Month: April 2011

This Year’s Rolex Five-bead Chain Is A Major Trend?

As a fashion trend, in addition to performance, watches are valued by many people. After all, people are very typical visual animals. They like beauty with men and women like handsome men Makes sense (yes, I like handsome guys). As the watchmaking industry’s pivotal watchmaking brand, Rolex’s popularity is presumably a lot of people can deeply appreciate when watching a commendation sigh that cannot be bought in the middle of the night. For Rolex, I want to say not only its classic shape, but also a part that cannot be ignored, the bracelet.

Rolex Bracelet and Oyster Bracelet

  Different models of Rolex use different bracelets, which is also a very important sign to distinguish different models, coupled with the different aesthetics of each person, it will indirectly become an important reason for whether you enter the watch model.

  Generally speaking, there are four different bracelets common to Rolex: the oyster bracelet, the heads bracelet, the PEARLMASTER bracelet, and the commemorative bracelet, also known as the five-bead chain.

  Let me talk about the familiar Oyster bracelet. The oyster bracelet is long like this. As you can see, the bracelet has three large and slightly curved links, which is a classic Rolex design. Many watch friends say that the oyster bracelet looks more suitable for men’s toughness. The three generations of Rolex’s oyster bracelets have been continuously improved to become what we commonly see now, but the third generation of oyster bracelets were hollowed out at the beginning, and then replaced with solid The price has also changed.

  Then we take a look at the heads of the bracelet. The head of the bracelet is also a three-grid chain link, but the link is semi-circular, and the oyster bracelet is different. In 1956, Rolex introduced the Day-Date watch, which uses the heads bracelet, and this bracelet is still in use today.

  The heads-type bracelet is generally used on DD watches or diary-type precious metal ladies. However, Rolex later replaced the steel shaft of the original link with a ceramic shaft on the bracelet of the head. Everyone knows that the steel shaft will wear out after using it for a long time. After replacing the ceramic shaft, this problem is successfully solved, and the bracelet is also It won’t ‘collapse’.

  The PEARLMASTER bracelet of the five-cell circular link is not mentioned, after all, it is relatively easy to identify and is used in women’s watches.

  Today, the focus is on the commemorative bracelet, or the five-bead chain.

Rolex’s first diary

  In 1945, Rolex’s first diary-type watch appeared. The five-bead chain was designed for this model. In fact, it is not difficult to find that Rolex was very creative in adjusting the details and increased the number of chain links. Decreased, bigger and smaller to change the style of the bracelet, but still full of Rolex flavor. The five-bead chain is equipped with five grid links. The three links in the middle are relatively small and the two sides are relatively wide.

Rolex blue and black circle GMT watch

Rolex red and blue circle GMT watch

  Have you watched the new GMT Rolex at Baselworld this year? This year’s blue and black circle GMT watch uses a five-bead chain. The idea is moving forward. This is not the first time that Rolex has used a five-bead chain on a GMT model. In an antique Rolex GMT model and The previous blue-red circle GMT models also used five-bead chains. But I do n’t know if I noticed it? Greenwich II only uses five-bead chains on steel watches. The precious metal models also use oyster bracelets. To a certain extent, Rolex distinguishes steel watches from precious metal models through bracelets. .

  In addition to the five-bead chain used in this year’s blue and black circle GMT models, the DATEJUST model is also more common. Previously, five-bead chains were often used on models with triangular pitted outer rings (but not to say that watches with pitted outer rings must be used on five-bead chains, isn’t it a bit of a mouthful?), Gradually Rolex put Five-bead chains are also used on watches without pits.

Tudor Biwan M79543-0002 watch

  It is worth noting that the bracelet of Tudor has also changed this year. Rolex is the big brother of Tudor. Rolex used a five-bead chain this year, and Tudor also changed the bracelet. Take a look. Is it familiar? This Tudor strap is called a five-row chain link gold steel strap, which is also composed of five grid links. The middle link is made of polished steel, and the space between the two links is made of frosted gold. Different from Rolex’s five-bead chain in details, the three-chain link in the middle of the latter’s five-bead chain uses the same material. The previous Biduo model of Tudor was sporty. After changing the bracelet, it was more stylish. It is also a good choice to come to Tudor’s Biwan model this year. It is worth starting.

  In the forum, many watch friends said that the gap between the straps would become larger and larger after wearing the five-bead chain for a long time. Rolex also improved this point by adding ceramics to the steel shaft in the middle of the link. This reduces the wear between the bracelets, and the bracelet is also equipped with Rolex’s patented oyster safety clasp and easy-to-adjust chain links, which are very delicate in comfort.

  The Rolex five-bead chain is back again, and it is used in more and more models, it is expected that this will be a trend this year. (Picture / text watch home Wu Fengqi)


Love Moments: Diamond Starry Sky, Pouring Down The Wrist

Extreme craftsmanship and deep affection; Extraordinary creativity, engraving eternity-On the occasion of the romantic Valentine’s Day, the brilliant work of Swiss high-end watch brand Audemars Piguet-the new Royal Oak series women’s watch, integrating high-end The art of watchmaking and the inlay decoration technique are as dazzling as the starry sky, which is specially designed for her.

Star and heart

   For the application of gem setting, it became an indispensable element when the women’s timepiece was born. The colorful gems and crystal clear diamonds not only have a decorative significance in shaping the style of timepieces, but also highlight the pragmatism of time display in the perfect combination with the bezel and dial. In the development of women’s timepieces, Audemars Piguet has innovatively interpreted the decoration: the new Royal Oak women’s watches feature a unique gem setting, and the swirling engraved diamond pattern extends from the dial and bezel to the strap , As if dazzling starry sky, pouring down the wrist. The case and dial are created with 541 brilliant-cut diamonds to create a glamorous visual effect. The swirling mosaic pattern seems to be randomly designed. In fact, each position has been carefully considered and perfectly integrated with the unique design of the Royal Oak series. The style, like the brush strokes of an abstract painter falling on the canvas, seems casual, but unique.

Royal Oak Women’s Watch, case and dial decorated with 541 brilliant-cut diamonds
   The 33 mm diameter new Royal Oak women’s watch with 18K rose gold or white gold case shows the perfect fusion of superb craftsmanship, design innovation and elegance in a unique way. The new Royal Oak series women’s watch breaks the conventional setting of diamond inlay, and embellishes the free-form method with different positions on the case, bracelet and dial, which is full of freehand beauty.

Frost, World Warriors
   The Royal Oak series Frosted Gold ‘Frost Gold’ watch can achieve the diamond-like decorative effect only by applying the century-old gold-plating technology to the case and bracelet without using diamond setting.

   The Royal Oak Series ‘Frost Gold’ watch is compatible with the tradition of high-end jewellery craftsmanship. It is perfectly applied to the unique structure of the Royal Oak case and bracelet with the ancient gilt gold process (also known as the Florentine process), and strives to create brilliant white gold. Masterpiece with rose gold timepiece. The gilt process uses a tool with a diamond on the top to hit the surface of the gold, creating extremely fine notches, showing a brilliant effect like a diamond. The unique texture created by this elaborate and intricate craftsmanship makes the surface of the watch more dazzling in the light, like the starry sky at night.

The case and strap created by the hammer gold process highlight the unique preciousness with the bright sparkle
   Not adding one point, not losing one cent, adds legendary masterpieces with fresh modern style. There is no gem, but it shines like a diamond. Eye-catching, unique and precious, belongs to her as ‘frost gold’.