Month: September 2015

Let Love Cross The Boundary Of Time Swiss Meidu Watches New Baroncelli Collection Of Rose Gold Gold Slim Couple Pair Watches

Every August, it is about to enter the golden season of the year. Some people say that August is the tail of midsummer. God is moody and cloudy. However, August also has a romantic side. It also Once with love. For Chinese people, there is another very special day in August this year, which is Qixi Valentine’s Day. This traditional, romantic and truly Chinese Valentine’s Day has been widely spread since ancient times. Longing for the steadfastness of love and the attachment to love. However, the origin of Qixi Festival, what really touched me, was the love that crossed the boundaries of time. Just like the new Belem Sairee Collection series of rose gold and gold ultra-thin couples, they are designed with the shape of each other’s hearts in mind. Time is the source of love and they accompany each other.

 Love is unclear to anyone, just like water, where it goes, who flows under its feet, and who is held up by it, has its own attitude. Therefore, love has never had a standard answer, and it has never been absent, sooner or later. It is said that time is omnipotent, and it can change everything in the world, but it is the most afraid of love, and love is the most afraid of the trial of time. Mido’s new Belém Série Collection watch is derived from the brand’s tribute to the 40th anniversary of the Belem Série collection. It inherits the classics and uses the Milan Emmanuel II arcade as the source of design. It combines architecture, baroque, Swiss Fine watchmaking craftsmanship merges with each other to create a durable wrist aesthetic.

 The newly launched Mido Berencelli Collection series rose gold and gold ultra-thin couple watch, the men’s watch diameter is 39 mm, the women’s watch diameter is 33 mm, large and small, complement each other, the case is made of stainless steel and PVD The combination of rose gold plating is also rigid and soft, which coincides with the unique aesthetics of urban fashion men and women.

   The simple dial design of the new Belem Celli Collection watch, with black scale and logo embossed, contrasts with the white dial, black and white classic, and timeless. The gold design is completely different from the previous stainless steel or PVD rose gold-plated design. Its fashion is like the combination of classic and modern, and it has a completely different visual impact.

 Derived from the architectural core of the arcade of Emmanuel II, the watch bezel is designed with a very special double-layer bezel. The upper layer is PVD-plated with rose gold, which is gentle and delicate. The lower layer is stainless steel polished and cold. And all this is lined with perfect rounded curves, and echoes with lugs and metal bracelets. It is self-contained and perfectly natural.

 The round crown, which has been treated with PVD rose gold plating, presents moist colors, echoing the overall design style of the bezel and the watch, and the embossed design on the domed surface is beautifully designed.

 Toffee-type pointer design, the two sides of the pointer use completely different technology, one side is sandblasted, the other side is diamond polished, the surface of the second hand is also diamond polished, refracting a smooth mirror texture. The name of the embossed series at 6 o’clock, the font is derived from the name design style at the beginning of the Mido Berencelli series, showing ancient elegance.

 The watch is equipped with a special seven-row metal bracelet from Mido. Part of the surface of the chain has been treated with PVD rose gold plating. The whole bracelet is soft and comfortable, with smooth lines. It is also equipped with a double-push butterfly clasp, which is marked with the Mido logo and the floral ‘Heritage’ logo.

 Of course, as one of the iconic features of the Berencelli Collection, the watch has an ultra-thin thickness. The secret is that it is equipped with a Mido 1192 ultra-thin self-winding movement, which is based on TOP ETA 2892 -A2 fully automatic mechanical movement, and after careful retouching, the substrate is plated with rhodium plating, polished with fish scale pattern and Geneva pattern, and fixed with blue steel screws, which is very exquisite.

 Mido’s new Belem Sairee Collection Series rose gold and gold ultra-thin couple watch pair uses the same fully automatic mechanical movement, and differentiates to form two different sizes, is the favorite choice of urban fashion couples.

To sum up: When Qixi Festival is approaching, we look up at the starry sky. In the dark distance, they are separated from each other and twinkled with two different stars. Legend has it that they are Altair and Vega, and the dark darkness in the middle is a galaxy. Every year, they meet there. When love crosses the boundaries of time, the galaxy finally becomes the foil. Mido’s new Belem Sairee Collection series rose gold and gold ultra-thin couples watch, waiting for love, fixed timeless.


Time On Horseback

Humans and horses have been linked for thousands of years. After the Industrial Revolution, although horses are no longer the main means of transportation for humans, the equestrian and polo sports derived from them have changed this. The unique tradition and elegance continue to pass on. And in this equestrian and polo sport full of technology and speed, you can easily find the figure of the watch. For a long time, the watch has a deep relationship with equestrian and polo. Whether it is from the perspective of design or function, the wrist The watch brand uses different ways to explain the long and long-term time on horseback.
1 Longines Somia Chronograph
Longines Saint-Imier
In 1878, Longines produced a chronograph stopwatch with a rider and his horse engraved on it. In 1926, Longines served as the official timekeeper for the International Equestrian Obstacle Race in Geneva, which opened the relationship between Longines and equestrian for nearly a century. Today, Longines’ equestrian sports include equestrian obstacle races, flat horse races and endurance races, becoming the official timing and partner of many well-known events. In the equestrian obstacle race, the Longines Beijing Equestrian Masters Cup was held in May 2012, and the Longines Diana Grand Prix was held in France in June. In these two competitions, along with the players on horseback, there is also Longines’ Somia series, which can be seen in the advertisements of the competition. The series is named after the birthplace of Longines, a small village called Soymia. The shape of the case is the common main element of the entire series, and its design inspiration is drawn from the 1945 model. The fluent lines and lugs independent of the case give the watch a balance of classic and modern design. The models have basic and timing functions, different sizes and different materials.
2 Piaget flyback chronograph
PiagetPolo Fortyfive
Piaget created the Polo series of watches in 1979 and was a pioneer in sponsoring polo events. From the time of sponsoring PoloWorldCup, the name ‘Earl’ has been linked to the well-known Palm Beach Polo event. In 2009, Piaget became the official timer of the Beijing International Polo Tournament, closely linked to the development of Chinese polo. With the change of time, the Polo series has become more and more technically perfect, and has continuously added popular elements in the design, becoming the brand’s masterpiece to enter the men’s sports watch market. 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the birth of the series. The brand first launched the new Fortyfive automatic watch and Fortyfive chronograph watch made of titanium. At the same time, it released several Polo 30-year limited edition watches with strong ‘return’ colors. The Fortyfive chronograph uses a large 45 mm diameter, titanium material, with a rough design, full of sports style. In terms of functions, in addition to the daily travel time and timing functions, it also has a second time zone display function.
3 Jaeger-LeCoultre Polo Chronograph
Jaeger-Lecoultre ReversoSquadra Chronographe Polo Fields
The Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series of watches can be called polo sports exclusive watches. At the beginning, it was created to solve the problem that the watch dial often appears in polo sports due to collision. Jaeger-LeCoultre also names or sponsors many polo events in Argentina, Switzerland, the United States, and the Middle East. Halma’s masculine ReversoSquadra series of square watches, belonging to the Reverso series, its novel features and outstanding performance are its biggest features. The case is made of black ceramic, and the flip-out case will be cleverly displayed with many functions. In addition, in order to meet the needs of the world’s best polo players, a precise mechanical device has been added to provide a clear and easy-to-read time display, allowing polo players to accurately measure the time of each round.


Exquisite Fine Feather Inlay Technology Van Cleef & Arpels Lady Arpels Cardinal Carmin Series Watch

The brand new EXTRAORDINARY DIALS extraordinary dial watch is an art boutique created by Van Cleef & Arpels and feather artist NELLY SAUNIER. Fine feather inlaying art requires the bird’s body on the dial to be decorated with natural and bright feathers. The precision is required to be one tenth of a millimeter. In addition, the dial is inlaid with hard gems and jade, turquoise or lapis Decorate the natural beauty behind the birds.

   The kingfisher symbolizes happiness and steadfastness. It soars above the blue waters created by turquoise and lapis lazuli. The soft and shiny feathers highlight the vivid and deep colors of the plane-cut turquoise and lapis lazuli. Diamond-inlaid white waves add fluidity to the dial. The winged kingfisher flew to the back of the case and stood on the boulder facing the sea.
   Watch House Watch Special Report team will continue to send you the freshest and most up-to-date watch information. If you want to know more about the 2015 Hong Kong Watch Fair, please pay attention to the report topic of ‘Watches and Miracles’.


Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis Yongden Boxing Stadium

Sul Avarez, Mexican boxer

Outstanding, upright fighter
 Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis is synonymous with ‘thrilling’, resolutely pursue outstanding performance, and dare to challenge the rules. Brand customers often have unique personalities and naturally expect to have extraordinary timepieces that match them. Wearing Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis gives them a strong sense of belonging: they belong to the extraordinary group of ‘creating extraordinary’.

Mexican boxer Sur Avarez
Strong cooperation and joint attack
 Roger Dubuis, a champion of strength, determination and perseverance, chooses to support Mexican boxing star Sur Avarez
(Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán, alias Saul Canelo Alvarez, Saul Canelo Alvarez, or Carner Canelo for short). Carneiro has won world championship titles in two weight classes and was named the world’s best professional boxer. He will be on September 15 with current WBA (World Boxing Association), WBC (World Boxing Council), IBF (International Boxing Federation) and IBO (International Boxing Organization) middleweight world champion boxer Gennady · Gennady Golovkin made the rematch. In this high-profile matchup and pre-match press conference, the powerful new brand ambassador will be bringing Roger Dubuis’s identifying mark, including in this key fight In the meantime, the brand’s logo will appear on his track shorts.

‘Champion Belt’ Timepiece
 To witness the first strike of this powerful alliance, Roger Dubuis launches the brand’s iconic Excalibur
Automatic Skeleton is a new interpretation of a superb timepiece. Excalibur King Series
Known for Zhan’s skills and style, he vividly reflects the creative spirit of Roger Dubuis and has become the ultimate classic of the brand.
The new watch, which debuted on such a major occasion, emulates Carnero’s favorite color, interpreted in black and gold. In addition to using the boxing gloves of the champion boxer to make a strap, Roger Dubuis has also exerted his extraordinary skills to translate Carnero’s initials into the functional element of the watch movement, ‘positioning rod spring ‘on.
 So equipped with a unique golden ‘champion belt’ timepiece must leave a clear mark in the history of boxing and watchmaking!