In December 2015, the Tudor North Flag City Tour Challenge was grandly opened in Hangzhou Tower, and it will be launched in more than 20 cities including Shanghai and Guangzhou. Adhering to the heritage of the pioneering brand of Tudor, Tudor has moved nature exploration into the city, mobilizing all the senses of the audience, and leading everyone to start a modern exploration journey with Tudor.

   The Tudor North Flag City Tour Challenge area is a modern and cool display space. The red and black colors of the Tudor watch are the main colors, and the polyhedral irregular shape of the design makes the customers feel from different angles. To the charm of Tudor. Against the background of lights and images, the entire exhibition space shows the state of glacial ocean currents, arousing people’s instinctual desire to explore. Below the distinctive brand logo is the centralized display area of ​​the Tudor watch, which has several electronic screens, each displaying different Tudor watches. The showcase of the self-made movement is listed with clear text introduction. Among them, the two iceberg-shaped display cases are particularly prominent, which houses the new Tudor North Flag and Tudor Pelagos series watches at Basel 2015. The spirit of Tudor North Flag originates from the coldest and most remote place on earth. This polar pure land, uninhabited, is a pioneer’s paradise. Tudor Pelagos was inspired by adventures in the water. The deep and fascinating ocean has attracted countless adventurers, and adventure has become a part of their lives.

   To the right of the exhibition space is a highly creative interactive climbing area. A black rock climbing machine is standing up. The rock wall is covered with red stepping stones. The classic red and black combination highlights Tudor’s brand heritage. Rock climbing is a sport that combines strength and excitement, and is often chosen by people who are keen on outdoor adventures. The cool climbing machine attracted many participants, and they showed their skills under the guidance of the coach. The on-site camera freezes the peak moments, leaving the most memorable moments for the participants, and sharing the pictures to the circle of friends will win the exquisite gift from Tudor. Landing on the Tudor’s event special website, you can also check the Pioneer ranking at any time, and it has attracted many sports enthusiasts who are eager to experience the fun of an outdoor adventure in the modern city.
Tudor North Flag Watch

   In the early 1850s, a team of expeditions in Greenland, northern Britain, wore a Tudor Oyster Prince watch and carried out a series of experiments in extreme environments on Earth. Since then, Tudor watches have been designed and processed in accordance with the standards of precision instruments, and have become loyal companions for explorers, always giving users a scientific instrument-like experience. The Tudor North Flag case in this exhibition has sharp edges and corners, and is finely polished to create a high-tech look. At the same time, the top of the case is slightly curved to allow light to flow, and the subtle details make the watch soft and soft. The protruding crown design brings a good touch, and the round frosted outer ring is composed of matte ceramic and frosted steel, which complement each other and blend into one. The movement can be seen through the sapphire caseback, a detail that has never been seen before in Tudor history.

Tudor Pelagos (leader type)

   The birth of Tudor Pelagos is closely connected with professionals working underwater. During the research and development process, Tudor watches have carried out a number of live tests around the world. Professional water-resistant up to 500 meters, and equipped with a helium exhaust valve, a necessary device to protect the watch during ‘saturation’ diving. The watch dial is set with square hour markers and coated with a lot of luminous materials. This design, which collectors call ‘snowflake’ hands, also continues on Tudor Pelagos. Blue, the last recognizable color in the depths of the ocean, is added to the hour markers to ensure clear and easy to read underwater.
Tudor homemade movement

   Tudor North Flag and Tudor Pelagos are the pioneers of Tudor watches. First of all, they are equipped with self-developed movements, which has a milestone significance in the independent production of the brand. The Tudor North Flag watch uses the Tudor MT5621 calibre, while the Tudor Pelagos watch is equipped with the Tudor MT5612 calibre, both of which are equipped with a two-way automatic winding rotor, providing up to about 70 hours of power reserve. At 3 o’clock, there is a blinking calendar window, and at 9 o’clock, there is a power indicator dial. The movement frequency of the movement is 28,800 times per hour or 4 hertz. All details are controlled accurately. With their extraordinary strength, these two movements became the first Tudor watches to be certified by the Swiss Precision Timepiece Testing Center (COSC). Tudor’s constantly challenging and exploring design concepts and excellent product performance have brought fatal appeal to those who love sports watches.
   The Tudor North Flag City Tour Challenge is adhering to the pioneering spirit, using the senses to stimulate people’s desire for exploration, and leading those who love exploration to start the modern exploration of the city together.