Endless passion for excellence and a pioneering spirit of boldness have made Cartier’s wonderful self-transcendence again! Recently, the world’s leading watchmaker Cartier launched Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement for men’s watches, creating a watch model that combines watchmaking craftsmanship and ultimate design. Since then, Cartier, with its rigorous attitude of excellence and pursuit of extremes, has realized the entire process of self-made movements from design, research and development, retouching, assembly to mass production, adding glory to its outstanding century of watchmaking.

   The 1904MC movement in the new masterpiece series watches remembers the world’s first wristwatch created by Cartier in 1904, and is full of ambitions for the future; at the same time, the series continues Cartier’s usual The modern design aesthetics show the masculine charm of men with the wonderful balance of power and beauty. The perfect fusion of the watch’s profound craftsmanship with its exquisite design confirms Cartier’s enduring legend. Needless to say, this series will become another classic of Cartier after the trend of Santos, Tank, Ballon Bleu de Cartier watches.
1904MC movement-the birthday of the world watch

   As Cartier’s first self-winding mechanical movement, the Honor-equipped 1904MC movement not only demonstrates Cartier’s latest achievements in watchmaking technology, but also a gift to the birth of the world watch.

   In 1904, the birth of the world’s first wristwatch, Cartier Santos, brought the global watch industry into a new era of modernization. In the name of this landmark era, the 1904MC movement inherited the courage to make breakthroughs more than 100 years ago, and condenses this great tradition that was devoted to research and development in the watch industry for more than 100 years. Each vibration of the balance wheel symbolizes Cartier’s tireless exploration and advancement in each step of the professional characterization.

   The 1904 MC movement combines technicality and aesthetics, perfectly meeting the highest requirements of Cartier watchmaking. This new movement with a diameter of 11 ½ centimeters has a dual barrel inside, and is equipped with a precise adjustment system and a stop-second device to achieve fine adjustment of the movement and ensure accurate timing under any conditions. ; A ceramic ball bearing system is installed at the center of the movement wheel to ensure stable operation when subjected to strong external force; a novel pawl system replaces the traditional reversing wheel as an automatic winding mechanism, which greatly improves the winding Chain speed, and the use of an innovative two-way winding system makes the movement more comfortable to wind the movement and provide kinetic energy; with the eternal pursuit of beauty, the movement’s upper bridge and the movement are decorated with classics The smooth Geneva ripple decoration (côtes de Genève), even the watch face hidden under the movement parts, is still polished with a circular texture, striving for perfection and perfection.

   Accurate travel time, stable performance, innovative winding system, and exquisite detailed design are unified in this first self-winding mechanical movement developed and manufactured by Cartier. It contains Cartier’s tradition of extreme innovation for more than a century, adhering to the infinite pursuit and firm confidence in high-end watchmaking technology, adding glory to the ‘pioneer of watchmaking’ for more than 100 years.

Ultimate Design-Subtle Harmony of Power and Beauty

   Drawing on Cartier’s deep watchmaking essence, the new men’s watch, with its overall modern design and detail retouching, has built a wonderful balance of power and beauty for men.

   The thick and solid case, the three-dimensional raised bezel, the powerful large-diameter dial, and the oversized Roman time scale XII on the dial show the masculine atmosphere of men; at the same time, the soft and smooth bezel is 28 degrees Naturally inclined, it transitions to a dial decorated with curved grain patterns through 120 fine scales, supplementing the atmospheric pen and ink with exquisite and detailed details, which is surprising. On the dial, the fan-shaped calendar window at the three o’clock position is full of retro atmosphere; on the other side of the watch, the transparent sapphire crystal case back gives a glimpse of the exquisite decoration of the movement-Cartier’s amazing watchmaking craftsmanship Allow time to condense, and even fascinate watch lovers.

   In addition, men’s watches have achieved a wonderful internal and external response. The 120 precision scales on the dial are reminiscent of the meticulous movement gears, while the novel and unique movement design in the transparent case back becomes the perfect sublimation of the masculine appearance; At the same time, Cartier also takes into account the comfort of wearing, according to ergonomics The four lugs designed according to the theoretical principle perfectly fit the curve of the wrist, as comfortable and natural as the second layer of skin, creating an excellent wearing experience.

And the movement is just like a gentle gentleman of a new era, masculine and subtle.

   Carrying on the outstanding spirit of innovation and distinguished masters, Cartier has always strived to combine watchmaking technology with design aesthetics, and has indisputably achieved the honor of its high-end watchmaker. A fusion of classic and innovative design elements, it will definitely go down in history and become another important member of the Cartier watch family, once again demonstrating Cardia’s tireless research on watchmaking mechanical technology and its ambitious future.