the crown. All three models have a Mississippi alligator strap with a gold buckle. Placed in a rare wooden display box and equipped with a magnifying glass to admire the perfect details of each of the delicate artistic decoration of these works.
Technical Specifications Métiers d’ Art Master Series Copernicus celestial spheres Copernicus celestial sphere 2460 RT
Model 7600U / 000G-B212 (Daming fire enamel)
7600U / 000G-B211 (hand-carved)
7600U / 000G-B226 (sapphire)
Geneva-Certified Timepiece
Available only at Vacheron Constantin stores
Movement 2460 RT
Developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Automatic mechanical movement
37 mm in diameter (111/4 francs)
6.7 mm thick
Power reserve of about 40 hours
4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour)
352 parts
27 gems
Display function
Earth orbits and rotates around the sun
Case 18K White Gold
43 mm diameter, 12.9 mm thickness
Transparent sapphire crystal case back
Dial 18K 5N gold embossed sun
B212: 22K gold, big open fire enamel, filled with big open fire enamel earth
B211: 18K gold, hand-engraved dial and earth
B226: 18K gold hand-painted dial (sky); laser-engraved and hand-engraved sapphire crystal (constellation pattern); laser-engraved and Super-Luminova® luminous coating (star cluster); hand-carved earth
Strap Black double layer Mississippi alligator leather strap, hand-stitched, saddle stitching, large checkered
18K white gold buckle
Polished Half Maltese Cross Design
Display box
Accessories with a magnifying glass


Hublot And Harold Launch Exclusive Limited Edition Classic Fusion Watch

Hublot, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, has joined hands with Harold to design a new classic fusion blue Harold special watch, limited to 50 pieces, priced at 6,900 Euros, only at Knightsbridge Rhodes Department Store on sale.

   With a diameter of 45 mm, this watch continues the classic fusion series of angular case and round bezel design. It is polished and brushed for contrast. Titanium case with composite resin filling on both sides makes the design of the model more unique and colorful.
   The blue polished dial is adorned with sunray patterns, with a central hour, minute and second hand. The Hublot Classic Fusion collection usually uses stick-shaped hour markers. This Harold limited edition watch replaces even-numbered hour markers with playful Arabic numerals and has a date display window at 3 o’clock. The watch has a blue rubber strap or a blue rubber-lined alligator strap.

Jason Broderick, Director of Men’s Wear, Sports Collections and Watch Fashion at Harrods, said: ‘Hublot has built itself into an iconic brand, and we work with Hublot passionately. The new exclusive limited edition watches are not only beautiful in appearance, but also Contains the characteristics and secrets that Hublot relies on for success. We firmly believe that the first result jointly launched by the two will become an iconic and collectible special timepiece. ‘(Picture / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)


Legendary Assembly Sword Refers To The Future Of Swiss Watchmaking Zenith ‘time Evolution’ Watch Tour Exhibition Anshan Station Grand Opening Curtain

In July 2018, ZENITH, a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer, recently opened a large-scale tour exhibition of ‘Time Evolution’ watches, gathering legendary timepieces unprecedentedly, and inviting timewalkers to a time and space crossing Journey, follow the time evolution of brand collections, legendary masterpieces, modern models and tomorrow’s upstart, and imagine the infinite future of watchmaking. From July 20th to 22nd, the tour exhibition Anshan Station will be held at Anshan Xinmart Shopping Mall.

   Zenith Global CEO Julien Tornare said, ‘As a brand with a deep history of more than a century and a half, Zenith always regards innovation as its foundation and guides the Swiss system. Tomorrow for the watch industry. The “Time Evolution” watch tour is the most complete watch display for the brand in the Chinese market in recent years. We hope that in this way, Chinese consumers can experience the legendary history of Zenith up close. With avant-garde style.
Classical time and space
   Many of the collection-level antique watches are from the Zenith Swiss Museum. They are also the first time they have been exhibited in China. The mechanical watch revived at the end of the century, the gears are intertwined for centuries, showing the superior quality and timeless style beyond time.

Left: Zenith ‘Highly Complicated’ Pocket Watch
Born in the early 20th century, this ‘complex’ pocket watch is
Zenith’s earliest highly complex timepiece, equipped with chronograph,
Minute repeater, full calendar and moon phase display.
Right: Zenith “Lai Lai” custom cooperation ladies antique pocket watch
Created by Zenith in collaboration with glass blowing master Rene Lalique in 1911, it has a strong Art Nouveau style
Legendary Time and Space Master
   In the century and a half since the brand was founded, Zenith has continuously created masterpieces that have been recorded in history. Among them, the most complicated are the most prominent. Three questions, double sesame chain, eccentric tourbillon, gyroscope … The delicate and delicate parts constitute a sophisticated and complex mechanical palace, which shows the peak watchmaking skills. A number of rare and top-of-the-line limited edition boutique watches, including the distinguished series and the flagship series, all came to the scene to showcase their true beauty in the legendary space.

Left: Zenith Prestige Columbus Charles Flake Commemorative
The design is inspired by the legendary precision marine timer, and its gyroscope ‘gravity control’ module is the most groundbreaking design. Precious platinum, limited to 25 pieces worldwide
Right: Zenith flagship flagship EL PRIMERO tourbillon watch GFJ special
The first watch in the history of watchmaking to have both the tourbillon function and the sesame chain function, named after the abbreviation of Zenith founder Georges Favre Jacot. Double sesame chain transmission system, made of rose gold, limited to 150 pieces worldwide
Future time and space
   Novel design, cutting-edge technology, unique style, and excellent performance. No matter from aesthetics or mechanical design, the Defy series is undoubtedly the vane of future innovation, representing the pioneering giant system of Zenith. In particular, the Defy El Primero 21 and Defy Lab models, which came out in 2017, symbolize the brand’s peak in watchmaking with its epoch-making transformative significance, and point the way for the global watchmaking industry in the future.

Left: Zenith Defy Lab Concept Watch
Won the Best Innovation Award at the 2017 Geneva Awards. A number of revolutionary innovations such as new oscillators, extraordinary accuracy, three standards certification, unique high-tech materials, and other remodeling of mechanical watches, announcing a new era for watchmaking

Right: Zenith Defy El Primero 21 watch with diamonds
Equipped with the revolutionary TIMELAB COSC Swiss official observatory certification machine certified 1/100 second chronograph movement, the case bezel and the timepiece are set with a total of 5 carats of sparkling diamonds, shining and luxurious, in celebration of Paris Vendôme Brand new short-term concept store opened and specially launched
Family Time Elite
   In addition, more than 70 brands are also helping in the sale of watches. From Universal pilot watches to motorcycle rider watches, from the elaborate and luxurious El Primero series to the classic minimalist Elite elite series, a family of modern time and space elites join hands. Performs a variety of gentleman style.

   The ZENITH ‘Time Evolution’ watch tour exhibition will also land in Anshan, Shenyang, Changchun, Beijing, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chengdu and Hong Kong. Scan Zenith’s official WeChat for more information about tour exhibitions and appointments. At the same time, you can log in to Jingdong’s flagship store to appreciate the timepieces online. Together with Zenith, you can explore the meaning of ‘the theory of time evolution’ and witness the brand continue to write for the global watch industry Shining chapter.


Classic Heritage, Romantic Continuation, Swiss Ebo Road, Suzhou Romantic Tour

On September 27, 2014, Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific Asia Pacific, and Miss Chen Huilin, the brand spokesperson, appeared in Suzhou, a paradise on earth, and held a ‘classic heritage, romantic continuation’ in the atrium of Shilu Shopping Mall-Switzerland Ebo Road Show Suzhou Romantic Tour! And present the newly released retro series new couple watches to the guests. In this famous Gusu city known as the ‘Venice of the East’, Yibo Road will meet you to record the most beautiful moments together.
Ms. Chen Huilin, the image spokesperson for Switzerland’s Ebola Group, took a photo with guests
   Time is the benchmark for measuring history and one of the cornerstones of human progress. Since the birth of the world’s first wristwatch, the horological industry is moving forward at an unprecedented rate, and among them, Swiss Ebolus has been a pioneer in materials and design, standing at the forefront of innovation and revolution. Founded in 1856, Swiss Ebolo Watches, as a classic Swiss watch brand with a long history, enjoys a good reputation in the field of clocks with its profound cultural heritage and excellence in quality.
Mr. Su Da (Central), Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Switzerland, Mr. Guan Qijun (Left), President of Henderly Group Business Development, and Mr. Lin Fukang (Right), Chairman of Suzhou Xinyu Shijia Watch Co., Ltd

   For 158 years, Yibolu has always adopted the romantic and elegant mechanical aesthetics and the brand concept of ‘romantic moments and lifelong companions’, dedicated to dedicating noble and elegant watches and clocks to the people who pursue fashionable lifestyle. This time, in the name of romance, Yibo Lu joined hands with the brand’s retro series new couple automatic watches to debut in Suzhou, sharing a romantic encounter with consumers in this magnificent garden city.
Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Switzerland, presents new vintage watches to Miss Chen Huilin

   Suzhou has been a poetic and artistic place since ancient times. The wide spread of love stories of gifted and beautiful women has made it more romantic. At the scene of the Suzhou event in Switzerland, the presence of the brand spokeswoman Ms. Chen Huilin attracted a lot of attention and pushed the event to a climax. Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific, Switzerland, and Ms. Chen Huilin jointly unveiled the retro series of lovers watches, and will have a very retro charm, retro series wrists with precise shapes, simple lines, natural low-key arcs and harmonious geometric elements The table was presented to Miss Chen Huilin. Ms. Chen Huilin also said: ‘Epo Road Watch is a Swiss brand with a long history of 158 years and a profound cultural heritage. It is a brand that can evoke people’s innermost feelings and longing for a beautiful and romantic life. It is a trustworthy brand . ‘
‘Classic Inheritance, Romantic Continuity’ Crowds at the site of the romantic Suzhou patrol event in Switzerland
‘Classic Inheritance, Romantic Continuation’ Chen Huilin, a group photo with fans in the romantic Suzhou tour of Yibo Road, Switzerland
   Swiss Ebolus watches always follow the original entrepreneurial spirit and the belief in creating perfection. It not only occupies an important position in the watch industry, but also provides an irreplaceable lifestyle for those who continuously pursue perfection, fashion and romance. After the event, Ms. Chen Huilin went to the Swiss watch counter for signatures, and the atmosphere was warm. As Mr. Su Da, Chief Executive Officer of Asia-Pacific Region of Switzerland Ebolu said, “Since its establishment in 1856, Swiss Ebolu has been committed to spreading romantic feelings and noble and elegant living tastes to all corners of the world.” I wish Swiss Ebolu Watches can ride the waves and continue to write the legend of the famous watch era!