Month: May 2014

Zenith Blazing Red Lights New Year’s Wishes

The Chinese Lunar New Year is always rendered with festive and enthusiastic colors. The flame-like red represents passion, vitality and vigorous hope, and makes people look forward to all the beautiful things in the new year. Zenith has carefully selected two New Year watches for men and women-the flagship series Happy Bullitt men’s watch and the heritage series Star moving happy women’s watch. The bright red elements on the dial are like a finishing touch. This stroke outlines the new year’s impulse and hope, and sincerely wishes the new year a sincere blessing.
Bloody: Flagship Happy Bullitt Men’s Watch
‘Bullitt’ is synonymous with a 1968 American film of the same name, which tells the story of a San Francisco police detective named Bullitt who, with all the power of the outside world, became his counterpart, resolutely used courage and persistence to destroy a criminal organization. story. The most impressive thing in the film is that Bullitt and the killer launched a thrilling crazy drag racing on the streets of San Francisco. The killer’s car hit a roadside gas station. As a cloud of mushroom smoke dispersed, the people inside the car were ignited as ash. The Zenith brand admired the heroic image described in the film and launched this flagship series Happy Bullitt Men’s Watch. The dial design is full of passion for racing.

Flagship Series Happy Bullitt Men’s Watch, Price: RMB 94,800

For the first time, the brand’s new ceramic-treated aluminum case with black carbon fiber dial makes the watch lighter and harder. Its legendary chronograph movement, El Primero, vibrates 36,000 times per hour. The surface layout is clear. The chronograph minute and hour hands are set at 3 and 6 o’clock, respectively, and the date is displayed at 2 o’clock. . The dial is coated with Superluminova, which is water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters) even when it is clearly read at night. The integrated rubber strap is full of impulse and passion, which represents the endlessness of the new year. Energy and vigorous ambition.
Phantom of the Red: Legacy Xingdong Happy Women’s Watch
This watch has an original pillow-shaped appearance, a large heart-shaped design window unique to the ten o’clock position, and a unique clear gemstone window can give a glimpse of the legendary El Primero 4062 automatic winding machine The perfect core jump of the core. The surface of the mother-of-pearl used is feminine, charming, rhodium-plated faceted hands, and the blue Roman numerals are always moving the heart. The bezel is set with 63 (approximately 0.27 carats) VVS-cut brilliant-cut diamonds in a warm rose gold case. The watch insists on the concept that the artwork is carried in every detail, and the movement decoration is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal case back. The most exciting thing about the watch is that the second hand turns into a heart-shaped ruby, breaking away from the dial, and a touch of red is reflected in thousands of styles. With an elegant red crocodile leather strap watch, women wear it every moment. You can feel your heart and tenderness, and pursue your perfection in the new year according to your heart.

 Inherited Xingdong Happy Women’s Watch (original alligator strap), priced at RMB 194,000. * Color strap is available separately, please contact us for more details


At This Moment, The Tide Is Outstanding, Tissot, A Series Of Special Models Of The Nba Team Of The Shock Series Was Released.

The bright flames of basketball ignite rainy Shanghai. Tissot, a famous Swiss watchmaker, is the official timing partner of the NBA. On September 3, Tissot’s “Lunch Time” Finals came to an end. , Officially released the official watch of 30 NBA teams-Tissot Porsche series NBA team special watch, this is the first time in the history of many NBA teams have a unified official watch. This watch highlights the main colors of the NBA team logo with a colorful strap, and displays the team logos on the back cover, combining sports and fashion with color and lines. The modern design not only made fans feel enchanted, but also a hot trend item.

Tissot Porsche series NBA team special watch release site

At the scene of the Tissot ‘Moment of Finals’ finals, more NBA Celtics star player Paul Pierce came to the scene to help out, detonating the audience. On the day of the event, he toured the Tissot booth with the guests, and presented the moment gift to the winning team of the Tissot ‘Moment of Moment’ challenge. There is a bloody basketball matchup, and the thrilling lore moments will be witnessed by Tissot watches with you.

NBA star player Paul Pierce appears in surprise at Tissot ‘Moment of Truth’ Finals

Trend party orgy
All along, ‘youth, colorful, fashion, dynamic’ is our definition of trend culture. Tissot uses the most fashionable street culture to interpret the gorgeous colors of the special series of NBA team watches, setting off a wave of fashion in Shanghai, bringing you a different audiovisual feast. At dusk, as night falls, the heat ignited by basketball duels during the daytime does not cool down, and the special Tissot series NBA team watch decorated with red, white and black as the main color is released at the scene. Into a sea of ​​colors. After a wonderful basketball performance with perfect scores, the popular player of ‘China Has Hip Hop’ Al Rocco appeared in surprise and presented a wonderful rap performance. The deep voice melted into the night and instantly lit the scene. A trend party Curtain. Eight trendy models with different styles shuttled around the venue, showing the sports vitality of the special series of watches of the NBA team in the Porsche series. In the end, with the attention and anticipation, Tissot’s special series of 30 watches of the NBA team was officially released. May the love of basketball spread to your wrist and light up every wonderful moment of yours!

Trendy model interpretation of Tissot’s special NBA team watch

Popular Chinese ‘Hip Hop’ Al Rocco arrives to help

Tissot Porsche series NBA team special watch release site

I believe that every fan has a team that they love. As the official timing partner of NBA, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot has specially customized the special series of watches of the NBA team for the NBA30 teams. His love affair and enthusiasm are vented on the wrist, and his love is written in seconds. The watch is stylish and dynamic, with a simple and elegant style and full of vitality. The straight hands express the image of resoluteness and boldness in movement. The design of the bezel is also eye-catching. Its ultra-thin design style makes the dial and chronograph dial more Clear to show the accuracy of timing. The eye-catching digital time scale ’12’ not only shows the athlete’s dedication on the court, but also enhances the watch’s athleticism. Ingeniously matched and displayed according to the team’s main color on the Nato strap, and the team’s logo is printed on the bottom of the case. The sincere and innovative design not only meets the basketball complex in the hearts of fans for many years, It is a hot trend item. The straps of this series of watches are not replaceable, just like the fans are permanently loyal to the team they follow, vowing to enjoy the ecstasy of success with the team and also bear the lost emotions together. This summer, put on a special watch of the Tissot series NBA team, let you-the tide is outstanding!

Tissot’s special NBA team watch

Moment of Battle
Matching the watch release with full surprises at night, the NBA 5V5 Shanghai station during the day is equally impressive. This time, the Tissot watch brought the accuracy and reliability of the NBA timer to Shanghai, the magic capital, and joined hands with the NBA to present an unparalleled basketball feast in the modern capital for fans. The stadium was permeated with a warm atmosphere unique to basketball. The appearance of the Celtics star player and Paul Pierce, nicknamed ‘truth’, instantly boiled the scene. Just like the moment of lore in the NBA arena, witnessing the birth of the last second miracle. The contestants were recruited online through the ‘Tissot China’ official Weibo platform Tissot ‘Moment of Truth’ Challenge. Lucky fans can not only come to the game site, but also have the opportunity to take an interactive photo with NBA star Paul Pierce . In addition, the champion can get surprise timepieces carefully prepared by Tissot.

NBA 5V5 Shanghai Station Scene

Tissot’s ‘Lunch Time’ champion wins surprise timepiece prize prepared by Tissot

Tissot’s ‘Movement Moment’ has continuously accumulated enthusiasm in the process of Chengdu, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Beijing and now Shanghai Station, and its peak competition performance is applause. In the previous four cities, the champions were decided against the champion players in Shanghai. The competition between the masters was only a fraction of a millimeter. The contestants raced to throw one perfect three-pointer after another. The applause is repeated, and the excitement is comparable to the professional league. With tide of cheers and applause, Tissot watch witnessed the duel among the folk masters, and also witnessed the champion players to turn the tide. The winner finally won the title of Tissot ‘Moment of Truth’ Challenge, and also won the badge of the Tissot NBA series special watch as a trophy, and was awarded by NBA star player Paul Pierce.

Paul Pierce visits Tissot’s booth

Cheerleaders appear at the Tissot stand

5V5 live Tissot watch booth

Tissot watches have always paid attention to and support basketball. The successful release of 30 special series watches of the NBA team from Porsche has further strengthened the cooperation between Tissot watches and basketball and the NBA. Tissot hopes to let the fans know the official timing of the NBA and appreciate the breath-holding passion on the field through the ‘Moment of Lore’ challenge.
As the official timing partner of the NBA, Tissot will also support the NBA China game in early October. The fierce confrontation between the long-awaited Warriors and the Timberwolves is imminent, and the Tissot NBA comprehensive timing system, which represents the industry’s highest standard, will also be used for the first time in a Chinese stadium. With accurate timing, Tissot watches look forward to and witness with you!
Technical Parameters
Tissot Series NBA Team Special RMB 3,050
 Swiss made quartz movement
 316L stainless steel case, silk-screened glass case back and official team logo
 Scratch-resistant sapphire glass
 Water-resistant to withstand pressures equivalent to 10 bar
 Special team color Nato strap with standard buckle
 Size: 42mm * 42mm