Month: February 2017

Feel The New Year’s Atmosphere Piaget Altiplano Year Of The Pig Zodiac Watch

Piaget has launched the Zodiac watch from the Chinese Lunar Year of the Dragon in 2012, and the brand will also launch the eighth zodiac watch as usual in 2019. This year, the protagonist turns the year of the pig, in order to maintain the same zodiac watch Sex, the earl still uses the filigree enamel craftsmanship, with the delicate handwriting depicting the lovely side of the year of the pig.

In the face of the upcoming Lunar Year of the Pig, Piaget introduced the zodiac watch for the 8th time. The brand is based on the Altiplano series and invited the enamel master Anita Porchet to use the filigree enamel process to outline the pig pattern.

Positive meaning of the year of the pig
As the last zodiac of the Chinese zodiac, the year of the pig reveals the characteristics of kindness, generosity, and gentleness. It also has a spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and even a little brave personality. Of course, pigs will have other deep-rooted Negative stereotypes, but since the Chinese lunar calendar in 2019 is a pig, the promotion of its positive value is of priority. So as long as the negative impression of the pig is broken, the zodiac watch with the theme of it is actually auspicious to wear. With positive energy.
Earl’s Eighth Zodiac Watch
Piaget’s Lunar Year of the Pig is still based on the Altiplano series. It uses a white gold case and is set with 78 diamonds on the bezel. The watch is equipped with a 430P bracelet movement. But this also means that the watch can free up enough space to paint. The enamel technique used by Piaget here is filigree enamel. In simple terms, the craftsman first used gold threads and special gels to outline the pig’s outline on the face plate. This time the face plate will be distinguished by the gold line. At this time, the craftsman can fill the block with various colors of enamel glaze to show the color and shadow on the pig, and then the craftsman will put the enamel to 800 ° C for kiln firing. After many times of coloring and firing, the molding is not considered until the color is completely expected. In order to protect the enamel, the craftsman also applies varnish on the surface to make the year of the pig look more attractive. The sharp-eyed person may notice the word ‘AP’ at about 5 o’clock on the face plate, which means that the enamel pattern is from the handwriting of the well-known enamel master Anita Porchet. If you look closely at the pig pattern, you can find the craftsman with fur and The texture of the complexion is made, showing the master’s highly praised craftsmanship. Compared with the pig pattern, the background of the face plate is relatively elegant. The gray-black background extending from the pig pattern looks more able to accentuate the presence of the protagonist. Because this color is full of variables during the production process, each Just the style of the table is not exactly the same.

Echoing the Altiplano Year of the Pig Zodiac watch, the Possession watch also launched a new work with carnelian as the dial material, with a rose gold case and red belt, so that the entire watch looks full of festive mood

Yingjing big red echoes the theme of the New Year
In addition to the Chinese zodiac watch, Piaget also launched a Possession watch to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This series of watches is originally full of bold color matching aesthetics. With the luxury of the rose gold case, it seems even more suitable for the occasion of the New Year. The bezel of the watch is set with 42 diamonds, and the large red on the dial is made of carnelian. At the same time, Piaget also equipped it with a red alligator leather strap, so that the joy filled throughout the entire watch in.

Altiplano Year of the Pig Zodiac Watch

18K white gold material / 430P manual winding movement / hour and minute display / filigree enamel dial / 78 diamonds on the case, weighing approximately 0.7 carats / sapphire crystal / diameter 38mm / reference price: 500,000 RMB

Possession rose gold watch

18K rose gold material / Quartz movement / Hour and minute display / Carnelian dial / 42 diamonds in the case, weighing approximately 1.03 carats / Sapphire crystal / diameter 29mm / Reference price: 118,000 RMB


Low Price, High Configuration Will Be Available Soon! Mido’s New Pilot Ocean Star Diver 600 Dive Watch

Swiss Mido has preheated a brand new Ocean Pioneer Ocean Diver 600 diving watch in 2018. It has attracted the attention of watch friends as soon as it comes out, it has gathered Mido Many exquisite and superb technologies of the brand, a watch specially created for deep-sea diving, is also the first dive watch of the Mido brand that covers the professional field. In addition to its performance, it is domineering and trendy. The value design stands out among the many diving watches. Let’s enjoy this watch together. (Watch model: M026.608.37.051.00)

Performance, value, price

  The satin-polished 316L stainless steel case is treated with a black DLC-like diamond ink carbon coating. This material is more common in the watch industry. It takes into account hardness, toughness and stability, making the watch highly resistant to wear. This unique material has a smoky gray or black finish that brings a calm, quiet and exclusive aesthetic to the watch.


Wearing effect chart

  The newly upgraded black ceramic ring pressing unidirectional rotating bezel is filled with Super-LumiNova Grade X ® luminous paint, and it is also equipped with a helium exhaust valve to keep the wrist timepiece stable even when diving deep in the ocean. The table diameter of 43.5 mm and the thickness of 14.05 mm are suitable for domineering men. Some friends will worry that it will look too thick when worn on the wrist, but in reality, the actual wearing effect is very good, but it adds a different texture.

  The side crown is also made of DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating, the body is decorated with a non-slip texture design, and the top is decorated with the Mido logo, adding the brand’s exclusive characteristics.

  The double-sided anti-dazzling sapphire glass design has an amazing three-dimensional depth aesthetic, which ensures that it can be clearly read under a variety of conditions. The black lacquer-coated dial is decorated with Super-LumiNova GradeX® white luminous coated hour markers and hands to ensure that the watch can still maintain excellent time reading functions in the dim state. Diamond cutting process, date window at 3 o’clock, adding more practical functions to the watch.

  This watch is equipped with the same color rubber strap. The overall black design reproduces the domineering and handsome sports style, and the dark blue face plate is matched with a 316L stainless steel bracelet to show the brand’s classic.

Mido Caliber 80 Observatory Certified Automatic Movement

  The bottom of the sealed design is treated with embossed matte surface, presenting the exclusive logo of the Star of the Sea series, the starfish pattern, which was first introduced by Mido in 1944. The watch is equipped with a Mido Caliber 80 certified automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. The silicon hairspring material provides the watch with excellent accuracy and shock resistance. In addition, the watch is ISO 6425 diving certified and has a water resistance of 600. Meter.

  Summary: This performance and material are still very conspicuous at the same price. After all, you can buy such a professional watch with an 80-hour power reserve at a public price of 13,000. Interested friends may wish Try it on at the Mido counter.