This successful Herios TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton flyback three-second skeletonized watch has now developed a passionate crystal white version.
This exquisite Herios TriRetrograde Seconds Skeleton skeletonized three-second skeleton watch has a stunningly elegant look in a dynamic square case. This sophisticated watch comes from Milus headquarters, equipped with a rare and charming flyback three-second hand function, showing the brand’s strength in design and manufacturing. The precise tempo of the second hand jumping back to zero is achieved by a special version of a Swiss-quality mechanical movement that has a self-winding function and a flyback second hand every twenty seconds in three areas.

Herios TriRetrograde’s three-second flyback character, crafted in gold and brilliant white diamonds, is vibrant and charming. There are several different versions of this watch, with 18K red gold 5N case, bezel set with 88 brilliant-cut diamonds, and 18K white or red gold case set with bright-cut diamonds. . The white American alligator strap looks like a visual extension of the dial, which completes the elegant appearance of this watch.
The heart of this watch is round, and the inner area is a dial with a silver frame. In addition to the hour and minute hands, there are three seconds display panels that constitute a very special ‘show’ background: these three display panels are located at six o’clock, ten o’clock, and two o’clock, respectively. The ‘take over flying’ approach works.
The interior area is two hand-carved, golden support frames. This impressive watch also exhibits a unique feature. On the back of the watch, under the screw-in watch is a round raised sapphire crystal display window, where you can see the intoxicating movement Hollow oscillating rotary shaft with Milus brand logo on it.
Source: Milus