Month: April 2013

Limited To 200 Longines Collection Watches

Estimated price: 8000 ~ 16000 HKD
Including commission price: 13,750 Hong Kong dollars (about RMB 11,600)
[Accessories] Original watch box, warranty card (available), certificate.
[Diameter] 28 * 39 mm
[Condition] Two-piece set, 18K yellow gold case, barrel type. Small three-pin style, baked blue hands, movement 420, 17 diamonds, Breguet balance spring, dial, case and movement are signed, the whole watch is in good condition.
Longines reprint, 1950s style, barrel type, limited production, 136 of 200. Nowadays, there will be more copies every year. The places that change a lot are the diameter and the movement. The diameter of the original watch is only 33 mm, and now it is 39 mm. It can be seen that at the same time of re-engraving, many current features are filled in. Most of Longines ‘collection series are barrel-shaped, and the market’s recognition of this barrel type is not as good as Longines’ Dai Chuo Weiner, Jialan, Army Banner, Rosewood and Master Craftsman series. The transaction price of the lot is moderate. Nowadays, the price of gold has increased a lot. Generally, the amount of gold used in the barrel shape is more than that of the round or square watch, and the feel is very heavy.


Presenting Harmonious Beauty Audemars Piguet Series Women’s Watch

In the twenty years since its birth, the Millennium series has always reflected the rich inner world of women with careful design. This elegant new work of the millennial series has a different appearance than before, it completely challenges the design concept of today’s women’s watches. This gorgeous and delicate timepiece is carefully created for women by Audemars Piguet designers and watchmakers. Its design faithfully interprets the unique charm of the Millennium series-showing complex and sophisticated structures. Audemars Piguet will consistently create women’s watches with technical strength and gorgeous style.
  Watch real shot show:

Slender elegant appearance presents harmonious beauty

  After three years of research and development, this new work has a slender and elegant appearance that presents a harmonious aesthetic. The new manual winding factory movement vibrates like a heart in the new millennial watch in 2015, and the delicate balance wheel is exposed.

  Watch details real shot display:

Blue hands, free to rotate on the dial

The rich elements of the dial challenge the modern aesthetics of women

The millennial collection’s fascinating iconic oval case, which perfectly fits the wrist curve

The lugs are also inlaid with gorgeous diamonds.

From the side, the watch has soft lines

The crown is inlaid with blue stones, showing elegance

High-quality belt with pin buckle with diamond embellishment on the buckle

The new manual winding factory movement vibrates like a heart in the new millennial watch, exposing the delicate balance wheel.

The styling of the movement has been specially designed to fit perfectly into the charming iconic oval case of the Millennium collection

  The above is the latest SIHH 2015 cutting-edge information brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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