Month: August 2015

The Most Ambitious Winter Sports, The Trend Is Coming! Swatch Takes You Into The Era Of National Winter Sports

On winter days, just want to hibernate? The most unusual romantic season, how can you spend the perfect happy hour at home! The ice and snow is a fun world, and the sports in the current ice and snow world are hot. Let Swatch take you into the era of winter sports for all!
   Crystal snowflakes bring the purest romantic reveries and endless curiosity about the pure white world. As the temperature dropped below the freezing point, the ski tide came quietly. Hipsters set foot on snowboards, handing their bodies to gravity, jumping and flying in a pure white world, showing the heart of extreme fun, and exploring the infinite possibilities in the ice and snow world. How can the skiing movement against the wind be worn out by the heavy skiing equipment? Swatch fully supports extreme sports and creates outdoor skiing shapes with light and cool equipment, which injects fashionable happiness into the snow and ice sports!
Skiing Back Series

Romantic snow and ice, fun and fun
   Rarely escaped from the busy work and enjoyed a luxurious holiday in the undisturbed ice and snow world. If you want to taste the fun of skiing for the first time, but a little timid, a Swatch that brings luck will bring you courage. Based on the romantic and beautiful snowflakes, the dazzling gold looks like the light shining in the pure white world, the luxurious light blends with the unique shape, and the warmth strikes my heart, reflecting the courage to explore the new world and the fun of fun. Take a small step, little courage gathers huge energy, unlimited fresh fun comes in, and the sense of satisfaction and enjoyment is 100%!
Skiing Back Series

Passionate veneer, tough sportsmanship
   If you are an advanced skier, the basic experience of skiing can no longer meet your expectations of the snow and ice world. Snowboarding is an extreme try not to be missed. Pick up the veneer, make intimate contact with Bai Xue, and jump down from a height. In the struggle of countless falls and climbs, a Swatch with a spirit of sports will cheer you up and inject the spirit of play. Athletic strength, perseverance, and endeavors will eventually allow you to enjoy free-falling flight, the pleasure of landing smoothly, and the joy of constantly defeating yourself.


The Best Watch Feast Kunlun Watch Holds New Watch Exhibition In Hong Kong

Swiss independent watch brand Corum (Kunlun) held the ‘CORUM BRIDGES Kunlun Bridge Watch Exhibition’ in the lobby II of Gateway Mall, Harbour City, Hong Kong from August 23 to 26, 2012. A series of watch models equipped with Kunlun’s original long mechanical movement, including the world’s first Golden Bridge Automatic (Golden Bridge Automatic). And watchmakers from afar in Switzerland will also improvise Kunlun’s original long mechanical movement during the exhibition, allowing the public to see the superb watch construction and the brand’s extraordinary watchmaking technology up close. The Golden Bridge Automatic, equipped with Kunlun’s original long mechanical movement, was first introduced in 1980 and immediately caused a strong response, setting a new chapter in the history of watchmaking. For more than 30 years, Kunlun Watch has launched a number of classic watch styles for this original long mechanical movement. In addition to the Golden Bridge watch style with gold plate, it also introduces exquisite and modern, the plate is made of titanium metal. Ti-Bridge watch style.
     The parts of this long mechanical movement are inlaid on the board with the concept of a straight line arrangement, which requires superb watchmaking technology to make. With its unique and extraordinary watchmaking technology, Kunlun Watch has created many different watch models for the Golden Bridge and Titanium Bridge over the years, and has become one of the pillar series of the Kunlun Watch-the CORUM BRIDGES series (Kunlun Bridge series).
     The Golden Bridge watches include the traditional Golden Bridge, the Golden Bridge Tourbillon with tourbillon device, the women’s style women’s Golden Bridge, and the world’s first Golden Bridge watch with an automatic single-axis winding movement launched in 2011. The titanium bridge is a new interpretation of the long mechanical movement. Later, it also introduced the titanium bridge tourbillon watch equipped with a tourbillon device, and the titanium bridge power reserve watch with a three-day power reserve display in 2011. This series of watch models will be presented one by one at the ‘CORUM BRIDGES Watch Exhibition’.
     In addition, the exhibition also showcased Kunlun’s new 2012 watches and other classic watch styles, including the Admiral’s Cup series, which for the first time introduced tourbillons, annual calendars and months for its Legend mileage product series. Complex watch.
The exhibition is for four days and the public is welcome to visit.
CORUM BRIDGES watch exhibition
Date: August 23-26, 2012
Time: 10 am to 10 pm
Venue: Concourse II, Gateway Mall, Harbour City, Hong Kong


Tang Wei, The Global Spokesperson For Radar, Launched A Theme Campaign For ‘focus On Autistic Children’

At the beginning of the new year, Tang Wei, RADO’s global brand spokesperson Tang Wei, appeared in Beijing and attended the ‘Star Action’-Concern for Autistic Children’s Sustainable Public Welfare Project launched by her and Xue Xiaolu. The first action after the project was launched was to jointly set up a “Concern for Children with Autism” theme unit in conjunction with the Beijing University Student Film Festival, with a view to promoting the attention of the entire society to autism groups through the power of images.

Member of the Judging Panel of the Beijing University Student Film Festival Original Film Contest “Focus on Autistic Children” (from left) Mr. Liu Yiwei, Director Xue Xiaolu, Tang Wei, Director Jin Taiyong, Director Zhang Yibai

   As one of the sponsors of ‘Star Action’, Tang Wei specially invited her director, Kim Tae-yong, to jointly serve as the judge of the college student original film contest-‘Focus on Autistic Children’ theme. After the two married ‘S first public appearance is to call on people to approach the world of autistic children and do their part for them.

Tang Wei specially invited her husband, Director Kim Tae-yong, to be the jury member of the Beijing University Student Film Festival Original Film Contest “Focus on Autistic Children”

   As early as October 2014, Tang Wei went to Beijing Xingxingyu Education Research Institute to communicate and exchange with autistic children and related experts. Tang Wei said, ‘As a filmmaker, what I can do for this group in the professional field is to put their story and life into the film, and promote the whole society to understand, accept and tolerate them through the film.’

RADO Tang Wei, the global brand spokesperson for Tang Wei, launches a theme contest for the ‘Under the attention of children with autism’ theme of the Beijing University Student Film Festival Original Film Contest

RADO Tang Wei, the global brand spokesperson for Tang Wei, launches a theme contest for the ‘Under the attention of children with autism’ theme of the Beijing University Student Film Festival Original Film Contest

Beijing University Student Film Festival Original Film Contest ‘Focus on Children with Autism’ Theme Contest Jury Director Jin Taiyong

   ‘Action begins with understanding’, but understanding is not the end. Tang Wei, RADO’s global brand spokesperson, will continue to pay attention to children with autism, and promote more people to understand, accept and tolerate this group.

RADO Swiss Chrome Rado HyperChrome Hao Xing series UTC time watch

Tang Wei’s RADO True Thinline Watch

Rado, a pioneering watch brand with design and high-tech materials
   RADO was born in 1957 and is an important brand under the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch group. As a global leader in watch design and innovative materials, Swiss Radar first introduced high-tech ceramic materials to the watchmaking industry in 1986, setting a precedent for ceramic watches. Swiss radar is also one of the earliest luxury watch brands entering China, with unique understanding and special feelings for the Chinese market and Chinese consumers. Adhering to the core spirit of Visionary, Innovative and Iconic, Swiss radars continue to make breakthroughs in materials and technology, and are committed to innovation, creating a future history with a pioneering spirit.