The Swatch Group is a world-renowned watch group. It is a company that can produce all parts required for mechanical watches and quartz watches by itself, and design, produce and distribute products completely independently. Large group. Their factories, workshops and laboratories can produce all parts of the watch themselves, in fact, the entire Swiss watchmaking industry and a part of the global watchmaking industry are dependent on the Swatch Group to varying degrees. The Swatch Group is also the only watchmaker in the world to cover the various market segments of watches. From top luxury watches to children’s watches, no matter what type and economic class you like, you can find your own here. That watch. Today I will recommend ten different brands of watches from the Swatch Group and enjoy the different landscapes presented by this super watchmaker.
 Longines The Longines Master Collection L2.673.8.78.3

Watch Series: The Longines Master Collection
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: 18k rose gold
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 76,900
Watch details: Blancpain Fifty Fathoms (Fifty Fifty Fathoms) 5015-1130-52 watch

 Watch Series: Fifty Fathoms
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Case material: Stainless steel
 Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
 Case diameter: 45 mm
 Domestic public price: ¥ 140,400
 Watch details: Brief comment: Blancpain is the top brand under the Swatch Company. As the oldest watchmaking brand in existence, it still maintains traditional watchmaking technology today. The Fifty Fathoms series was the first official military watch launched by Blancpain specifically for the French Navy. Blancpain’s century-old superb watchmaking craftsmanship and purpose are perfectly reflected in this series of watches. This watch has excellent performance, waterproof depth up to 300 meters, case thickness of 15.5, power reserve of 120 hours. The price is also lower in this series, which is suitable for collection or daily wear.
  Breguet Reine de Naples 8958BB / 51/974 D00D
 Watch Series: Reine de Naples (Queen of Naples)
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Case material: 18k white gold with diamonds
 Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
 Case diameter: 40 mm
 Domestic public price: ¥ 511,600
 Watch details: Brief comment: The status of Breguet in the watch culture is unquestionable. The watchmaking standards established by the founder A.-L. Breguet (Abraham-Louis. Breguet) have become the entire watchmaking industry The revered golden rule of jade has always been an important synonym for Swiss watches. And it is often talked about by the public that it has a relationship with the European royal family. Breguet has designed many original watches for these most noble customers. ‘The Queen of Naples series’ is an alternative replica of the watch designed by Napoleon’s younger sister Carolina, then the Queen of Naples. The unique oval dial and delicate shell carvings, coupled with the embellishment of diamonds and a long historical background, can’t keep women from moving.
  Glashütte SENATOR AUTOMATIC 39-59-01-02-04
 Watch series: SENATOR AUTOMATIC (senator)
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Case material: 18k white gold
 Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
 Case diameter: 43 mm
 Domestic public price: ¥ 1,496,500
 Watch details: Brief comment: As a representative of German watches, Glashütte has the same long history as the Swiss watch industry. Glashütte has a history of more than 160 years and has fully preserved the tradition of German watchmaking. German watches have always had their own unique style: traditional, durable and highly technical. As the most expensive watch in the Senate series, this watch not only has complex functions such as tourbillon and retrograde, but also has a unique crown design and exquisite decoration, which fully represents Glashütte’s ingenious watchmaking technology. And extremely high artistic value, it is worth collecting.
  Jaquet Droz J031033200
 Movement type: manual machinery
 Case material: 18k rose gold
 Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
 Case diameter: 47 mm
 Domestic public price: ¥ 3,800,000
 Watch details: Brief comment: Jacques Dro has always been a special presence in the watch industry. It has a charm that is different from ordinary watches, and is famous for its exquisite production and luxurious craftsmanship. Especially the ‘Grand Feu’ big fire enamel craftsmanship is its housekeeping skill. This timepiece, a minute repeater that has just been launched, shows Jaquet Droz’s top watchmaking craftsmanship and unique artistic charm between square inches. The lifelike three-dimensional pattern on the dial can be moved, and the hourly, hourly and minute melodious hour can be heard with the change. It is not so much a watch as a piece of art hanging in a bowl.
  OMEGA Constellation
 Watch series: Constellation
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Case material: 18k rose gold with diamonds
 Strap Material: 18K Rose Gold
 Case diameter: 35 mm
 Domestic public price: ¥ 210,700
 Watch details: Brief comment: Omega is a very important high-end brand under the Swatch Group, and its product sales and brand awareness are at the forefront. In the history of watchmaking for more than 150 years, Omega has always occupied a pioneering position in the watch industry and has achieved outstanding results. The constellation series designed to commemorate the centennial of the birth of the Omega brand is currently one of the most recognizable fashion watches in the world and is widely praised. This 35mm observatory watch is a model in its series. The silver-white diamond dial and the rose gold diamond strap, plus the iconic ‘claw’ design, have all triggered women’s desire to buy.
  RADO True Thinline 629.0969.3.115 watch
 Watch Series: True Thinline
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Case material: Ceramic
 Strap Material: Rubber
 Domestic public price: ¥ 20,260
 Watch details: Brief comment: Swiss radar is one of the important watchmakers in Switzerland, and also the brand that joined the Swatch Group earlier. The most familiar one is the world’s first wear-resistant watch, which laid the foundation for the brand’s future success. Radar watches have always been loved for their innovation and unique design, and have achieved great success decades after the brand was launched. This real series of ultra-thin watches can be called its representative work. The case is made of the latest high-tech ceramics, which will never wear out. Together with the simple design and restrained colors, this watch exudes mystery and A breath of fashion.
  Hamilton Khaki H70625133
 Watch series: Khaki
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Case material: stainless steel
 Strap material: stainless steel
 Case diameter: 44 mm
 Domestic public price: ¥ 6,700
 Watch details: Brief comment: Although the Hamilton watch is a member of the Swatch Group, it was established in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, and is a watch brand that combines American spirit and Swiss technology. Hamilton has a strong American flavor. As the military watch supplier of the United States military, it has unparalleled precision and accuracy. The brand has an inextricable bond with Hollywood, and you can see this brand of watches in many Hollywood movies. The khaki series is the one that best reflects the brand’s excellent traditional style. Practical and concise functions, precise moments and an adventurous appearance design allow you to have a close contact with the dream American soldier through this watch.
  Mido BARONCELLI M8607.3.M1.4 watch
 Watch series: BARONCELLI
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Case material: Gold-plated steel
 Strap material: leather
 Case diameter: 42 mm
 Domestic public price: ¥ 20,700
 Watch details: Brief comment: Mido is a relatively personal brand of the Swatch Group. The brand’s century-old watchmaking history has always been based on the ‘eternal’ design concept. Mido is not a brand pursuing fashion trends, it pays more attention to its timeless design and practical functions. A Mido watch will be the choice of many ordinary people, and its excellent quality can make it accompany you throughout your life. This Mido moon phase series watch combines date, week, month, moon phase display and chronograph functions, complex functions, simple and elegant appearance design, is the best choice for entry of mechanical watches.
  TISSOT T-Classic T050.
 Watch Series: T-Classic
 Movement type: automatic machinery
 Case material: Stainless steel
 Strap material: leather
 Case diameter: 35 mm
 Domestic public price: ¥ 5,850
 Watch details: Brief comment: Tissot is also a people-friendly brand under the Swatch Group. It has been known and loved for maintaining the Swiss watchmaking tradition of 150 years and the spirit of continuous innovation. People can often see the brand’s ads on TV, magazines and the Internet, and are usually endorsed by well-known stars. This LADY HEART watch is a ladies’ watch endorsed by the famous Taiwanese actor Xu Xizheng. The special peach heart hollow design on the dial makes this watch unique. The lower price allows more young people to have the ability to access and buy mechanical watches.
 Summary: The Swatch Group has gone through a century of ups and downs and has now become the world’s largest watch group. Not only is it welcomed by consumers in the low-end market, it also has a place in the field of high-end luxury watches. The above is just a brief introduction to the more distinctive watches of Swatch’s ten brands and brands, but this is just the tip of the iceberg of the Swarth Kingdom. Interested readers may wish to learn more about this huge watch kingdom that dominates the Swiss watch industry. (House of watches / text Ruan Ruan)