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Open Space And Walk Through The Clouds Breitling Is About To Make Its Debut At The 2015 Zhengzhou Air Show

[September 21, 2015, Zhengzhou, China] As an expert in the field of precision timekeeping, and the world-renowned ‘Official Official Supplier of the World Aviation Industry’, Breitling is undoubtedly the leader of various flight events. Best partner. In September this year, Breitling will join hands with the most authoritative aviation event in the Central Plains, Zhengzhou Air Show 2015, as its official designated time, and share the stunning charm of breaking through the sky and strolling through the clouds with aviation enthusiasts.
Walk the sky and ride the Central Plains
   The Breitling Wingwalkers, as the best aerobatic flying team of Breitling, is famous for its wonderful ‘Walk in the Clouds’. At the flying events in Europe and around the world, the Breitling Wingwalkers bring strong retro charm and superb performance skills, which can always paint the sky with gorgeous colors. As the world’s only aerobatic flight performance team featuring professional aerial walks, they have nearly 30 years of rich aerial performance experience. With unique formation flying skills, aerial performing arts, and efficient teamwork, Breitling Skywalk Flight Team has awakened the brilliant golden age of the aviation industry.

   As early as at the Zhuhai Air Show in 2012, the Breitling Skywalk flight team came to China for the first time, presenting a wonderful flight show to the Chinese audience. And during the upcoming 2015 Zhengzhou Air Show, they will bring two top lineups in a unique way, combining superb flying skills, high-altitude art performances and efficient teamwork to continue writing their own legend in the sky. At that time, the two air-walking girls standing on the wings will perform aerobatics such as rolling, stalling turns, flying avoidance, and even thrilling thrills such as high-altitude high-flying when flying at speeds of up to 240 kilometers per hour and the two planes are posted closest Performance. Guests at the site also had the opportunity to be invited to board the wings of the Breitling Skywalk flight team and challenge the highly original and spectacular alternative high-altitude flight experience.

   In addition to presenting the most attractive aerobatic flight show, a heroic Breitling jet 1: 1 original scale fighter model will also be airborne to the scene, adding bright colors to the Zhengzhou Air Show. In the Breitling brand display area of ​​the air show, there are also watch showcases. Breitling’s flagship flagship collections of flight collections are unveiled, showing the spirit of precise timepieces and the passion of flying through the clouds. A Swiss watch with outstanding performance equivalent to the high standards of the aviation industry, inherits the 131-year history of Breitling and the unremitting exploration and pursuit of five generations of independent watchmakers. In addition, during the air show, Breitling will also hold a flight watch knowledge class to bring a full range of taste experience to the audience who are passionate about flying.
The blood of flying shocks China
   As the founder of professional aviation timepieces, Breitling has been flying side by side with the world aviation industry for more than a century, witnessing countless glorious moments in the aviation industry, and frequently participating in a number of aviation events, with a global footprint.

   Looking back at 2012, in addition to the Breitling Wingwalkers, Breitling’s other legendary flying team, the Breitling Jet Team, set off from France, spanning nearly 13,000 kilometers across the entire Eurasian continent. Arriving in China for the first time, a breathtaking aerobatic flight show set off the enthusiasm for the Breitling Dragon Tour. This year, Breitling once again brought its elite flight team, the Breitling Skywalking Flying Team, to the 2015 Zhengzhou Air Show, continued to write the legend of flying on the land of China, and continued to show the brand and aviation’s blood source and unique flight culture and timepieces. spirit. Since 1884, Breitling has been committed to creating sophisticated and complex aviation timepieces, and witnessing the historical moment when mankind has realized its dream of flying one by one. In the future, Breitling will spare no effort to support the challenging aviation dream of flying freely, and share this passion and fun with Chinese consumers.


Everything Begins Comment On Piaget Altiplano Double Jeu Dragon Watch

The Chinese dragon has a great difference from the image of evil animals in Western mythology, which represents positive natural energy and the noble virtue of human wisdom. The dragon, as one of the oldest and most admirable symbols in China, naturally contains a variety of meanings. In order to cater to the tastes of Chinese watch friends, most famous watch brands have launched dragon-shaped watches. Today, the watch home will bring you a Piaget dragon-shaped watch. The official model of the watch is G0A36550.

The dragon symbolizes the positive force inherited from the God. The people of Zepi are messengers who bring good fortune. Today, the dragon still represents the virtues of the ruler’s wisdom and kindness, and the power to promote the spirit of harmony, and it is the core of the philosophy of Chinese culture. The image of the ‘Dragon’ has been tempered by Chinese culture for more than 5,000 years, and the Chinese people today still claim to be proud of the ‘Long descendants’.


  This watch uses a 43 mm diameter design and is made of an 18K white gold case. The case is set with 90 round diamonds and weighs about 3.4 mm. The upper case is made of 3D hand-carved dragon-shaped decorative dial in 18K white gold. ; Lower case lithograph grey dial.


  The watch is divided into 3 layers, the upper layer is 18K white gold 3D three-dimensional hand-carved dragon-shaped decorative dial, and the lower layer is the gray chronograph dial. The upper dial can be opened by the button at 3 o’clock.


  The watch is equipped with a brown alligator leather strap, the buckle is made of folding 18K white gold folding buckle, and the watch’s buckle is engraved with the classic Piaget LOGO.


  To pay tribute to the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and to appreciate the rich treasures given to the world by Chinese cultural trends, Piaget is proud to present the Dragon and Phoenix watch series.


  The 18K white gold 3D three-dimensional hand-carved dragon-shaped decorative dial on the upper layer of the watch leads you to appreciate the exquisite details of the watch through the lifelike dragon design.


  Below the watch’s upper layer of 18K white gold 3D three-dimensional hand-carved dragon-shaped decorative dial is the watch’s normal timepiece display dial, Barton pointer design, but the watch does not have a time mark display.


  The watch is equipped with Piaget’s own 830P manual winding movement. The thickness of the movement is only 2.5 mm. Compared with the previous movement, its unique feature is to improve the power reserve. Piaget uses its extensive experience and superb skills to carefully create the movement’s operating mechanism and parts, making it a member of the legendary 9P movement. The 830P movement is elegantly designed with a screw balance that is unique to fine watchmaking. This movement is modular and many movements are derived from it. For example, the 832P movement, based on this movement, adjust the gear set and dial, and set a 24-hour display. And the decorative details such as the circular Geneva wave pattern, the round-finished main splint, the chamfered bridge, the blue steel screws, the Piaget family emblem, all show the aesthetic standards that this Swiss watch brand upholds, making this movement more outstanding .


Summary: This dragon-shaped watch can be said to cater to the preferences of Chinese watch friends. It is a specially launched watch. At present, the price of this watch in Beijing’s Oriental Plaza Piaget is 904,900 yuan. Interested friends can go there. Learn more. (Photo / Wen Watch House Chen Zhongyun)

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