Hublot Golden Foot Award, the highest honor for fans. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe said: ‘The Hublot Golden Foot Award winners are voted by fans, fans stand in the stands, it is the life of football. Fans are behind football. Enthusiasm and passion, they inspire players to play the best level on the field. In every game, loyal female, male and children fans are full of dreams and expectations, and give unwavering support. To a certain extent, football is also his The lives of them. The Hublot Golden Foot Awards give fans a platform to speak, and this award also belongs to them. Because without them, there is no football. By sponsoring this award, Hublot aims to make it a fan pair. The highest form of recognition for players. ‘

   Brazil and Italy are the football kingdoms. They have the most Hublot Golden Foot Award winners (three each). The 14th Hublot Golden Foot Award in 2016 pays tribute to GianluigiBuffon’s career and will not break this. trend. Fans paid their respects to the best goalkeeper in history (and one of the most loyal players to the club) by voting. Buffon has also become another Hublot gold foot prize winner after the 2015 Samuel Eto’o.

   Monaco, October 11, 2016. At the invitation of His Royal Highness Prince Albert II, the world’s best football players gathered in Monaco to attend the Hublot Golden Foot Awards ceremony. The Hublot Golden Foot Award is an international award that shows fans the fans’ favorite players and can only win once. The selection of the Hublot Golden Foot Awards began in 2003 and was founded by the Antonio Caliando World Championship Club. It is awarded to active players who have considerable influence and achievements in international football. The international jury of judges selected 30 players over the age of 28. The public voted to determine 10 candidates in the first round. The final round of voting resulted in the final winners and was announced at the Hublot Golden Foot Awards ceremony. The winners will be awarded a golden trophy, and their footprints will remain in the bronze mold. Maradona was the first player to leave his mark on Monaco’s Promenadedes Champions. From Maradona to Bailey, more than 70 talented superstars in the football world have left a permanent footprint in bronze molds and on the ‘Champion Avenue’.

   In addition to Buffon, the other nine candidates for the Hublot Golden Foot Awards in 2016 are Rooney, Ronaldo, Cavani, Casillas, Messi, Kaka, Thiago Silva, Pirlo And Lampard. Legendary places include Antonio Caliiano (Chair and founder of the Hublot Golden Foot Awards), Deco, Puyol, Debord and Zachary. Buffon, the winner of the Hublot Golden Foot Awards in 2016, is a friend of the Hublot brand. He showed his football talents at Juventus Club. He was selected as the UEFA Team of the Year in 2003 and the World Cup in 2006. The History and Statistics Federation (IFFHS) has been named the best goalkeeper of the 21st century, and he is also one of the most loyal players in history. More than 20 years ago, Buffon, who was only 17 years old, represented Parma in his Serie A debut. After transferring to Juventus in 2001, Buffon stood firmly in front of the Zebra Legion until today. Buffon’s contract has been extended to 2018, and he will play for Juventus for 17 seasons and spend his 40th birthday with the Zebras.

   Nearly one million fans participated in the selection of this favorite player, Buffon received 72% of the votes. 56% of the votes came from women and 44% came from men. The average age of the voting players was 31.5 years, showing the current football style. As for the voting sources, most of them came from Turkey, the United States, China, Italy and Mexico. Fans are the business cards of football, and receiving public recognition is the highest honor that all players aspire to.
Hublot Golden Foot Awards
2003: Roberto Baggio, Italy
2004: Pavel Nedved, Czech Republic
2005: Andrei Shevchenko, Ukraine
2006: Ronaldo, Brazil
2007: Alessandro Del Piero, Italy
2008: Roberto Carlos, Brazil
2009: Ronaldinho, Brazil
2010: Francisco Totti, Italy
2011: Ryan Giggs, Wales
2012: Zlatan Ibrasimovic, Sweden
2013: Didier Drogba, Côte d’Ivoire
2014: Andres Iniesta, Spain
2015: Samuel Eto’o, Cameroon
2016: Gianluigi Buffon, Italy
Hublot Golden Foot Legends Award
2003: Maradona, Eusebio, Riviera, Fontaine
2004: Di Stefano, Zov, Platini
2005: Gento, Best, Via, Riva, Riverino
2006: Jija, Puskas, Facheti, Copa, Zico
2007: Mueller, Stoichkov, Kempes, Rossi, Romario
2008: Ardale, Belanov, Suarez, Zidane
2009: Rumenig, Santos, Blochin, Iquita, Bonje
2010: Dunga, Varallo, Beckenbauer, Antonioni
2011: Bailey, Zanetti, Figo, Magel, Gullit
2012: Cantona, Baresi, Mateus, Bailey
2013: Valderrama, Adiles, Papán
2014: Panenka, Pfaff, Sukh, Nakata Hideshou, Hamm, Mira
2015: Haji, Pasarela, Dasayev, Trezeguet
2016: Deco, Puyol, Debor, Zachary, Deshang