‘I don’t know where I am, but I am deeply affectionate’. In the silent voice, I do not know whether the wisdom of time has inspired Bulgari, or the light of Bulgari has illuminated the shadow of time, All the beauty and brilliance, so sparks between them, creating a new miracle. This nostalgic feeling of time, this noble Italian essence, this wonderful inspiration and creativity, not only make people fascinated, but also immersed in it, the story between time and Bulgari is a series of beautiful memories Open the chapter of Bulgari’s history, and that wonderful story spreads gently.

  First sight, capture the shadow of time

  The first impression of Bulgari began with jewelry. The mysterious and noble jewels always attracted the attention of the people at any time, anywhere. Jewelry creation is not a simple process, it is not just drawing, how the design is set, and any gems being embedded. Creation usually begins with gems, and design has quietly begun during the treasure hunt. Finding a good gem is an accidental harvest, and making a good work is a real surprise!


  How to fully display the luster of a diamond, how to make a jewellery unique, and how to make a masterpiece sought after by everyone? Bulgari tells you the answer.



  At the end of the 19th century, the Greek silversmith Sotirio Bulgari opened his first jewellery shop in Rome on the Sistina Avenue, selling some antique jewellery and Sotirio. Your own silver jewelry. Who knows, this is the beginning of a miracle, a legend of more than 130 years is about to begin.

  Bvlgari was never created to please the public, nor was it a source of inspiration that was tied to the rules. The design itself has no rules at all. The only and most accurate answer is imagination. Your imagination will never dry up and will last forever. As long as the mind is working, the imagination has the whole world.
  Today, the brand has a glorious B.zero1, a tough and soft Lucea, a fashionable classic Parentesi, a creative allegra, a concentric circle represented by Astrale … George’s two sons, Paul and Nicholas Bulgari, in sixty The father and father’s left arm and right arm continued their innovation and developed new iconic styles, such as designing ancient coins as jewelry, creating “Parentesi” themed jewelry inspired by “modularity”, Tubogas design, and Serpenti series snake wrist table. No matter where you start, you can trace the source and explore the glory of time.

Jean-ChristopheBabin, CEO of BVLGARI

  Learn more about creative inspiration

  Each series is a classic from different periods of the brand. From the founder of the brand, Sotirio, to his sons Giorgio and Costantino, their different personalities also influence the brand in a subtle way. Development, the former pays more attention to the market, while the latter focuses more on research. Later, George’s two sons, Paul and Nicholas Bulgari, became father’s left and right arms in the 1960s, continuing the legend of Bulgari. In 2000, Zunda was acquired by the Bulgari Group. After injecting new vitality, it ushered in more new works. Let’s take a look at the story behind those watch designs.

  Octo Watch Collection


  In 2012, BVLGARI released the new Octo watch series. In just three years, this series of watches has stood out among many timepieces, won an extraordinary reputation, and quickly occupied the core of the brand watch series. status. Back in 2010, Bulgari launched the Octo watch with a retrograde display. The Octo series combines sophisticated watchmaking techniques with novel and unique aesthetic elements, creating a complex and diverse aesthetic charm, showing endless inspiration and unlimited potential.

  The Octo watch completely subverts traditional concepts, invites the world to explore a new world, witnesses first-class visual and spiritual feasts, and obtains a new and extraordinary experience.

  BulgariBulgari watch series

  Bulgari The Bulgari series is a valuable asset both in design style and watchmaking technology. It cannot let its glory become the past, but should develop together with other watch series. In 1884, Sotirio Bulgari founded the Bulgari jewelry store in Rome. After several developments, it has become famous all over the world for its novel, elegant, original and colorful works. The BulgariRoma, a limited edition watch specially made to commemorate the Bulgari jewellery store, is a great gift dedicated to one hundred Bulgari customers, and a tribute to Roman charm and influence.

  In 1975, Bulgari created the BulgariRoma series. Looking back, the birth of the BulgariRoma series of watches marks a major turning point in the field of watchmaking. The BulgariRoma series has surprised the world since its inception: it has no hands and no dial, instead it has a digital display.

  Later, it continued to evolve into the style it is today. Inspired by the sovereignty symbol on ancient coins, the watch’s bezel is engraved with the inscription BulgariBulgari, which becomes a design symbol that can be discerned by the world at a glance-a modern appearance with a quaint design core. The dial is equipped with a central seconds And calendar window. Nowadays, the series is constantly performing multiple versions, becoming a stage for BVLGARI to explore and innovate in the field of watchmaking.

  Diagono watch collection

  The BVLGARI Diagono watch series introduced in 1998 was one of the earliest watches made of aluminum and other materials. At the time, this lightweight and wear-resistant metal was the material of choice for aviation engineers. It has dramatically changed the situation of the international watchmaking industry, caused a great change in the design world, and was favored by celebrities. A large passenger plane traveling around the world was spray-painted with the Bulgari logo color and the image of the Diagono watch, which was an absolutely bold world first at the time. Next, the first decade of the 21st century ushered in the age of titanium. Bulgari has boldly embraced new challenges and achieved new successes. The rubber strap was also pioneered by Bulgari.

  If it wasn’t for Bulgari, who would dare to take the lead? To the watchmaking profession that was conservative and solemn at that time, all this was like a revolution, and in the eyes of the fashionable people who were keen on style, fashion and design, Bulgari became a symbol of bold personality.

  Familiar, good promise with time

  Owning a Bulgari product is not only a choice of attitude towards life, but also an inner yearning. I would like to have a wonderful agreement with Bulgari, an agreement about the eternal charm of time. Feel the tacit understanding and inspiration from the brand in the design lines of the watch. Each brand interprets its understanding and experience of time in different ways. Bvlgari has continuously integrated the style and creativity of the century into the wrist. In the design of the watch, the strong vitality of the brand is exhibited.

  Only when you have a real love for an object can you have constant creativity and enthusiasm, and so is Bulgari. Every member of the brand team is dedicated to loving the brand. Every Bulgari product-whether it is jewelry, watches, perfumes or accessories-has undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it adheres to the standards of Bulgari’s traditional craftsmanship and perfectly reflects the designer’s delicateness and creativity. As early as the beginning of the design, design and production staff carefully considered design ideas, carefully selected the colors that can best show the product’s gorgeousness, ensure excellent wearing comfort, while adhering to Bulgari tradition and style.

  In addition, the Bvlgari watch perfectly combines elegant design with sophisticated mechanical construction. It is manufactured and tested in accordance with the strictest Swiss standards, achieving unparalleled product quality.

Summary: Bulgari always conveys excellence and noble quality, pays attention to details, pursues quality and innovation, and creates timeless elegance. People can’t say why they like it, but their hearts are full of longing and love for it. It is a magic power from love that attracts the world’s pursuit and worship of it. With a piece of jewelry, a watch, a brooch, over time, it is no longer a simple ornament, but a companion, a trust, a wealth, an identity. If ‘Companionship is the longest confession’, then Bulgari is definitely the best interpreter of companionship. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)