The never-ending creative steps are the inexhaustible motive of Richard Mille. Richard Mille finally ushered in the birth of a new design and is destined to become another future classic: RM 016 hollow automatic winding Watch. Regardless of the material of the case or the internal structure, the birth of this timepiece is regarded as a re-innovation in the design of the exterior, underscoring Richard Mille’s continuous and aggressive brand style.

RM 016 movement: skeleton automatic winding movement, equipped with hour, minute, date display function and adjustable automatic dial.
Dimensions: Length 49.80 mm x 38.00 (widest point) x 8.25 mm (thickest area)

Main technical characteristics
(Most of them are major technological innovations)
Variable geometry automatic disc
   Tier 2 titanium alloy swing
   Grade 2 titanium alloy flange
   6-level positioning adjustment with 5 grade titanium alloy screws
   18K Palladium-White Gold Wings
   Tungsten cobalt alloy pendulum
   Ceramic ball bearings
   One-way counterclockwise winding.
   This automatic disc device is the exclusive design of RICHARD MILLE, which is characterized by the mainspring’s ability to effectively adjust the winding function according to the wearer’s sports (strength) level (whether in sports or non-motion state). By adjusting the position of the ribs, the inertial movement of the automatic disc can be changed: when the arm is in a leisure movement state, the winding speed is increased, and when it is in a vigorous movement state, the winding speed is slowed. In this way, the winding mechanism of the movement can be optimally adjusted according to the wearer’s lifestyle.
Power reserve: about 55 hours

   This case design brings new styling elements to the Richard Mille series for the first time. As a sister of the racing theme series and nautical theme series launched earlier, this new product still fits the wrist with its slim lines. The curved and tapered design successfully transforms the traditional barrel design, making it more suitable for wearing on any occasion.
   The design of the case still retains Richard Mille’s consistent technical characteristics and upholds the fine tradition of attention to detail. Only the three major parts of the case (bezel, ring and case back) must go through multiple stamping processes. Instrument adjustment alone took more than 18 days. Prior to this, technical development and process drawing took more than 400 hours. Each case has to undergo 202 separate processing operations.
   The design and production of each watch are an unrivalled set of design concepts that express the movement, case and dial. The fine craftsmanship is almost rigorous. For example, the outer ring is no longer used, but the movement is fixed to the fixed rubber (ISO SW) of the chassis with 4 titanium screws. All these are exquisite.
   The three-piece case guarantees a water resistance of 30 meters with three Ding Qing O-rings.
   The case is assembled with 12 grade 5 titanium alloy spline screws and wear-resistant copper-nickel-zinc alloy washers.

RM 016 movement

Titanium base plate, plywood and balance plywood

   All the above parts use 2 grade titanium alloy and black PVD coating, which can improve its overall rigidity and surface smoothness, which is very critical to the good operation of the gear train.

Double barrel system

   The dual barrel system improves the smoothness of the torque for a long time. Through more rotary motion, the pressure and friction on the gears, bearings and pivots can be reduced, thereby improving their performance in the long term.

Date display
   The 7 o’clock position is equipped with a semi-instant vertical date display window, and both sides of the sapphire crystal glass calendar plate are treated with anti-reflective coating.
Spline screws for grade 5 titanium alloy
The use of such screws can better control the screw torque during assembly, and the screws are durable because they will not be damaged during assembly and disassembly.

Inner flange (up and down)
   Black carbon fiber material, the scale is filled with fluorescent material.
   Crown The crown is made of ceramic and equipped with a double O-ring seal. Available in 18K rose gold or white gold.

   Made of anti-glare sapphire on both sides (thickness: 0.40 mm), 8 silicon connecting pieces are inserted between the upper and lower grooves.

crystal glass
Bezel: Anti-glare sapphire (1800 Vickers hardness) on both sides
Thickness: 1.15 mm
Case back: Anti-glare sapphire on both sides
Thickness: 0.67 mm at the center and 1.05 mm at the edges

Other technical characteristics:
Movement size: 30.25 x 28.45 mm
Thickness: 4.33 mm
Total ruby ​​bearings: 32
Clockwork barrel shaft: AP 20 stainless steel
Balance wheel: GLUCYDUR, 3 pendulum spokes, instantaneous inertia 4.8 mg cm2, inclination 53º
Swing frequency: 28,800 vph (4 Hz)
Balance spring: ELINVAR hairspring by NIVAROX
Indexing head assembly: Triovis N 2
Earthquake protection: INCABLOC 908.22.211.100 (transparent)
Escapement Ruby Bearing: Rubifix (Transparent)
The rotary handle has three functions: manual winding, date adjustment, time setting
RM 016 movement
Seiko modification
   Baseplate and titanium alloy are hand-polished, wet-blasted and PVD treated
   Pivot polished
   Diamond chiseled edges on plywood
   Gears are sandblasted, rhodium-plated, and beveled

Stainless steel parts
   Surface sapphire sandblasted
   Hand-polished and polished
   Screw ports and screws are beveled and polished, and screw heads are rounded and polished