Month: June 2012

Gu Gao Leng Yan Tasting Piaget Polo Series White Gold Diamond Women’s Watch

The Polo series is the symbol of Piaget. With its remarkable design, it has been in use for decades. The perfectly connected case and bracelet, round mold carving decoration and polished and matte polished surface, the exquisite structure is unique and memorable.

  Today’s Polo series, the watch reinterpreted with modern spirit, retains its classic charm, this classic charm has been favored by celebrities as soon as it was born. The model is slightly larger than the previous model, and the curved shape has been redesigned to ensure more comfortable wearing. A sense of chic style is incorporated into the elegance. Today, the watch home will bring you a Piaget Polo series watch, the official model is: G0A36233.

  This Polo watch has a diameter of 32 mm. 18k white gold case set with 36 round diamonds (approx. 0.5 carat). Dial set with 18k white gold hour markers. 18k white gold bracelet set with 130 round diamonds (approx. 1.4 carats). Equipped with Piaget 690P quartz movement.

  The delicate crown in 18k white gold has rounded edges and a soft feel. The satin-finished top is engraved with a letter ‘P’ to represent its noble brand identity, looking classic and elegant.

  The bracelet treatment is very delicate. The outer and inner edges of the 18k white gold bracelet are polished and matt separately. The combination of wide and narrow chains, with 130 fine diamonds lined with narrow chains, undoubtedly increases the wearing comfort and undoubtedly increases the steps and difficulty of the watchmaker’s parts processing.

  The 7.1 mm thick case is moderate in thickness. The classic contour design highlights the classic luxurious charm, fine inlaying and polishing, which also shows Piaget’s superb skills in design.

  The 18k white gold detachable buckle is perfectly hidden in the bracelet when the buckle is fastened, and it is tightly stitched, and it can not be seen from the surface.

  The small lugs firmly secure the case and bracelet. It can be said that the most attractive part of this watch is that Piaget perfectly combines the case, lugs, bracelet and buckle with extremely precise design and superb craftsmanship.

  The silver-plated dial with radial texture processing, the 18k white gold Patton and Arabic numerals, and the satin-finished toffee hands are easy to read at a glance. When platinum and pure white dials meet, it is a noble classic without much to say.

  The watch adopts a compact bottom design, 6 screw bottom cases are firmly fixed on the case, and a brushed metal design. The case made of 18k white gold has a unique texture of precious metals, and the metal brushed processing adds fashion to the watch style. The case is engraved with Piaget’s English logo and family crest, which symbolizes the high quality of the watch. Equipped with a Piaget 690P quartz movement, the movement is stable and accurate.

  Summary: No matter when and where, Piaget Polo series will fuse the art of life and time together, showing the legendary color. This watch makes good use of the combination of white gold and diamonds, carried on the classic models of Polo watches, creating a noble and elegant temperament. Some people like the combination of gold and diamonds, but platinum and diamonds are more lonely, which better reflects the feminine side of women. The current domestic price of this watch is 517,800 yuan.


Audemars Piguet Millenary 4101 Watch

AudemarsPiguet Is the new Millenary Millennium 4101 watch a skeleton watch? Obviously not, the components of the movement are not cut out. So is the dial partially opened to expose a part of the mechanical device? It is not entirely correct. Turning the watch over, there is no opening on the board for people to see through. There is no doubt that the watchmakers of Audemars Piguet have completed a great initiative, allowing you to wear the movement directly on your wrist! They realize their dreams for those who love high-end watchmaking technology, and let the exquisite mechanical devices ‘face out’ and show them to the world. Instead of exposing the movement only through the transparent sapphire crystal case back, the design is reversed, allowing the movement to be seen on the surface of the Millenary Millennium 4101 watch.

The movement and the case are tightly integrated inside and outside, making this watch a perfect appearance and inside. The entire escapement system has been redesigned and repositioned (at 9 o’clock). System and balance wheel. The elegant and luxurious oval case and the impressive eccentric dial interweave the visual senses, making this watch even more outstanding.
The entire assembly of the oval Calibre 4101 movement is hand-assembled and decorated in the Audemars Piguet factory in Le Brassus, Switzerland. The production and decoration of the watch are of exceptional quality, and they are fascinating. The elegant and low-key stainless steel movement is anthracite-plated, while the rose gold version is rhodium-plated and gold-plated.
The bridge is hand-plated, chamfered and carefully polished, with neat and smooth edges. The edges of the ruby ​​assembly holes are polished with diamonds; the wheel arms of the gears are chamfered; each screw head and the periphery of the screw holes are decorated with diamond polished mirrors.

Both sides of the board are carefully decorated by hand: the front is decorated with horizontal Geneva ripples, and the back is polished with two sizes of pearl dots, which have sharp contrast and highlight the three-dimensional impression. The bridge on the front of the dial is decorated with horizontal Geneva waves, snail threads and circular wood grains, while the bridge on the back is decorated with ring Geneva waves, snail threads and circular wood grains. Finally, the 22K gold ceramic ball bearing automatic disc is engraved with AP and Audemars and Piguet family crests.


Jacques 2013 New Appreciation Meeting

On March 25, 2013, Jaeger-LeCoultre 2013 New Product Appreciation Fair was held in the Beijing Yintai Center Store. The Watch House had the honor to attend this event, in addition to experiencing the new watch in person. I was pleasantly surprised by my wearing experience. Below is a detailed report of the event.

 Jaeger-LeCoultre currently has three directly-operated stores in Beijing, namely Yintai, Guomao and Xindongan. The Yintai store we are visiting today is a relatively private one, and customers can choose a watch in the store quietly.

 Although the store is small in size, it is very comfortable and functionally divided. Guests can choose their favorite watch in their favorite area.

 Jaeger-LeCoultre thoughtfully arranged a reception area in the store, which prepared a high-definition projection. Guests can enjoy coffee while watching the brilliant watch culture of Jaeger-LeCoultre through the projection.

 The bookshelf in the reception area is equally delicately arranged, with Jaeger-LeCoultre’s famous air clock and ancient watchmaking tools.

 Appreciation begins, the protagonist appears. Although this year’s ball tourbillon with a spherical hairspring has not arrived, it has reached several other heavyweight players. They are the first full-diamond full-diamonds worth 8 million yuan; the value is 250. Ten thousand starry sky tourbillon and spherical barrel hairspring perpetual calendar watch worth more than one million.

 Beijing’s major watch media all praised Jaeger-LeCoultre’s omnipotent watchmaking capabilities.

 The surprise I said before has now appeared. This Jaeger-LeCoultre does not have the ultra-thin perpetual calendar released this year by SIHH. This watch is available in platinum, rose gold and gold steel. The thickness of the entire watch is only 9.2 mm. Of course, the surprise is much more than that. This is a watch that allows the perpetual calendar function to step down from the altar. We know that the perpetual calendar watches of the top Swiss brands generally require less than four and a half million, and when I heard this perpetual calendar steel At the price of the version, I couldn’t help taking a sip of air-conditioning. It would be so cheap, only 152,000 yuan. Jaeger-LeCoultre is going to go against the sky! This money will buy a small three-pin in another house!

 Jaeger-LeCoultre has paid more and more attention to the details of the case in the past few years. From the side, the curve of this lug is very beautiful, which reveals its thinness and the angle of the lug is just right. Wrist.

 The diameter of this watch is 39 mm, this size is very suitable for formal wear.
 Details of this watch and other weight models will be launched in the following columns immediately, so stay tuned!