I don’t know if you still remember, Cartier launched a blue balloon Chinese red limited edition watch in China earlier this year. At the time of the Valentine’s Day and the Spring Festival, the news received great attention as soon as it was released, and it was sold out shortly after the sale. Many friends regret that they did not start early, did not grab it last time? What is Cartier’s big move in China this time?

Cartier’s Blue Balloon Watch China Red Limited Edition launched during Valentine’s Day this year

 Speaking of Cartier Blue Balloon Series, launched in 2007, it is already known today as a classic. In just ten years, what made this series so successful. Many people try to find the reason. In my opinion, it has a lot to do with the cultural connotation and iconic design of its brand.

Cartier’s iconic red gift box
 Maybe it is from France, the unique romantic temperament of French is flowing in the blood. From a jewellery manufacturer to a world-renowned luxury brand of jewellery and watches, of course there is a secret that Cartier only knew.

 Cartier’s first watch was born in 1904, when it was designed for Mr. Alberto Santos Dumont, so this watch was also named Santos. After this, Cartier began a long road to watchmaking. Unlike other high-end watchmaking families and jewelry brands, Cartier, a ‘half-way monk’ from the jewelry industry, has a ‘too blame’ on his own requirements. Because of his jewellery background, he is more critical of the design and the materials used; and because of the brand’s rigorous pursuit of watchmaking technology, he has never been lazy in watchmaking.

Cartier watch in the middle of the last century

This is too difficult for any brand or business. Sometimes we do n’t understand why the brand is so “embarrassed” by itself. It is also because of constant challenge to myself that there are so many watch works that have surprised consumers and the watch market: Cartier Tank Series, Cartier Santos Series, Blue Balloon Series and so on.

 Among so many works, I personally think that the Cartier watch most loved by most women is the Ballon Bleu de Cartier. This has become a consensus that everyone has reached: no matter in the film and television dramas or the choice of the royal family, its figure can never be ignored.

Close-up of a Cartier blue balloon in a TV series

 Princess Kate often wears Cartier Blue Balloons

 Why the blue balloon watch can be loved by everyone, it starts from its design. It is said that the design inspiration of the blue balloon series watch really comes from a ‘balloon’. A sphere floating in the air with a blue print is the first time that human beings have truly ‘gripped off’ gravity. Therefore, the most iconic sapphire crown in the blue balloon model was born. Among the 21 models of the Cartier Blue Balloon series currently on sale, whether it is a white or black dial, a moon phase with complicated functions, or a diamond-studded watch, this is used without exception. One design-blue gemstone crown.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier new blue balloon jewelry watch
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 No, this time, Cartier put a big move in China-the new Cartier Blue Balloon Jewellery Watch debuted in mainland China.

Ballon Bleu de Cartier new blue balloon jewelry watch
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 Beginning in August, the new blue balloon jewellery watch made its world premiere in mainland China, an exclusive debut! Exclusive debut! Exclusive debut! Important things to say three times!

Qin Lan wears Ballon Bleu de Cartier Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch

 Recently, Qin Lan, the role of Queen Fucha in the TV series ‘Yanxi Raiders’, also performed for us the correct posture of wearing Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch-elegance and confidence. Qin Lan, wearing a pink-colored suit, and wearing Cartier’s new jewellery watch, showed a woman’s independent elegance in every move.

Kalia wears Ballon Bleu de Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch

 She was wearing a simple white top and Cartier’s new blue balloon jewellery watch. Simple and easy to wear can also easily control Cartier’s new blue balloon jewellery watch.

 It is a great honor for Watch House to have a preview of this new blue balloon jewellery watch. The new watch comes in three different sizes, 33, 36 and 42 mm. Three diameter case diameters give consumers more choices. Friends with different wrist sizes, preferences and aesthetics can choose a new blue balloon jewelry watch that suits them.

 Ballon Bleu de Cartier new blue balloon jewelry watch
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Ballon Bleu de Cartier new blue balloon jewelry watch
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 The new blue balloon watch also continues the soul of Cartier’s blue balloon-round case design, convex round sapphire crown, sword-shaped blue steel hands, and Roman numerals. The difference lies in the new interpretation of materials and colors. Different from the ordinary Cartier blue balloon watch, the new jewellery watch launched in mainland China this time is more elegant and beautiful. The shiny burgundy crocodile leather strap with rose gold case and bezel. The inlaid brilliant diamonds are like the stars that leaped into the sky, implying women’s self-maturity and milestones on the road to advancement in life. With the passage of time, they shine a charming light. Maybe your next drill table is probably it?

 I do n’t know when your last heartbeat was. The person who missed it may make you regret it. If this time, Cartier’s new blue balloon jewelry watch makes you heartbeat, do n’t miss it. Interested friends can go to the store for consultation, or call the brand’s customer service center to place an order. The intimate Xiaobian has already prepared. The number is here → 400 885 6618