I am a cow. At the end of 2009, which is the end of my fate, I entered the watch house by mistake. Like many friends who want to buy a watch or love a watch, they are poisoned quickly. The forum is really poison! Then came the idea of ​​giving myself a watch in this natal year. In fact, I did n’t understand the watch before. I also thought that I would not wear it with a mobile phone watch, but as the poison gas attack became stronger, I studied it for a short time. On February 4, 2010, I started the NOMOS Club black disk. It is automatic and manual, which is too troublesome. Haha. (I also posted a post on the same day, asking everyone to appraise it. Thank you, the moderator and friends here.)
   When I first bought it, I considered the basic models of famous craftsmen. It can be said that all aspects meet my standards. I like the simple one, and it works on the first glance. Later, I saw STOWA’s MARINE, and I felt that it was ok. After soliciting opinions from various parties, I decided to choose a master craftsman based on the principle of reassurance and peace of mind, because friends who know individuals can get discounts of less than 20% at domestic counters. But at this time, Zhou Libo’s words should be called one after another (friends in Shanghai should understand the amount), let me see NOMOS, at first glance I was deeply attracted, definitely more than that of beautiful women Kind of attraction. At that time, it also belonged to the stage of staying in a nerve. ‘I decided to buy NOMOS without going to a specialty store. I have limited money and decided to buy NOMOS CLUB online.’ There was also a small incident. The black disk had to wait. The white disk had spot value. After thinking about it, I still felt that the white disk with red needles was not good-looking. I had to wait. Although it was only a few days, I was anxious. God harassed the shop owner. I finally arrived in a few days. I took leave at home and waited for the courier service. This is also a matter of disregard. After I got it, I played it all day. I like it, I really like it.
   It has been a full 30 days today, and the error is about 66S. Although I am not very accustomed to wearing a watch all day, but the overall is still good, and sometimes it is not natural to look up at her. I hope she can accompany me for a long, long journey. I have been to the after-sales service on East Yan’an Road, but I went back. I only saw the after-sales service of Breitling when I entered the building. I thought I had moved out. I asked the talents to know if they were in Block C. I was sweating for 24 hours. 5S (we do not know which of the two errors), and I also talked about some of his experiences, the key phrase is to buy a new table is the best time to re-adjust after three months, solved! !! !! Besides, nocturnal light, personally, if you really like NOMOS, you will also like it, haha, it seems a little nonsense.
  Below the picture, card machine, forgive me, can not shoot to get started =. =

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