On October 25, 2017, Swiss luxury watch brand Jacques Dro held an exhibition in Beijing. At the same time, a new high-level complex automatic doll watch was released for the first time in the world. table. In this exhibition, Jacques Dro brings together three mechanical dolls launched by Jacques Dro in modern history-magicians, writers and painters. We know that mechanical dolls have always been the essence of Jacques Droe. As early as the second half of the 18th century, the founder of the brand, Pierre Jacques Droe, produced three legendary mechanical dolls. Drow makes automatic doll watches, providing valuable experience and craftsmanship. So, what kind of stories do these dolls have? What are the challenges behind the creation of the newly released Tropical Wind Information Watch? Next year is the 280th anniversary of Jacques Dro, what is the brand’s plan? We are very honored to take this opportunity to interview Mr. Christian Lattmann, the global president of Jacques Dro. Let us take a look at what he will reveal for us.

Robot legend Jaclédro’s automatic doll exhibition shines in Beijing

Mr. Christian Lattmann, Jacques Dross Global President

Watch House: The newly released Jacques Detroit Tropical Winds Time and Minute Repeater Watch is another very high-end automatic doll watch of Jacques Delo. So what was the most difficult part in the three-year research and development process? ?
Christian Lattmann: The hardest part is, of course, the idea, because no one has ever launched such a product. Jacques Dro is a passionate brand. We have many experienced engravers, designers, watchmakers, micro-painters and so on. All of us work together to complete this watch. Of course, each of us has his own ideas, including those outside the brand, who will also provide new ideas after entering the project. Then we merge these ideas together, and this idea will become very crazy, very innovative, very It’s attractive, then this watch made represents the spirit of our brand, which was the spirit of the founder of Jacques Droy Pierre Jacques Dro. And we hope that our watch can evoke an emotion of the people who see it, when they see the automatic doll watch, they can be shocked to them, including the new watch released in the afternoon, everyone is shocked and are vying Take a picture. At the same time, we invited digital media, because our watch has an automatic doll device, which is dynamic instead of static, then digital media can convey these dynamic effects, including the flying dragonfly on our new watch, and it can fly. Hummingbirds, and the sound of time signals, etc., so we hope to convey the true essence of our automatic dolls through dynamic expression.

Tropical Wind Information Minute Repeater

Watch House: The mechanical doll is the essence of Jacques DeRoot. Jacques Rodriguez has been favored by the royal family for manufacturing mechanical dolls since ancient times, such as musicians, painters, writers, and so on. Is there any creative inspiration for your automatic doll watch?
Christian Lattmann: Indeed, as I said, the emotional resonance, our passion for creation is in the same vein as the founder of the brand, Mr. Pierre Jacques Dero, and we bring this emotion from the mechanical doll to the automatic doll watch Creation. At the same time, the two have similarities in structure, because they use similar systems. The core of this mechanism is the cam. The cam is designed on the back of the robotic doll. The mechanical doll made by Jacques Droe in 1773 uses A series of vertically arranged cams to control the doll’s various movements, and today’s automatic doll watches, we can arrange the cams horizontally to achieve various delicate dynamic pictures.

Home of Watches: Jacques de Ronaldo is one of the earliest Western fine watch brands that entered China. It has deep ties with China. So compared to other markets in the world, what does China mean for Jacques de Lo?
Christian Lattmann: For us, China has a very special meaning. It is unique. For example, all brands want to hold exhibitions in the Forbidden City of China, but we are in the Forbidden City. There are dozens of Jacques in the Forbidden City. Luo’s work, so China is part of our history. Because of this, China also has a great influence on our brand. To a large extent, it has helped us to promote in the Chinese market, and has enabled Chinese consumers to understand that we have such a long history and sophisticated craftsmanship. Well, the style of our watches has always been loved by Chinese consumers. This is why we have opened five boutiques in China. We want to show our products to all Chinese consumers, including ours. Provide customized services, we provide engraving, dial pattern micro-painting and so on.
Watch House: Each luxury brand has its own brand culture, and an important part of it is a high-quality lifestyle. Mr. Lattmann himself also loves to travel and understands life. Is there a life claim?
Christian Lattmann: Yes, in fact everyone wants a better life and a happy family, and all of this is about love, and we also need love. Jacques Dro wants to provide consumers with an emotional resonance, it hopes to remind you of your happy childhood, our founder Mr. Pierre Jacques Dro was born in the Jura Valley in Switzerland, where the scenery is beautiful, so You can see the presentation of beautiful natural elements in our watches. Whenever you see our watches, you also want to remind you of your happy childhood. Mr. Hayek, the president of our Swatch Group, once said, ‘I hope you can remember the joys of childhood, and then keep honest, passionate, and positive.’ These are very important and we should keep in mind that this is Jacques Drow’s philosophy of life.
Watch House: From a consumer’s perspective, how does Jacques Dro attract the public to like and buy Jacques Dro watches?
Christian Lattmann: Although Jacques de Ronaldo is very expensive, such as the tropical wind information we released today, the Minute Repeater Watch is a watch of artistic value. After a few years, this high-value Jacques de Lo watch Watches may enter museums, auction houses, and collectors. It is well worth owning, because owning them is equivalent to becoming part of the brand’s history. When you buy Jacques Dro watch, you can learn about Jacques Dro’s long history and tradition from all aspects of its craftsmanship, carving, dial screen and other aspects. Although Jacques Dro is very expensive, we are providing some watches that everyone can afford. For example, the moon phase watch released this year is very beautiful and the price is not high.

Watch House: Next year will be the 280th anniversary of the founding of the Jacques Droe brand. Are there any plans to celebrate it?
Christian Lattmann: Yes, we are already preparing, we will hold some exhibitions in some good places next year, and we will also release some wonderful works, not only watches, but also new automatic dolls, anyway, it must be Will shock you.
Summary: Jacques Dro’s wonderful artistic expression exists in the brand’s DNA. It wants to provide not only a watch that can accurately move the time, but also a creative expression of love, art, and more. Through the precise mechanical devices and the art methods of the craftsmen and teachers, everyone can feel these precious emotions.