Italian high-end eyewear manufacturer Safilo (Safirino) and Swatch have signed a cooperation agreement on Swatch sunglasses. The innovative, fun and lifestyle-oriented Swatch The Eyes glasses will be launched in spring 2016.
   Safilo and Swatch will jointly design eyewear series. Safilo will be responsible for product development and use its European production network for eyewear manufacturing.

   As a global brand, Swatch has always adhered to its commitment to high-quality services, and Swatch The Eyes glasses will also be sold through its global retail outlets. It will initially be launched through Safilo’s US retail chain Solstice , And then expanded to select North American eyewear retail stores. According to the plans of Swatch and Safilo, Safilo’s sales network will be independent of the Swatch Group’s own sales network, and will expand to more regions around the world to establish a highest standard eyewear sales network.

   Safilo CEO Luisa Delgado commented on the partnership agreement, ‘This agreement is a milestone for our 2020 strategic plan. It means that another iconic brand has been added to our product portfolio. This unique cooperation method fully integrates Swatch’s intelligent, interesting and innovative design genes, helping us to further increase our share in the rapidly growing mass fashion consumer field. We will use intelligent design and innovation to simplify the product structure And the implementation of modern production processes, once again solidify our commitment to European eyewear manufacturing and expand it to the mass fashion consumer field. We are deeply honored to be able to cooperate with the Swatch brand and integrate its brand concept into eyewear design.
   Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek said, ‘By re-interpreting the product category, creating a successful eyewear product is an exciting challenge. Swatch is a globally recognized lifestyle brand and its product performance is very Strong, good at catching trends and inspiring emotions: In addition to watches, glasses are also lifestyle products, because they also combine fun, fashion and emotion and are favored by consumers. Safilo is very outstanding Partners, with the most exquisite manufacturing technology and technology, we are glad to cooperate with them. ‘