Love is like the process of turning cocoons into butterflies. Time is the only testimony. The process of each period of love may be different. The belief in love in your heart makes everything you experience a different landscape on the way to love, and the moment when you achieve positive results is the warmest and sweetest. Time is like flowing water. We cannot stay in time, but time can witness the most precious memories of love in our hearts. Valentine’s Day is not just a simple gift-giving and mutual love, but also to let us remember the meaning of the purest love that this special day has been given by Saint Valentine. Bucherer presents timepieces to all those in love on this Valentine’s Day. Whether it is simple and simple or high-profile fierce love, you can record the purest appearance for each other in your hands.

The Bucherer Adamavi watch the pure love

The Prestige Qilai Adamavi series of watches contains a timeless style and the brand’s unique philosophy. The word Adamavi is derived from Latin and means ‘to love something’. All the watches in the Edmar collection are timeless, with a simple design and outstanding mechanical functions. The pleasing visual aesthetics are not limited by the ephemeral trend. 39mm and 28mm diameter case with blue dial, simple big three hands and date display, all show the watch’s stylish atmosphere. The moral of the series name is also the best interpretation of love for each other.

Manero Tourbillon Double Peripheral
Praise Valentine’s Day with Pathos Diva rose gold watch

Compared with the simple and fashionable Edelmar watch, the brilliance of the Maliron double-circle tourbillon watch and the white diamond Dihua rose gold watch complement each other, reflecting the noble luxury of each other. The Maliron Tourbillon Double-Ring Tourbillon is the symbol of the best watchmaking technology from Bucherer. The watch is equipped with a self-made new CFBT3000 movement, and the flying tourbillon at 12 o’clock reveals the top craftsmanship of the watch. The simple and soft lines of the case, the delicate wedge-shaped hour-markers on the dial and the pointed sword-shaped faceted hands are all the exclusive styles of the Marion series. Similarly, the Bettich Emperor rose gold watch is equipped with a 38-hour power reserve CFB1963 self-winding movement, the case outer ring is set with 54 TWvvs diamonds, the rose gold bracelet and the case are in one go. These two watches embody the accomplishments of Bucherer in movement technology and gemstone technology. They are like two people who complement each other in love to create an eternal story that belongs to each other.