Month: March 2015

Piergiorgio Bucci Wins Longines World Championship Tour Portugal Championship

The Longines World Championship Tour Cascais Grand Prix was held near Lisbon on Saturday night. The result was the victory of PiergiorgioBucci, who rode the ‘CasalloZ’. He was awarded a Longines watch in recognition of his outstanding performance.

   The Longines Global Champions Tour is a well-known equestrian obstacle course series with a total of 15 races. Longines is its title partner, official timekeeper and designated watch. The tour kicked off in Miami in April and will end in Doha in November after Shanghai, Mexico, Paris and Rome. Today, after 11 races, EdwinaTops-Alexander temporarily tops the Longines World Championship Tour rankings with 234 points, and Christian Ahlmann is second with 232 points.

   The Longines World Championships Tournament 2016 Portugal is the perfect time to enjoy the LonginesMasterCollection, the designated watch of the event. As a traditional watchmaking brand, Longines has created countless extraordinary timepieces since its establishment, and LonginesMasterCollection perfectly conveys the brand’s corporate beliefs. This classic men’s chronograph features a delicate silver embossed wheat dial and moon phase display. The stainless steel case with a transparent caseback reveals the fascinating dynamics of a self-winding mechanical movement.


Vacheron Constantin Heritage Series: 6.7mm Ultra-thin Watch

Vacheron Constantin wears a series of Patrimony Contemporaine small models with a thickness of only 6.7mm. Against the back of a watch body studded with round cut diamonds, it exudes pure and elegant temperament.

Patrimony Contemporaine small model with a simple 36mm case, available in pink or white gold style, with silver milky dial. The dial is set with a rectangular hour scale in gold and a minute circle with dots. The watch is equipped with the brand 1400 bracelet movement, inheriting the rich experience of watchmaking passed down from generation to generation since its establishment in 1755. Through the transparent bottom, you can see its precise operation at a glance.

Excellent technology combined with decorative patterns carved by human hands make the watch meet the highest traditional standards and the most stringent quality watchmaking requirements. The flat dial is decorated with the Côtes de Genève pattern, and the sharp edges and flat screws are all carved and hand-polished to ensure perfection.


Cartier Launches Two Watch Series Again

In 1912, Cartier’s first mysterious clock was born, exclaimed by the media as ‘a miracle in the history of watches and clocks.’ Its hands seem to float between transparent crystal clock bodies without any connection to the movement, which is amazing.

 At this year’s SIHH watch exhibition, Cartier once again launched two watch series to continue writing this legend. From mystery to fantasy: When the appearance is no longer confined to one frame, it conceals the delicate and subtle time; when the tourbillon escapement of the Rotonde watch floats like a weightless suspension on the transparent dial, The mystery and elusiveness of time.

 The mysterious and ethereal Rotonde de Cartier watch, with its pointer psychedelic vision suspended in the air, makes the audience hold their breath and stare. The extremely concise appearance design often makes people forget its mysterious and magical time display method, which actually comes from the sophisticated and extraordinary complex clock structure. To create a mysterious watch, the watchmaker at Cartier Watch Workshop must do everything in his power to overcome all inherent limitations, and make the connection between the hands and the movement even imperceptible. In order to reduce the friction between the sapphire crystal wafers, the watchmaker decided to rotate it around the thin axis, which is similar to the operation of the gears, instead of the traditional way that the mysterious clock usually operates through the guide groove.

 This new structural concept is combined with the pointer wheel, which avoids friction and reduces the energy consumption of the movement. When friction is reduced to a minimum, the inertia of these large-sized sapphire wafers with a total weight of 0.56 grams needs to be optimized by a gear unit made with deep reactive ion etching (DRIE). This advanced technology can use three-dimensional construction to make metal parts, thereby creating integrated gears that are highly compatible with sapphire crystal wafer discs, making assembly geometric accuracy to the micron level.
Perfect Design

 In order to greatly simplify the final assembly process of different parts, Cartier has specially adopted a modular solution, which divides the movement into two independent parts: the movement part of the movement, occupying the crescent-shaped space on the main splint; and the independent display module , Occupying the circular space that was intentionally set aside. The whole is made up of four anti-glare sapphire crystal wafer trays, which are assembled one by one in a laminar flow environment to avoid any dust. When the watch is finally assembled, the hands hover in the air like magic. By using 58% of the movement’s diameter for sapphire crystal wafer trays, Cartier broke through the limitations of the mysterious display and raised legibility to a whole new level.

Mysterious continuation

 Due to the use of sapphire crystal wafers, mysterious display timepieces are generally considered more fragile than traditional complex movements. The innovative design of the 9981 MC movement allows it to pass a series of rigorous tests and tests, including resistance to 500 consecutive impacts and a drop from a meter to the ground. This dazzling transparent movement has a high degree of stability and precision, with a balance frequency of up to 4 Hz (28,800 times per hour) and a 48-hour power reserve.

 The balance of the Rotonde de Cartier’s mysterious watch is fascinating, and it penetrates the transparent charm into every detail. In fact, the individually numbered manual-winding mechanical movement part of the watch exposed on the back is just the side that Cartier is willing to present to the world. In the past, Louis Cartier has refused to explain to the sales staff how the mystery clock works in case the secret is leaked. Today in the Rotonde de Cartier mysterious watch, the mechanism that connects the movement and hands is hidden in the structure of the movement through ingenious design.