The Matterhorn Cervino, known as the ‘most among the mountains’, has an altitude of 4,478 meters and is one of the highest peaks in the European Alps.

   For a long time, humans have tried to conquer this behemoth-standing proudly, resolutely and fascinating, but with a bit of desolation. However, no one succeeded. There is even a tragic ending.
   But it wasn’t until July 14, 1865, that the Englishman EdwardWhymper and his team finally set off from Switzerland and reached Matterhorn, only a few hours faster than his friends and opponents. The brave Italian climber Jean-Antoine Carrel climbed all the way from the southern cliffs of Italy and looked down at the top of the vineyard.

   But this huge victory brought a bittersweet ending to Wen Bo: As he descended the mountain, his four teammates lost their lives because of a sudden fall-a tragedy that lingered for the rest of their lives. On the other side, Carrel didn’t notice the accident and tried to reach the summit for the second time. And this time, with teamwork and sacrifice, Karel finally reached the top on July 17.
   This ‘impossible mountain’ has been conquered twice in 4 days, and since then Carel’s relationship with this mountain has been inseparable. Even 25 years later, he sacrificed his life to save those who encountered the blizzard. He is a real hero. And everything happened in the mountain he loved.
   Today, the pioneering spirit of Wimber Park and Carrel has given new meaning to exploration:

be yourself.
Listen to your inner voice and follow it bravely.
Dare to live for your dreams.
Our greatest glory lies not in winning battles but in standing up from every setback.
Not follow the wave,
Go the way nobody walks,
And leave footprints.

   In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the successful conquest of the Matterhorn Cervino in the Alps, Ball Watch has launched the Engineer Hydrocarbon Arctic Chronometer, a limited edition of 1,000 watches worldwide. Priority is now given to watch fans to choose their favorite limited edition number. The release date is expected to be July 30th, with a time limit of 48 hours.

Notes for ordering:
 Through the online registration process, you can choose your favorite limit number, (Bohr Watch has the right to determine whether the limit number is valid according to the order of login)
 After that, you will be contacted by the local Boer table branch staff, and the local Boer table agency is recommended, as well as the relevant delivery and payment methods.
 Due to the global ordering, please go to your location as soon as possible, the recommended pol table agency, and provide the deposit or full payment, and you will retain the selected limited number
 Book the arrival in September (tentative, subject to actual arrival), notify the pick-up through the Bohr agency you paid for ordering
 Please note that credit card installments may be available at some Bohr Agency stores. For details, please check with your preferred store.
Engineer Hydrocarbon Series Polar Observatory Model

When reading in extremely dark environments is still possible:
 31 unique self-illuminating mini-krypton tubes for BALL Watch that illuminate the night for 25 years. The outer scale of the ceramic outer ring is provided with a luminous coating.

Extremely rugged all-weather performance:
 Special Arctic Hydrocarbon-chain movement oil can withstand temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius, especially for onshore and undersea missions
 Swiss Observatory (COSC) certification
 Shockproof 5,000Gs
 Patent crown protection system
 Anti-magnetic 4800 A / m
 Sealing system brings water resistance up to 300 meters

Scratch-resistant ceramic bezel:
 With special scale, can be used as Solar Compass
 Display task duration and remaining oxygen time

Can be worn in any environment:
 The eye-catching NATO strap made in Italy can be worn outside winter clothes
 Unique protection device makes it difficult for the watch to come off the strap
 Ultra-thin design, only 13.25 mm thick
 Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
 Optional stainless steel strap with patented folding buckle and strap extension system can be worn outside the jacket / raincoat
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* Automatic movement BALL RR1101-C
* COSC Swiss Observatory certification
* 31 self-luminous micro-krypton tubes placed on the surface and pointer for easy reading at night
* Passed 5,000Gs impact test
* Anti-magnetic 4,800A / m
* Water resistant to 300 meters / 1000 feet
* Hour, minute, second and date display
*stainless steel
* Diameter 42mm, thickness 13.25mm
* Luminous bidirectional rotating ceramic bezel
* 5.3mm anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
* Patented lock crown
* The eye-catching Italian-made NATO strap with standard pin buckle and unique protection makes it difficult to release the watch from the strap
* Optional stainless steel strap with patented folding clasp and strap extension system
Price (including tax)
RMB 21,200