At the FINA World Swimming Championships in Doha, Qatar, Omega is once again officially appointed as the official timekeeper. For a long time, the brand has actively participated in the development of timing technology and equipment for many of the world’s top sports. This weekend, Omega officially introduced to the public the underwater lap counter and backstroke ledge developed specifically for swimmers.
Backstroke ledge
   The backstroke ledge can increase the kicking force of the swimmer when starting and improve the trajectory of the player after entering the water. When the player finally kicks off the wall of the pool, the angle formed by the legs and the water surface increases, which can reduce the contact between the legs and the water surface when the swimmer first jumps into the lane and reduce the friction.
   The height of the backstroke ledge can be adjusted according to the needs of the athletes. At the same time, the surface of the handle device on the ledge is covered with a non-slip layer, which gives swimmers greater confidence when entering the water.
  Omega Brand Ambassador, 12-time Olympic Medalist Natalie Coughlin, and 7-time Olympic Medalist Aaron Peirsol, the king of backstroke, played an important role in developing new equipment . Their success and experience as backstroke athletes led them to contribute a lot of whimsy in the imagination process of the backstroke ledge; they also participated in the process of the final formation of the ledge.
   Natalie Kaufrin said, ‘I am very happy about the birth of the backstroke ledge. When an athlete is preparing to start on a smooth vertical wall, the last thing he or she wants to worry about is slipping. The backstroke ledge It is a great invention, its appearance has dispelled the athletes’ worries when they set off, and allowed the athletes to focus more on exertion. ‘
   Because the backstroke ledge will increase the strength and motivation of swimmers to step on the wall, its most significant role is to help them achieve better results.
   When asked if she thought the device would allow athletes to complete the game in less time, Natalie said: ‘I naturally think the device has the opportunity to speed up athletes. From my personal experience, sometimes The touchpad slips, so I have concerns when I set off, and the backstroke ledge eliminates that little concern. ‘
Lap counter
   Freestyle, butterfly and breaststroke athletes can take advantage of lap counters placed at the bottom of the pool. Lap counters are placed opposite the end of each lane to count down the remaining laps for each swimmer.

  Before that, the referee would stand by the starting block of each lane and show the swimmers the number of laps remaining, which means that the contestant must divert his attention to know the number of laps remaining. The lap counter has a very clear digital screen, ensuring that swimmers can focus on the performance of their technical movements and their current position, while knowing the distance left in the game. Different from the previous equipment or technology introduced by Omega, the lap counter does not affect the timing or data processing of the game, it is only designed to improve the swimming experience of swimmers.
The 12th FINA World Short Swimming Championships
  The FINA World Short Swimming Championships, held every two years, is a five-day short-range championship, where swimmers around the world compete for 138 medals.
   A total of 900 swimmers competed in 46 events (36 individual events and 12 group relay events). Omega celebrity ambassadors and Olympic medalists Chad Le Clos and Natalie Kaufrin Also listed among them.
  Just recently, Chad Le Clos was named the men’s championship in the FINA World Cup. This is his second consecutive victory and his third time in four years. The South African talented swimmer won 27 gold medals in 27 events he participated in, an impressive result.
   Natalie Kaufrine has won a total of 12 Olympic medals and 20 world championship medals in her career, and is one of the most successful Olympic athletes in American history. In the Mussi Lombardi Femiano Cup swimming competition held in Italy in November, Natalie broke the record of the US 100-meter individual medley with an outstanding result of 55.85 seconds.
   Omega looks forward to its celebrity ambassador’s victory in Doha this weekend.